May, 2010


PR Job Coach

Increasingly search engines like Google and Bing are becoming the first destination of choice for companies and their search firms and human resource professionals when looking for people to recruit or vetting job candidates. The chief dilemma for the job seeker is to how to make sure you can be found through search engines.

Retrevo’s Good ‘n Plenty Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

Jennifer Jacobson knows no fear. Or at least, her Twitter avatar leads us to believe that’s the case. We’ve been receiving more than a few pitches from Jennifer on behalf of Retrevo. And she uses the same formula every time. And for this she’s getting a good pitch seal of approval from the Bad Pitch Blog (we used to call it Glinda the Good Pitch, but how cool is that, really?) How does a long line of pitches following the same formula get you a good pitch seal of approval?