Tue.Sep 12, 2023

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6 ways millennials are reshaping B2B marketing as they move into leadership roles

Sword and the Script

58% spending more time researching products before making purchasing decisions; social media has become increasingly important in B2B marketing The consumerization of business technology is probably one of the biggest driving forces in the development of B2B software. People saw how easy consumer technology was to use – the iPhone is the quintessential example – and wanted the same in technology designed for business.

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Ethical Standards in the Public Relations Industry

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

First-rate PR is always solidly rooted in fact. Anything less is not public relations; it’s propaganda. Sure, every profession has bad actors; however, ethical behavior is inherently required in the practice of public relations. By the nature of the profession, PR pros are morally bound to act ethically. Over the years, we have referenced ethics in many of our blog articles, and at least once per year, we devote an entire article to the topic of ethics.

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6 steps companies can take to maximize damage control during a data breach

Agility PR Solutions

Every company, regardless of its size, is at risk of a data breach. Statista reports that during Q1 2023, more than six million data records were globally exposed through cyber attacks. An IBM study offers further cause for concern, stating that the average cost of a data breach worldwide in 2023 is $4.45 million—a 15 […] The post 6 steps companies can take to maximize damage control during a data breach appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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NewsWhip awarded five G2 Badges for Fall 2023


This fall, we’re excited to share that we’ve been awarded with a total of five G2 badges. G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, and assists 80 million people annually in making informed software choices through genuine peer reviews. And once again, G2 has reaffirmed our position as leaders in both media and social media monitoring.

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How Will Virgo Season Impact Your ESG Communication?

3BL’s in-house experts merge the celestial wisdom of astrology with current environmental, social, governance (ESG) communication trends to offer a unique perspective and practical advice on sharing your company’s commitments effectively. 3BL’s new “Navigating ESG Comms through the Cosmos” series begins with Virgo season! In this edition, we delve into: How businesses have responded to environmental disasters over the past few months and why you can expect a continued focus on the climate crisis

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Protecting your Google reputation: Effective strategies to eliminate spam backlinks

Agility PR Solutions

In a world where everyone uses the phrase “just Google it” multiple times a day, maintaining a positive online presence is more crucial than ever. And one of the key elements that can impact your online reputation is the quality and legitimacy of your backlinks. Spam backlinks, in particular, can have a detrimental effect on […] The post Protecting your Google reputation: Effective strategies to eliminate spam backlinks appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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AI imposter syndrome is real: To keep up with the changing workplace, many pros feel they need to overstate their AI knowledge

Agility PR Solutions

Because of its quick rise and rapid incorporation into business practices, just a small proportion of professionals are adequately trained on how to use AI well enough to achieve optimal productivity, but they sure understand the need to have and know about these skills at their company or any job they are applying for, and […] The post AI imposter syndrome is real: To keep up with the changing workplace, many pros feel they need to overstate their AI knowledge appeared first on Agility PR

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How Can Data Drive Storytelling?

HMA Public Relations

Are you leveraging data to tell your story? Discover how data-driven stories can help businesses stand out and connect with the public in powerful ways in this post from Justin Liggin.

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Earned media coverage doesn’t work the way you think it does with Jason Mudd | On Top of PR vodcast

Axia PR

In this episode, Jason Mudd, CEO of Axia Public Relations and host of On Top of PR, discusses the intricacies of earned media coverage and PR strategies. Tune in to learn more!

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Top Gear producers fear for future of the show in wake of Andrew Flintoff’s horror crash amid claims only professionals could be allowed to take part in dangerous stunts

Mark My Words

Daily Mail PR guru Mark Borkowski said Flintoff’s injuries were clearly worse than first thought and raised concerns over health and safety used by officials at Top Gear. He told MailOnline this week: ‘Anyone sensible looking at this will see pictures of Freddie Flintoff looks a pale shadow of what he once looked like. ‘He must have been pretty badly injured if he was out of commission for nine months still sporting those scars.

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Adapting to the Future: The Evolving Role of Crisis Management Firms in a Rapidly Changing World

As the Internet continues to grow and change, the role of Online Crisis Management firms is evolving. This article explores how these firms are adapting to the new topography of Online Crisis Management. Through interviews with industry experts and case studies, we uncover the key strategies and tactics that are driving success in this dynamic field.

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Coffee with a Journalist: Catherine Perloff, Adweek


Catherine Perloff is an Adweek reporter, covering ad tech, social media platforms, and their influence.

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Promises by the dozen

Maxim Behar

We are looking forward to the next elections, right now, in a month, to see who will manage our towns and villages. Super contested, the election campaigns have already started way before the announced date, but in the world of social media anything is possible, and dates are too much of a stretch. Already a bunch of candidates are starting to share videos, texts, and photos and give out endless smiles from their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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Essential skills and confidence required for success in media engagements

Medianet Australia

Cindy Vuong, Customer Success Manager at Medianet sat down with Nic Hayes, Managing Director of Media Stable , to discuss the secrets behind effective spokesperson preparation. Their discussion aimed to empower anyone who needs to front the media with the essential skills and confidence required for success in media engagements.

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Axia Public Relations names 2023 scholarship winner

Axia PR

Adham Mohamed earns Axia Public Relations’ scholarship University of Minnesota student Adham Mohamed earned Axia Public Relations’ public relations scholarship. Mohamed is president of the Public Relations Student Society of America chapter in Minnesota.

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Is Your ESG Communication a Walking Red Flag?

One moment, you're proudly releasing your annual report, and before you know it, six months have passed and attention has shifted. Not communicating your impact consistently to key stakeholders is what we call an ESG communication red flag. Think of red flags as common mistakes that hinder stakeholder engagement. While these slips in communication are rarely intentional, they can have a significant impact on how your ESG efforts are perceived.

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Axia’s Autocomplete SEO service helps companies generate more leads

Axia PR

Digital public relations and marketing agency Axia announced its Autocomplete search engine search box suggestion optimization service.

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