Sun.Jan 20, 2019

3 ways office culture can hamper your PR

PR Daily

Your workplace culture isn’t just an internal concern. A discordant atmosphere can become a PR problem, too. Your brand reputation can be wounded by a bad work environment. There was an HR software company (which we’ll leave nameless) that had an extremely unhealthy internal culture.

Letter from Whitley Bay

Stephen Waddington

Lessons from rugby, planning a backlash, paid media as part of a PESO campaign, Twitter analytics, a content calendar for 2019, and branded Alexa briefings. I help out with Alnwick RFC under 13s rugby team at weekends. My son is one of the players. We headed to the coast for a game against Whitley Bay. Today was Silent Sunday, a RFU initiative where coaches stand back and players manage the team themselves.

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Infographic: Are marketers fibbing about social media video efforts?

PR Daily

Video is a major player on digital channels and offers many benefits, but are brand managers really using it the way they say they do? This graphic can guide your efforts. Marketers talk a big game when it comes to social media video.

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