Sat.May 11, 2019

Earned Media: 3 PR Studies Quantifying the Impact of Media Relations on Sales [UML]

Sword and the Script

PR measurement can be a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy. On one hand, it gets dinged for a lack of measurement. On the other hand, measuring some PR activities, like earned media , is far more challenging than other forms of marketing and communications. But it’s not impossible, and there are a lot of resources and ideas for understanding the impact. That’s the theme for this week’s Unscripted Marketing Links [UML].

Study 131

Our collective attention span is shrinking—and you can blame social media

PR Daily

Twitter trending topics lose luster more quickly, book readership is down and … and … and… hey, did you see that new baby otter video? Social acceleration” is real, it’s being led by social media networking, and it’s ruining our attention spans. That’s according to a new study from researchers at the Technical University of Denmark, which defines social acceleration as “the increasing rates of change within collective attention.”.