July, 2009

Technology Changes, People Don’t

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After five years client side, it only took me a couple of weeks back in agency world to see how much had changed and how much hadn''t. Instead of detailing what I mean by the above passive-aggressive statement, I’d much rather remind our readers to not be blinded by "The Shiny New."

Damn It, Let's Get Those Metrics Going!

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Nielsen Media Research says they are measuring ratings for TV shows “regardless of the platform on which it is viewed.”

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Michael Jackson’s Dead: Now Comes the Mainstream Media’s Death

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Tough media week for superstar Michael Jackson. Imagine, your death being announced by TMZ. Horrors! Actually, I adore TMZ. It’s the one program and site that makes me laugh all the time. A lot of tabloids can learn from it. They should stop yelling at us.

TMZ Speed vs. CNN Credibility – Pick One

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Et tu, Richard? The hypocrisy I’m seeing around the Michael Jackson news story is laughable. But it’s not very original. We’ve heard this all before. What’s the motive behind declaring a winner and loser for who broke the story? Does it change the story?

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The Death of the Sci Fi Channel: Or, Semper Sy Fy!

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Just this morning the Sci Fi channel became Sy Fy , which you can be assured will be back as Sci Fi not long after that. Just about everyone who has heard about this wondered “What branding company is sleeping with who over there?” You cannot pretend to like this moniker.

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Bombastic ? Strategic

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We all know the challenge of standing out at big events like BlogHer, ComicCon and (back in the day) leviathans like Comdex. Electronic Arts is learning about that challenge right now as their "Sin to Win" promotion is doing more than standing out at ComicCon. It''s p **g people off.

What's with all the Back to School Buzz?

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The industry is talking (and tweeting ) about our Night School (during the day) teleseminar next week. Greg Verdino , Shel Holtz & Neville Hobson , Geoff Livingston , Chris Abraham , Sally Hogshead and David Parmet.

When Did I "Get" Old?: Trends for the rest of us

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In a business driven by trendy folks who spew stats and info, fairly often something crops up that makes me feel ancient. Getting older is sneaky. You don’t really feel it until the song you remember dancing to at the prom plays on a classic rock station.

Bad Pitch Night School (during the day) -- UPDATE

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So we’re having this teleseminar on Wednesday the 29th from 1pm-2pm est. Here''s an update on a few items of note. FREE Full Frontal PR e-book Full Frontal PR was the tome that prompted me to contact Richard Laermer back in the day and interview him for my other blog.

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Attend Bad Pitch Night School (during the day)

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Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 29 from 1pm to 2pm edt. Richard Laermer and Kevin Dugan are hosting Bad Pitch Night School (during the day). Who belongs in PR and who belongs in Starbucks? A lot of readers tell us nervously they hope they never wind up on our blog.

My Name Is AT&T (Maybe, Sorta, Possibly)

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Here is #2 in a series of stupid branding tricks. Flashback: The consummate name change unfolded into a class A brand mess in 2007 at the same time my book Punk Marketing was coming out. Here’s what happened.

Art of the Real Deal

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Believe it or not, several decades ago, my Mother made sure I was raised to be a good Queens (NY) boy. I was kind of polite, always a “card,” yet capable of cracking up adults at any wedding, graduation or Bar Mitzvah you threw my way. I earned a lot of good guy pats on the head.

Paid Third-Party Twitter Tweets – Seriously?!

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From Our Favorite Guest—Susan E. Jacobsen Would you ask someone to handwrite a thank you note for you and sign their name? Would you stop a stranger on the street to call your client and deliver bad news? I didn’t think so. So why, then, would you tarnish your shiny-as-brand-new-penny relationship with a reporter or publication by paying someone to send out your messages via Twitter?

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

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When is a "Pitch" Not a "Pitch?"

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Bad Pitch welcomes its first guest blogger in a while, Susan E. Jacobsen. ** If you’re in PR, you know the basics of a pitch – that “hook” or story idea to garner interest with a reporter. Often it''s simple: You are trying to position a person, product or event. You might contact a reporter by phone and speak directly, or send an email with your ideas. If you’re lucky, yep, the pitch is (keeping with the analogy) “hit” out of the ballpark; you get your story.