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The importance of using the right communication tool for PR agencies

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As a PR agency, it is essential to use the right communication tool to deliver the intended message to your target audience. In addition to everyday communication, if you want to level up your crisis communications, the right tool will also help.

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‘It’s actually incredible:’ CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla on how Hispanic representation is changing

PR Daily

Quintanilla tells Hispanic communicators during Hispanic Heritage Month that hard work will lead to success. There is still work to be done, but the Hispanic community is being recognized more in business and through the media.

How Hispanic online shopping habits have evolved in the wake of the pandemic

Agility PR Solutions

While it is true that online shopping offered a lifeline to consumers during the pandemic, for members of the Hispanic community that lifeline could be making it harder to stay afloat, according to a new consumer shopping survey by Consolidated Credit.

Discover the Actionable Habits of the World’s Best Strategic Communicators

Cision’s 4 Data-Driven Habits of Top Comms Teams details the habits of the world's best communicators. Uncover actionable habits that will give you the power to influence and amplify your story better. Download this free e-book today!

Building agency-deep expertise across discplines

PR Daily

Every agency wants to do it all. But can they? . As the economy lurches back into a semblance of normalcy, marketing agencies are focusing on a full-service suite of offerings to help brands regain their footing amid all the noise.

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The Waffle House Index, why TikTok removed 113M videos and more

PR Daily

Plus: Facebook is testing subscriber posts. You know the weather is bad when your local Waffle House closes. The restaurant chain is known for rarely closing – even during natural disasters. But not even scattered, smothered and covered hashbrowns can stand up to Hurricane Ian.

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When are we going to learn: Failure = Growth and learning, not a fireable offense

Communications Conversations

Back in January, you may remember, PBR made this tweet: It set off a firestorm of responses and media coverage for PBR. And, it also resulted in PRB firing the social media manager who made the tweet.

Prowly #PRChat with Jim James, Founder & Managing Director at the EASTWEST PR group


It’s Friday again, meaning two amazing things – the weekend is lurking right around the corner and the new #PRChat is here!

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When Should I Send This Pitch?

HMA Public Relations

Want to make sure your pitch lands at the right time? Alison Bailin shares some helpful hints for sending to print, TV and more in this post. Read more! Public Relations in-studio Media Relations pitching PR print magazines Timing

7 Trends in ESG: What PR Pros Need to Know in 2023

What does the evolution of ESG programs mean for communicators? As it turns out - a lot. New challenges are coming into focus, driven by the increasing attention to corporate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs, and the evolving state of ESG reporting regulations. This new ebook from 3BL Media explores seven trends in detail and unpacks what they mean for communicators. Access your copy for free today.

The power of ‘shock value’ – a PR messaging lesson

PR in High Definition

As Monday rolls around, another episode of House of the Dragon is ready for me to watch. I hit play. But oh, the c-word is used again by one of the main characters. It’s really becoming annoying. The c-word has always been very divisive, some people can easily say it, some just can’t.

This Week in PR Ethics (9/29/22): How a release cost Boeing $200 million and the crackdown on greenwashing

Ethical Voices

This week the most interesting ethics stories highlighted how failure to disclose information cost a company $200 million and the crackdown on greenwashing. . Ethics and press releases – This article from O’Dwyers looks at how leaving information out of a news release cost Boeing $200 million.

Communicating in an economic downturn – a delicate matter

PR in High Definition

The last couple of years have brought what has felt like near non-stop economic turbulence. Brexit, Covid-19, the outbreak of war in Ukraine and now the spiralling cost of living and energy prices have all created shockwaves to global economies.

The rise of technology in sport

PR in High Definition

When we think of sport we think of athletes. Athletes that are at the top of their physical game, with abilities that simply defy the laws of gravity.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing a PR Crisis

Any brand is vulnerable to bad press, so we compiled key strategies into our PR crisis management guide. From managing your team and crafting your responses to keeping tabs on the conversation, this guide is for anyone tasked with brand management.