Sun.Oct 18, 2020

Do’s and don’ts to avoid having your pitch mocked on Twitter

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock with your phone face down, then you know the latest trend on social media is the collective slander of bad PR pitches reporters receive and screenshot for their followers to mock on Twitter.

Career path of a social media pro: These managers work harder, will leave their positions sooner

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The job of a social media professional is a relatively new one in the communications sphere, but is quickly becoming a critical, multi-division role with workloads piling up—and driving these pros to reconsider their vocations.

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COVID-19 caused worst year in a decade for marketing agencies

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As budgets get cut, market research nose-dives during COVID

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Just as with business interests across the board, COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on market research activity worldwide, both in terms of extent and how data is being collected, according to a new study released by Dooblo, a provider of survey software for the research industry.

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