Wed.Nov 23, 2022

How companies are handling tricky World Cup on social media

PR Daily

Host country Qatar’s human rights issues make the tournament fraught. The World Cup is underway and brands are paying attention.

How Pinterest dominates the Thanksgiving recipe scene


It’s rare that Pinterest is the dominant force in any social engagement conversation, with Facebook and Twitter the typical big drivers of engagement for web links, especially to the news. .


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How to lead your team through a recession

PR Daily

It’s not all gloom and doom. The past few years have had our heads spinning in so many ways. Now, despite a labor market where demand still outpaces supply, continued inflation is stoking fears that a recession may be coming.

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Twitter’s ‘Blue Check’ Chaos Erodes Trust in Crisis Communications


When Elon Musk bought Twitter in late October, he said the social media platform’s blue check marks that verified high-profile accounts had created a caste system of “lords and peasants.” Instead, his “Twitter Blue” feature would let any user who pays $7.99

Discover the Actionable Habits of the World’s Best Strategic Communicators

Cision’s 4 Data-Driven Habits of Top Comms Teams details the habits of the world's best communicators. Uncover actionable habits that will give you the power to influence and amplify your story better. Download this free e-book today!

Comms pros’ predictions for 2023: Media and social media

PR Daily

We asked a variety of comms pros what they thought 2023 would look like in terms of social media and traditional media. This is what they said. The story of the media in 2022 was, unfortunately, much as it has been for the last decade or more.

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Step by step guide to create a corporate video for your marketing needs


Video has taken the world of marketing by storm over recent years. From a content perspective – video is king! It can be used to convey brand messages, promote a new product or service, share thought leadership from a key spokesperson – the possibilities are endless.

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Best practices for marketing podcasts


Creating content for podcasts takes time, but it is a worthy investment. Everybody has their own preference and when it comes to the content of podcasts it is no different. With the popularity of podcasts being on the rise, this is the best time to start a podcast.

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The suitability of adjudication for multiparty disputes

Practical Law Construction

Earlier this year I acted as adjudicator in four related adjudications that ran simultaneously, and I thought it would be worthwhile sharing my experience as I think there are some interesting points for parties and their representatives who might be considering using adjudication for multiparty disputes. Before any of you shout “confidentiality!”,