April, 2007

Well Done PR Stories are Rare

Bad Pitch Blog

This blog was created because we got tired of reading one editor after another call out the minority of our hard-working industry for bad taste, poor writing and lazy pitching. Finding positive stories about public relations and PR industry professionals seems as rare as ancient coins.

The WKRP in Cincinnati Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

If you’re too young to care about remember a sitcom from the late 1970s, hit YouTube to see some clips from WKRP in Cincinnati. My fair city is turning the show’s long-awaited DVD release into what they hope will be a national news story. Google will tell us if it works.

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The Cure for Foot in Mouth Disease

Bad Pitch Blog

Yeah, the pic’s twisted. But you expect that here, right? PR people make mistakes all the time. This is a story of a PR person doing it on the record in full-view of at least several hundred people, including me. Steve Rubel dismissed PC Magazine as circular file material on Twitter.

SwapThing. BadPitch.

Bad Pitch Blog

This pitch brought back night terrors memories from my dot com hell days. The catchy news release title says it all: SwapThing Monetizes Niche Web Sites and Provides Easy Social Networking. Is “easy social networking” even legal in Ohio?

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The Pitch from the Black Lagoon?

Bad Pitch Blog

We have a winner.and a concerned reader. Our winner likes to monetize niche web sites and provide easy social networking. When I was your age, I liked to leverage scalable solutions across the enterprise. But that''s just how I roll.

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Vote for the Worst Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

The Bad Pitch Blog would be the sound of one hand clapping were it not for you. Messrs. Dugan and Laermer are juiced by all of the feedback and the pitches you send our way. But we’re also pissed. The more we point to how it should be done, the more we seem to turn up bad pitches.

Junk Mail, Junk News

Bad Pitch Blog

Susan Getgood fished this one out of the trash and sent it our way. We’re changing the names of all but one source to protect most of the innocent.

".a naked grab for bucks."

Bad Pitch Blog

USA Today business reporter Jim Hopkins puts the final word on US Netcom''s news release. We''re posting on this topic one last time for three important reasons. 1) Idea & Execution: Several people comment that you shouldn''t avoid media relations during horrible events like this one. We agree completely. Hopkins’ blog post proves out the importance of source filing. Hopkins had the same idea as US Netcom. He knew of a competitor offering this technology.

An Open Letter to US Netcom Corporation

Bad Pitch Blog

To Kim Cooke, Mark Hefley, Jeff Warhol and JJ Kelly Have you no shame? How can you honestly defend the decision to send out this news release being pointed out to us by several sources? For $1 per student per year, services such as AllCall Notification could have provided VT with a method of crisis control capable of reaching every student far faster than email. It should have been in place as part of the school''s emergency preparedness plan.

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Do You Have a Conscience?

Bad Pitch Blog

As the nation begins to grasp the horrific turn of events at Virginia Tech, Josh Morgan reminds PR people to resist the temptation to attach their company/expert/product to this type of news. He’s right. And it seems like an obvious request. But history shows us that opportunistic PR pitches trying to tie themselves to current events happen after any type of disaster. This is an open letter to: * clients looking for coverage and a return on their investment. Call it off.

Turning a Bad Pitch into a Good Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

The Mayor of Cincinnati throws like a b h. YouTube backs up my statement. But rather than avoid public appearances for awhile and read up on “Sports for Dummies,” Mayor Mark Mallory is turning a bad pitch into a good pitch. According to Cincinnati’s ABC affiliate, “Mayor Mallory is using the publicity from his misdirected Opening Day pitch to plug the virtues of the City of Cincinnati.” He’s already appeared on Good Morning America and is slated to appear on ESPN and Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.