Mon.Jul 11, 2022

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Learning from The North Face Search Campaign

Ronn Torossian

Most of the big retail brands tend to face unique obstacles in terms of digital marketing because trying to manage a big international brand is not easy. That’s especially true when the company in question is multi-channeled which means it’s being sold digitally, through branded stores, directly, and through retailers. When trying to balance both […].

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4 examples of essential tech for PR

Agility PR Solutions

Social media is one of the most important tools in a public relations professional’s toolkit. It helps you connect with journalists, build relationships with influencers, and reach your target audience directly. But with new platforms and technologies emerging all the time, it can be hard to keep up. Here are four new(ish) social media tools […].


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Bianchi PR’s Meet the Media Recap

Bianchi Biz Blog

In case you’ve missed any, here’s a recap of our most recent Meet the Media profiles: Jim Park, Freelance Editor at Heavy Duty Trucking & TruckNews. Jason Morgan, Content Director for Fleet Equipment. Sara Jensen, Technical Editor at Power & Motion. Charles Morris, Senior Editor at Charged. Robert Schoenberger, Editor-in-Chief at IndustryWeek.

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Esports and the creator economy: From competitive gaming to Twitch-influencer

Agility PR Solutions

The world of professional e-gaming has gone mainstream in a big way. In a sort of digital domination, the esports market is taking the world by storm and growing rapidly—forecasted to reach $1.62B by 2024. On top of that, the gamer community presents creative marketers an industry of fast-churning news cycles from gaming releases, to […]. The post Esports and the creator economy: From competitive gaming to Twitch-influencer appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Can Businesses Meet Increasing Consumer Expectations?

According to 3BL and TriplePundit’s Consumer Insights & Sustainability Benchmark two-thirds of U.S. adults actively seek and follow sustainability issues. This leaves room for businesses to fill in the gaps currently seen between consumer expectations and corporate ESG communication. This research reveals what issues consumers care about and how businesses can tailor their communications to different segments of consumers.

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What is media monitoring used for?


In our current digital age, media monitoring is more needed than ever. Long gone are the days where small mentions in a publication were the basis of success. Now, brands are constantly in the public eye, amassing hundreds to thousands of clicks per day. A single tweet could be the cause of an eruption of attention, so media monitoring tools are essential when it comes to keeping track and analyzing any media coverage that may come a brand’s way. .

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What A Media Kit Includes and Why It’s Critical (+Press Kit Examples)

PR Fuel

Your branding and reputation are more important than ever, you need to take them seriously. In today’s day and age, it’s harder to maintain your image when there’s hype starting to build around your product from various sources. You&#821. Read More The post What A Media Kit Includes and Why It’s Critical (+Press Kit Examples) appeared first on eReleases.

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Companies amp up diversity initiatives with more women and POC in management roles

Agility PR Solutions

With diversity and DEI issues tasking a front seat in business, new research from corporate leadership data solutions firm Equilar and the HR Policy Association finds a renewed push to increase diversity in management, along with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in employee engagement surveys—and a belief in the importance of tying executive […].

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#MediaMonday – Jake Stein

HMA Public Relations

It's time for another #MediaMonday! Meet Jake Stein, a news producer for Good Morning Arizona at Arizona’s Family, in today's feature. Check it out!

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Influencer Marketing: More Conversation Than Transaction

Landis PR

Photo courtesy of Pixels. By Brianne Murphy Miller. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks…. For a few years now, the communications industry has preached “influencer marketing” as almost one-dimensional. In return for a paid placement or some other sort of quid pro quo (product, free hotel nights, etc.), influencers would provide endorsement via their social media channels.

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Adapting to the Future: The Evolving Role of Crisis Management Firms in a Rapidly Changing World

As the Internet continues to grow and change, the role of Online Crisis Management firms is evolving. This article explores how these firms are adapting to the new topography of Online Crisis Management. Through interviews with industry experts and case studies, we uncover the key strategies and tactics that are driving success in this dynamic field.

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An industry at the top of its game

Steve Barrett on PR

PR is a people business and this year’s PRWeek Power Listers comprise those individuals blazing a trail in vitally important functions.

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Does PR Help in Reputation Management for Your Company?

Victorious PR

Let’s say you run a reputable company. You know it’s reputable because you personally vet and hire each employee; have strong company values that you live by; inspire your employees to live by them as well; and do your best to make sure your company is ethical, moral, and genuine. Now, let’s imagine a crooked business owner. They cheat, lie, and steal to get ahead.

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Billion dollar Boris? Nigel Farage says PM will earn MILLIONS in US because of his close friendship with Trump – and can use Carrie to woo the Bidens

Mark My Words

Daily Mail Boris Johnson will make so much money from US TV networks, books and big businesses when he leaves Downing Street he ‘might not even bother with the UK’, experts told MailOnline today. His tenure in No 10 will soon be over and the outgoing Prime Minister is tipped to make £100million – especially if he stays married to Carrie.

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