September, 2006

The Bare Ass Booze Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

Nudity and liquor seem like a sure-fire combo to get the media’s attention. After all, this headline got your attention. But sometimes PR people can over share on behalf of their clients. This is one of those times.

A News Release is NOT a Pitch!

Bad Pitch Blog

Poynter’s Amy Gahran will delete any unsolicited news releases sent to her, labeling them as spam. Techdirt also joins the discussion with reference to Valleywag’s snarky ire for Tech PR''s approach to media relations. You should read the comments at all of these posts.

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Bad Pitch Blog World Tour

Bad Pitch Blog

OK, we have more geographic reach online than off, but Richard and I are out and about spreading the good word about bad pitches and wanted to let you know the details. Cue the ad. This morning I’m in Chicago presenting at Ragan’s 10th Annual Strategic Public Relations Conference.

MAYO Responds to Slick

Bad Pitch Blog

The Bad Pitch blog received its first response from someone it outed. We’ve outed eight offenders since starting this party nine months ago. MAYO is the first to engage in the conversation around their Slick-worthy pitches. We always email the guilty parties when we award them a badge of dishonor.

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Strike Three: MAYO Communications is OUTed for Auto Pilot PR

Bad Pitch Blog

Hold the MAYO. Oh, wait. You can’t hold it, or stop it. Asking MAYO to stop sending you pitches news releases doesn’t work. After a request to stop, MAYO still sends bad pitches news releases to Blake Barbera. Barbera left the PR industry four months ago to pursue another career.