August, 2006

The Debbie Does Data Pitch

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Ziff-Davis TechTarget exec, journalist and blogger Sean Gallagher sent us a pitch with a subject line that sinks to a new low. Sean notes: "This subject line almost automatically destined the pitch it was attached to for my spam bucket. But like a rubber-necker passing a car crash, I had to look."

Data 60

Media Relations Angst in August?

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We received a question from a reader we’ll refer to as Nonplussed. Nonplussed is pitching for a couple of clients to trade, business and consumer media and experiencing a dramatic dip in August coverage.

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Snakes On A Soapbox

Bad Pitch Blog

I knew that would get your attention. Last year the phrase was “couch jumping,” alluding to did you go off the deep end? This time it’s “Anakes On A Plane,” meaning have you hyped a new product on a blog or a vlog and did it totally screw with corporate expectations?

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Cut & Paste PR Spam

Bad Pitch Blog

OK folks. Those who know me personally will represent and tell you that I am not a mean-spirited person. But wtf is this crap? Here''s some PR spam I received this afternoon.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

10 Reporter Hacks

Bad Pitch Blog

Pardon the pun, but the Bad Pitch blog is pleased to bring you 10 tips to improving your approach to media relations. Now let’s be clear—the biggest media relations mistake people make is not taking the time to do their homework. This list is NOT a short cut to good media relations.

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The Secret to More Coverage? Fewer Pitches

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Note to Self: Find the person at Bacon’s that updates Media Map profiles. See if we can put visual aids in our profiles to clearly communicate our rules of engagement* to the learning-impaired kids that spam us with noise like this. Hello! AGENCY was honored yesterday by the NON-PROFIT for our creative work documenting the distribution of donations to Katrina victims. Below is a release detailing the ceremony and the work done. I’ve also attached a photo of AGENCY OWNER receiving the award.

The Bad Pitch Blog’s Road Trip

Bad Pitch Blog

The Bad Pitch Blog is hitting the road and spreading the word about what NOT to do to achieve media relations success. We’re presenting at Ragan’s 10th Annual Strategic Public Relations Conference in Chicago from September 21-22. There is also a Wiki for the event, PR Rehab. Richard will be unable to join me, but you can. As a Ragan speaker, I can invite one person to the conference for half price. If you are serious about attending, let me know and I will facilitate.

Enthusiasm In Following-Up (and how!)

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This was supposed to be in my book Full Frontal PR, but the vagaries of editing and layout kept it from publication. I started working on a revision and decided it goes back in. Screw the editors, I say. There’s a breed of PR people out there that can get the meeting, do the interview and chat it up all day long on the phone with journalists. They have an anemic press book, though, and the buzz meter isn’t reporting the faintest blip.