Fri.May 24, 2019

5 social media tactics to expand and engage your audience

PR Daily

User-generated content, influencer marketing and online polls can attract new followers and keep your brand faithful coming back for more. Social media can help you enhance your organization’s messaging reach and interactions with target audiences.

What the Ohio Restaurant Association Is Doing for Travel and Tourism in the Buckeye State


Columbus, Ohio, native Homa Lily Moheimani is the manager of media and communications at the Ohio Restaurant Association. Here, the former Walt Disney Company veteran discusses how her Association helps make Ohio a travel destination.

Travel 123

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3 keys to keeping up with health care advances

PR Daily

The complexities and pace of the industry can be dizzying, but PR pros and marketers must assimilate complex topics and convey crucial information to the public. Here’s how. The health care industry slows down for no one.

It's OK to only post on social media once a week

Axia PR

Here's why you should be boosting your posts instead of spamming your followers. Most companies are doing social media wrong. WAY WRONG. They're either hard-selling, bragging, shouting, or simply talking to themselves.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

One year in, are you a GDPR or a GDPR-nt’?

PR in High Definition

It’s a year today since the GDPR regulations came into operation, but it probably feels like longer to most marketers. What’s changed? Well, according to the news, there’s been €55m of fines delivered across Europe , although this includes a chunky €50m for Google’s ad personalisation misconduct.

How to create effective brand collaborations (which Press, and Consumers love)

Action PR

Nothing excites people quite as much as two of their favourite brands coming together to create something new and exclusive. However, creating effective brand collaborations is a lot easier said than done.