June, 2015

Math: PR Style


Who remembers sitting in your [insert preferred mathematics class here] thinking, “When in the name of Merlin’s beard am I ever going to use this absurd theorem in real life? This feels like a gigantic waste of time.” I can … Continued.

Using Lean Management to Communicate in a Great Way

Ronn Torossian

Lean management is a holistic approach to running a company and how your organization can benefit from this style of communication. As in most things, change starts at the top. Once you, as CEO, are convinced of the value of lean management, then the shift to it begins to happen. Now, how can [.]

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Is PR To Blame When Apathy Reigns? Part 2


Can PR & Communications Solve Societal Apathy? Written by Everett Martin. Note: Part One of this post can be found here. Does anyone believe that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions of dollars due to the disease’s impact on society?

How to Make the Most of Every Opportunity

PR Expanded

A Guest Post by Lauren McDonald, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism Student. Every opportunity is what you make of it. In March I heard about an opportunity to visit a film set for Pioneers in Skirts™ , a documentary about obstacles women still face in their careers.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

6 Social Media “Musts” for Crisis Communication


It was an air traveler’s nightmare. When it touched down on the runway traveling about 170 miles per hour, the front landing gear of the plane crumbled and the airplane skidded off the runaway. The plane finally stopped with its nose on the ground.

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Rick Liebling On The Power of 3: PR + Social + Tech


It’s been said that three is a magic number and when you stop to think about it, some of the best things in life really do come in 3’s. Three-piece suits… three little pigs…three sheets to the wind…ok, maybe not … Continued.

Leadership Training for Frontline Managers

Ronn Torossian

Large companies should know that frontline managers should be given training and authority to act. Frontline managers are those noteworthy souls who, in most cases, oversee others efforts in a management role yet are given no authority to make policy or decisions.

Is PR to Blame When Apathy Reigns?


Remember Ebola? Yes, that Ebola, the disease from somewhere in Africa that killed…well, quite a few people in…what were those exact countries, again? Wait, don’t remind me…wasn’t one of them French-speaking? Look, if you can’t remember, don’t worry. You’re in good company. The vast majority of the planet has done the same as you…forgotten. In fact, if you’re like most people, you never paid much attention to Ebola to begin with.

Five Tips to Combat Your Daily PR Stress

PR Expanded

When you choose a career in public relations you’re opting into a position that requires you to adapt to stressful situations.

Energy 411

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

10 Tips to Become More Likeable


It was movie night and the kids were asleep. My wife and I had snuggled on the couch to watch two documentaries that on the surface had nothing to do with each other. As we were a bit into the second one, I felt a sense of familiarity to the first show.

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One Thing you CAN’T Measure in PR

Flack's Revenge

PR measurement has evolved, with the addition of solutions such as SeeDepth and AirPR. The migration of people and content online makes it easier to connect the dots between PR effort and results.

Content Marketing: Building A Web of Influence


Can you name the last time you stopped to look at a spider’s web? Chances are, if you hate spiders, it was not recently. But there is much to be learned from these intricately designed feats of art and engineering. Every part of the web is connected, making it both complex and powerful.

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Rock Your Personal Branding With LinkedIn Long-Form Posts

Rock the Status Quo

If you do anything in the digital space – PR, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media – the one thing that matters most is experience.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

8 Tips On How to Succeed at Public Speaking


If you know how to speak you should consider doing it publicly. Not only do you get to be the centre of attention but you can make obscene gobs of money doing it. And it’s not hard if you can do these two simple things. Pick a topic. Overcome your fear of speaking in public. Okay, let’s start with the easier of the two. Finding a topic. If you’re going to speak in public, you’ll have to talk about something. But fret not. Finding ideas is easy peasy.

How to Lose an #Influencer in 10 Days (or Less)

PR Expanded

Do you remember the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days , starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey ? The character Andie Anderson, played by Hudson, is a “how to” beat writer for the magazine “Composure.” She’s challenged with writing the article, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.”

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5 Unexpected Life Lessons I Learned Working in PR


This is a guest post by Nova Halliwell, a PR professional in New York City. Forty minutes. That’s how long I waited in a conference room for my future boss to arrive for my second interview. “I

Beginners guide to google analytics for PR Teams

The Resolution Blog

So many PR measurement gurus talk about the benefits of Google Analytics. Very few actually share any simple practical advice & prefer to snigger at AVEs. That’s a shame as whilst an amazing tool it’s a bit of a beast to get your head around.

LinkedIn’s leading ladies talk PR, tech, and changing the world


As a career professional, can you imagine a world without LinkedIn? It would be like trying to function without a pencil in a one-room schoolhouse. Ridiculous. LinkedIn has essentially replaced the need for business cards, since you can basically use … Continued. Interviews Girl Scouts interview LinkedIn PR public relations publishing STEM tech technology women in tech World Pitch

4 Ways Your Content Just Killed Trust & Buyer Confidence

Rock the Status Quo

Trust – it’s so fragile. It takes forever to build and moments to crush. My brain is teeming with ideas about how to build trust, and how it’s impacted by the content we create and the social media posts we share.

6 tested tips to get the most out of LinkedIn

PR Daily

LinkedIn gives access and exposure to important people.

Does social media sharing matter?

Shift Communications

On virtually every site you visit on the Internet, you’ll find social media sharing icons. Share! Tweet! Do these activities matter? Does all of that sharing create any kind of tangible benefit for the site? Instinct would say yes, but we cannot run a marketing department on instinct alone.

5 Social Media Hacks You Need to Know


As the hottest social media network du jour changes, so do the tips and tricks we use to master this awesome marketing tool. This list will help you get more out of your social media marketing efforts. Use a Period Before Your Tweet.

Journalists step up their digital game

The Resolution Blog

5 tips on how PR pros can keep up with the launch of Google News Lab. This week Google launched News Lab, which in my view is an amazing step forward in the future of news creation and distribution. News Lab is a platform aimed at journalists to help train and educate on digital media and tools.

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Multi-National Marketers Take Note: What’s Different About Canadians


Happy Canada Day! July 1st is the day we celebrate the founding of our great country 147 years ago—and friends gather in our backyard for our annual rib-fest. As you read this post, I’m either filling a cooler with beer, making some last-minute butter tarts , or dancing to Rush as the day winds down.

Learn Insanely Awesome Copywriting Skills Through Osmosis

Rock the Status Quo

Well, not really – but you’ll be amazed what kind of magical wizardry your copywriting skills suddenly gain, just by glancing over these three SlideShare decks. Really. Take a look. If they don’t inspire you, I’ll eat my socks.

Yes, PR pros, you do use math—and more than you realize

PR Daily

Who remembers sitting in your [insert preferred mathematics class here] thinking, "When in the name of Merlin's beard am I ever going to use this absurd theorem in real life? This feels like a gigantic waste of time.".

Should you stop using hashtags in social media content?

Shift Communications

Do hashtags matter? This is a question asked recently by Patrick Coffee of PR Newser at AdWeek. Should social media managers be skipping the hashtag? Rather than guess, let’s take a data-driven approach. Before we dig in, a bit on our methodology.

10 Easy Ways to Leverage Press Coverage


Your company has just earned a glowing article from a major news outlet and the exposure has the potential to take the business to the next level. Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of passively waiting for a flood of new customers (which may or may not happen).

How does a PESO framework help future comms?

The Resolution Blog

On Thursday 18th June @garydpreston and I went along to the FutureComms event held by our friends at MyNewsDesk. There were mixed reviews of the content and topics at the event.

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How to Use Twitter in Media Relations

The Proactive Report

The Internet has changed the way we connect and communicate – not just with one another, but also with the media. Writing a press release and posting it on the wire doesn’t get your media coverage anymore.

Who is Responsible for Quality When Building a Media List?

Rock the Status Quo

When it comes to pitching media or sending out a press release, WHO is just as important as HOW. So who’s responsible for quality of the list? For learning and following best practices when building a media list? Is it the person building a media list or their agency/supervisor?