Sat.Jul 06, 2019

7 alternatives to time-wasting, morale-draining meetings

PR Daily

Today’s fast-paced work environment demands optimum productivity and staff engagement. The tired, old gathering at the conference table just won’t cut it. Try these options instead. Meetings are killing productivity. They’re not doing much to energize your employees, either.

Three Signs It’s Time To Rebrand


Everyone needs a fresh start every now and then, and this is no less true for your brand. Sometimes rebranding is just the thing to breathe new life into your business; here are three signs you’re ready for your next chapter. Your Current Brand Identity Has Turned Negative. In the ever-expanding digital age, bad news travels fast. One day, you might be the world’s favorite shampoo brand, the next it seems the whole of social media is accusing you of accelerating male pattern baldness.