July, 2006

From Pitch to Pink Slip…Bad Pitches Equal Unemployment

Bad Pitch Blog

Pitches seem to be reaching an all-time low. It’s getting so bad that two people recently lost their jobs over pitches they distributed. Gawker tells us of a racist pitch so misguided that its sender is lucky if unemployment is the only consequence of her actions.

Hot Babes with Leather Balls and Cool Bookies

Bad Pitch Blog

We were dealt into the next bad pitch by an anonymous member of the news media. It was sent from a firm that has been outed before. So we edited the pitch to keep the media outlet’s identity anonymous instead of the person pitching it. All edits are in BOLD and CAPS.

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Uh Timing Uh Uh Uh Is Everything

Bad Pitch Blog

Melinda, Bill and Warren announce to the world they are ganging up on all the vaccines in the world. It''s really pretty wonderful. You get the feeling there is no spin there and from BPB to them, we say Mazel Tov.

Sony Is Really Pushing It

Bad Pitch Blog

Racism is a hard one to pass up, and so the Bad Pitch Blog was taken aback by friends who sent the awful Sony PlayStation ad we can''t seem to stop looking at. Oh no. It worked. See picture.) The ad got us to stare. But then again, what do you expect?

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Ken Lay’s Dead? Let’s Pitch the Client!

Bad Pitch Blog

When we heard the unfortunate news about Ken Lay’s passing, we knew the coverage would get ugly. Visions of really bad headlines flashed into our head. This is worse. Here we have an uncouth, opportunistic “unprofessional” trying to use Lay’s death to create media attention for his client.