Sat.Feb 27, 2021

The Coca Cola Debacle

The Proactive Report

One of the duties of a PR person is to monitor the environment and give feedback to the executives of a brand so that they can align their vision and their activities with the trending sentiment of their publics. However, this can prove to be a tricky tightrope act.

First Award for DPR!

Karen Freberg

This news really made my day, and it made me realize the work I had created for Discovering Public Relations (DPR) really is paying off. I got the news that DPR has won one of T AAA’s Most Promising Textbook Awards for 2021. What does this mean exactly?

Plagiarism is a High-level Risk

The Proactive Report

Guest post by Britni Oscar. Plagiarism is a high-level risk for any content but especially on the internet. especially for the one that is associated with the internet like freelancing, business websites, blogger, or other content marketing.