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Tech Trends Media Didn’t Care About In 2018

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In tech PR , the only constant is change. Every year, we see new trends in technology emerge that can inform our programs, content, or even real-time newsjacking. To make way for the new trends, others that have had their time in the spotlight may fall out of favor.

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The UPS Store deletes tweet promising to shred kids’ letters to Santa

PR Daily

Twitter users lashed out at the shipping and business services retailer after it tried—and failed—to incite conversation by tweeting a decidedly Scrooge-like joke. One good shredding deserves another.

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Media relations mentoring—6 common interview mistakes to avoid

Agility PR Solutions

While it is often a satisfying and rewarding career, sometimes public relations can be like river dancing through a mine field. Unlike marketing, where you have the ability to manage every aspect of the process, in PR there are a lot of variables over which you have no control.

Redefining your marketing strategy in 2019

PR Daily

What are the tactics that will produce results in the new year? Here are four that should be the basis of your 2019 strategy. It’s almost the end of the year, and as with every year’s end, it’s time for both reflection and looking ahead.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Americans prefer to buy from socially conscious companies this holiday season

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More than half (54 percent) of American consumers consider themselves to be socially conscious shoppers, and nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents prefer to purchase holiday gifts from brands that support specific social causes, according to new research from application software firm SAP SE.

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How to pitch TV: 5 tips for success

Muck Rack

How to pitch TV: 5 tips for success

Grammar Girl has the answers to your AP style questions

PR Daily

Join bestselling author Mignon Fogarty from your desk for this can’t-miss webinar. With so many new changes, even a seasoned pro can struggle to keep up with AP style rules. Should you capitalize the first letter in “iPhone” when the brand name starts a sentence?

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Holiday promotions fail if marketers don’t collect preference data

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Industry observers expect online sales this holiday season to rise 22 percent, according to Deloitte. This compares to 5 percent last year, where online holiday sales totaled $1.05 trillion.

Seeking to turn the page, CBS denies severance to Moonves

PR Daily

The former CEO, who has been accused by 17 women of sexual misconduct, was owed millions, but the network’s board says he was justifiably terminated. Online voices are weighing in. CBS is hoping to put a period on its #MeToo moment.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

The Pitch Perfect Playlist


Whether it’s a product launch, funding news or a data report, most client announcements follow a similar trajectory: draft pitch, revise pitch, spend countless hours pitching, revise pitch again, pitch some more, receive coverage.

How machine learning can perfect your pitching

PR Daily

Here’s how to use technology—much of it free and user-friendly—to elevate your media relations and improve your journalist outreach.

What is Online Reputation Management and How to Do It Yourself


Online reputation management in-and-out for small and medium companies, including definition, benefits, challenges, tools and more. Small Business Social Media Marketing Social Media Monitoring

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Why these experts think going viral is overrated

PR Daily

Join us at Disney World and discover how to create lasting engagement on today’s top platforms. We’d all love to wake up to thousands of notifications and new followers on social media—the result of a tweet or video going viral overnight.

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How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

A Handy Guide to Working With B2B Influencers


When most people think of influencer marketing, they think of B2C. How do things work differently with B2B influencers? Our VP of Corporate Communications explores the similarities and differences

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ACE Awards deadline extended

PR Daily

You deserve recognition for the work you’ve done this year. Share how you’re Achieving Communications Excellence. Enter Ragan & PR Daily’s 2018 ACE Awards by Dec. The post ACE Awards deadline extended appeared first on PR Daily.

‘Duelling duchesses’ and a Game of Thrones script: Why the royal Christmas is under more scrutiny this year

Mark My Words

‘Duelling duchesses’ and a Game of Thrones script: Why the royal Christmas is under more scrutiny this year. Negative headlines have been swirling around younger members of House of Windsor. Borkowski isn’t surprised by the headlines swirling. “You can interpret a look in whichever way you want to see it,” said Mark Borkowski, a British public relations expert.

Real Estate Provides Insight Into PR Growth Areas

HMA Public Relations

With 2019 rapidly approaching, agencies are busy planning for the next 12 months. Among the biggest questions: What sectors will provide the greatest opportunities for growth? […]. The post Real Estate Provides Insight Into PR Growth Areas appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

How to Weather Bias in Communications

Solo PR Pro

In a recent TEDxUGA talk, meteorologist J. Marshall Shepherd shares insights on confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance that has powerful applications for professional communicators. Using weather and climate change, Dr. Shepherd delves into bias and how it shapes our perceptions.

Why PR Pros are so Versatile and the ‘Relations’ Part of PR Hasn’t Changed; Off Script No. 35: Michelle Garrett of Garrett Public Relations

Sword and the Script

A while back I started seeing her everywhere online in PR circles. If you look at all the publications to which she contributes, you can easily see why. Though she says writing has always been part of her career, her “first ‘real’ PR job landed me out in the Bay Area working for a tech company.”

Why Companies Still Struggle with Crisis


Crisis communications, on its surface, is easy to comprehend and understand – when something bad happens, respond accordingly. However, crisis (as it is simply referred to in PR) much like the industries it serves, is constantly evolving to effectively and efficiently respond in times of need. We sat down with Robert Ford, Senior Vice President of Corporate, to discuss why companies continue to struggle with crisis communications, and how they can keys to better prepare companies for it.

Infographic: How to achieve SEO success in 2019

PR Daily

A fresh approach is essential if you want to rank highly on important search engine results pages. This guide offers insight into trends that spell success for your website in the new year.

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Building Internal & External Relationships [Infographic]

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Shayla Costa, UMASS at Amherst Student, Winner of the PR Expanded Infographic Contest.

Popeye's Offering Emotional Support Chicken

Flack Me

Category: Flack Me Summary: Only at the Philly airport and for a limited holiday run, this marketing stunt is in response to Delta's new emotional support animal policies