Thu.May 16, 2019

Has Your Marketing Gone Stale? Here are Some Ways to Spice Things Up

Ronn Torossian

It happens to even the best. Try as you might, it just seems that the creative ideas are no longer flowing as freely as they usually do. This can spell trouble for a business reliant on creative marketing to produce results and new audience members. What happens when marketing goes stale?

6 tips to help shy speakers make strong presentations

PR Daily

Being timid doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a great speech. Here are some tricks to overcome the butterflies and win over your audience. This article originally appeared on PR Daily in May of 2018. Public speaking can be terrifying, especially if you are a shy person.

Encouraging Creativity Among Marketing Employees

Ronn Torossian

Team morale in the office has hit a low. For some reason, it seems that pitch meetings and brainstorming sessions are more full of awkward silence than buzzing ideas.

3 chances worth taking to make your presentation memorable

PR Daily

Rather than lecturing and pounding your audience with dozens of slides, engage the crowd through participation. Above all, be yourself. “I I want my presentation to be engaging and memorable. I want the audience to remember me and my message. I want to be amazing!”. Sound familiar?

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Political symbols and How the Brexit Party are short circuiting your brain

Mark My Words

As a person with a blood pressure that I value, I try to avoid any unnecessary debate about Brexit. But as a person who lives and breathes communication strategy I am fed up with watching this one sided massacre. . The politics of the right have always understood the power of the symbol.

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Scraping the SERPs to Determine Timing of Journalist’s Topic Coverage


You researched the right websites, the right contacts, wrote an exciting e-mail and now you’re waiting for a story to pick up. This is the moment where a lot of us get anxious because the outcome is out of our control.

Infographic: A blueprint for building the perfect PR strategy

PR Daily

Set achievable goals, don’t make it all about you and learn from past mistakes. This guide can help you set the foundation for a winning campaign. Every successful modern PR campaign shares several essential traits.

Is poor communication diluting your brand story? How to get messaging on track

Agility PR Solutions

Brands and businesses may be paying a hefty price for not properly locking down their messaging.

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Google pushes new ads in bid to outpace Amazon and Instagram

PR Daily

Investors are concerned about sluggish advertising growth and Google’s ability to compete with its top online rivals. The company says it just wants to create better consumer experiences.

Google 141

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

5 critical tips for improving your client’s company image

Agility PR Solutions

The importance of company image from a PR point of view cannot be overlooked. While it is true that your client needs to offer high-quality products/services that are good value for money, a brand will also need to be seen favorably by their target audience in order to succeed.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Content Marketing Awards

PR Daily

Enter your best white papers, videos, social media campaigns and more. Don’t miss the early-bird deadline on June 12. The post Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Content Marketing Awards appeared first on PR Daily. Content Marketing Marketing PR PR Daily Awards Social Media content marketing awards

Marketing strategies for all stages of growth

Agility PR Solutions

No matter what phase of growth your company is experiencing—start up, mid-stage or late stage—it’s critical for your marketing program to be aligned to your growth strategies so that teams are unified across all brand-building initiatives. This can be a period of incredible change for your brand.

Communications: A Sacred Trust


This is an edited version of a post that first appeared on Makovsky’s website. I’m frequently asked by new hires and recent graduates why communications is a great profession to build a career. At its most basic, there is nothing more important than communicating to make things happen.

This month in bad PR pitches

Muck Rack

This month in bad PR pitches

Getting hired and ahead in marketing and PR

Stephen Waddington

A blog about careers as told by eight marketing and PR practitioners in a workshop at Newcastle University. We ran a session for for PR students at Newcastle University last week on getting hired and getting ahead. Practitioners at varying stages of their career joined the session.

Social media done right

HMA Public Relations

When it comes to social media, creativity and originality are key to engaging with your audience. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a few social […]. The post Social media done right appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Social Media CIA Denny's GMA Good Morning America social media

Identifying and Finding the Right Social Media Influencers

CivicFeed Insights

Only a few people and organizations will meet all the criteria for an influencer marketing campaign. Defining who these people are is just the first step. With millions of social media profiles, it’s difficult to find the right influencer. However, there are some tools and tricks of the trade to make this process easier. What Does a Quality Social Media Influencer Look Like? .

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