May, 2006

Bad Pitches by the Pound

Bad Pitch Blog

We''ve started a Bad Pitch Buffet of sorts. It’s all you can eat folks. But it seems the gluttons bellying up to our trough are gluttons for punishment. So here’s a 500-word appetizer before we serve up a few we’ve been keeping warm.

The Spectre of Doom Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

A DC-based communications blog received the latest bad pitch. We’re calling it the Spectre of Doom pitch.

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A Good Pitch to Business 2.0’s Blog

Bad Pitch Blog

Spoke to a Xavier University communications class a few weeks back. Energizing a room of collegiates, late into a beautiful afternoon, is no small feat. But I only detected one person sleeping. We discussed the media relations lifecycle, briefly touching on blogs and how to pitch them—if at all.

Are These PR People Lazy, Stupid or Shameless?

Bad Pitch Blog

As much as I’d like to call out someone specifically for a badge of dishonor, I am unable to do so. So we’re sending Slick out in blanket form to anyone pitching Microsoft’s Robert Scoble as he deals with very large, very personal, issues. Here’s an excerpt from his recent post entitled “ PR Done Badly.” “It''s It''s amazing how many product pitches I''ve received in the past few days. Even in phone calls. Do they not read my blog?

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

The News Release Format is SHIFTing

Bad Pitch Blog

SHIFT Communications unveiled a new format for the news release today that incorporates social media hooks in an effort to make your next news release as highly-networked as a blog post. Todd Defren is leading the charge and, like anyone on a mission, he will probably get arrows along with the accolades. Side Note: Todd, the blogs calling for change are usually the same ones that kick the crap out of anyone that actually answers the call.

“Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics”

Bad Pitch Blog

We’re invoking the above, oft-used quote to set the stage for two doozies. Both news releases show how research sells the story— regardless of whether or not that story is news. American Idol" fans do not idly cast their votes.