Sat.Dec 15, 2018

Off on an Adventure!: The Freberg Sabbatical Journey

Karen Freberg

The fall semester has finished. Graduation has happened (so proud of all of my #FrebergAlums!). The holiday break has begun! This year, as I head to spend the holidays with my family, is a little different. I am going on a new adventure – something I have never done before.

All references to Christmas or end of year removed. We can do a round up at the appropriate time.

Mark My Words

A Friday thought or two. Borkowski has retained the heart of its culture throughout all the change and technological advances around us. We are a company based on creativity and bravery, but also and perhaps most importantly, on loyalty and commitment and, this is the bit I am most proud of – that quietly what we have always delivered, we are still delivering – news campaigns that actually have an impact. That’s all I am saying.