Sun.Mar 12, 2023

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Movie Ticket Madness:  Should Choice Seats Cost More?

Mindful Marketing

by David Hagenbuch - professor of marketing at Messiah University - ​author of Honorable Influence - founder of Mindful Marketing When you need to get away from others for a little alone time, there’s a place you can go: the first few rows of a movie theater. Soon, however, those neck-wrenching seats may be occupied as the nation’s largest movie theater chain implements premium pricing for its cinemas’ more coveted seating.

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Why e-commerce brands need to break up with legacy CMS to improve conversions

Agility PR Solutions

Online commerce is taking center stage in the business world. Customers now demand seamless, convenient online transactions, ease of search and timely communication surrounding order status and delivery. For organizations that want to improve the user experience and meet these customer demands, personalized omnichannel experiences and smooth integrations are required.

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How to Improve Your Business Reputation

PR Fuel

In December of 2022, Southwest Airlines shut down nearly 100% of flights, leaving customers angry and confused. This company damaged its reputation within one day and lost many long-term customers. There are many contributing components to a reputation, Read More The post How to Improve Your Business Reputation appeared first on eReleases.

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Key influences for organic shoppers—and opportunities for brands and retailers

Agility PR Solutions

New shopper insights research from retail marketing collective Acosta Group looks at the state of the natural/organic shopper, providing brands and retailers valuable information to drive growth in store and online. Natural and organic product sales continue to climb, and interest and usage has increased across all age groups, particularly Gen Z and Millennial shoppers […] The post Key influences for organic shoppers—and opportunities for brands and retailers appeared first on Agility PR S

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Can Businesses Meet Increasing Consumer Expectations?

According to 3BL and TriplePundit’s Consumer Insights & Sustainability Benchmark two-thirds of U.S. adults actively seek and follow sustainability issues. This leaves room for businesses to fill in the gaps currently seen between consumer expectations and corporate ESG communication. This research reveals what issues consumers care about and how businesses can tailor their communications to different segments of consumers.

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Another day, another photo of Kate. But will the nonstop exposure neutralise the rebel Sussexes?

Mark My Words

The Guardian I t’s been a busy March so far for the Princess of Wales, following a lively February, and an active January. Last Thursday she was at a Muslim centre in Hayes, west London, paying tribute to fundraisers for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, and the day before on exercises with the Irish Guards on Salisbury Plain. The visits presented two superficially contrasting images – one in headscarf, the other in army camouflage – but she could equally have been attending a space s

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One king and two barons.

Maxim Behar

“But do you know how two barons have had an extraordinary influence on the development of Bulgaria. Both, I can proudly say, did it with Belgian investments. Both of them bear the prestigious title of "baron"!” If an ambassador, or a friend from Brussels had asked me this question, I would probably have thought twice, taken out my phone and immediately started searching on Google what it was about.

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Tips and examples for using LinkedIn for successful sales and marketing leads

Agility PR Solutions

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for sales and marketing professionals, offering an opportunity to connect with potential customers and prospects in a more personal way. As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn provides users with direct access to hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. In this article, we will […] The post Tips and examples for using LinkedIn for successful sales and marketing leads appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.