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Crisis Management and Communications Go Hand-in-hand

Ronn Torossian

In an earlier article the discussion focused on the importance of convincing senior management about the need for crisis management and communications. The two go hand-in-hand and must stay together.

How PR pros can help clients handle an unexpected media inquiry

PR Daily

Your clients or execs might be surprised, even to the point of uneasiness, by a phone call from a journalist seeking comments or insights. Offer this guidance to help them seize the opportunity. Why does a reporter’s call petrify us? .

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Why Using SEO for PR Through Newsroom is Worth Your Time and Effort


Any business or brand thrives when they have a great relationship with their audience. What a brand puts out to the public can make or break their reputation, thus making PR a vital aspect of their success and credibility.

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Our 8 step-approach to nailing your content marketing strategy


In today’s ever-crowding market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out: with 3.5billion Google searches happening each and every day, and only 5% of all branded content getting the lion’s share of consumer engagement, marketers need to consider tactics with longevity, and this is where a kick-ass content marketing strategy comes into play. The ultimate content marketing goal. Ultimately, through great content marketing, your brand will be seen as the expert in its field, increase social media reach and grow the business through attracting new customers. In order to achieve this it’s important to understand exactly what content marketing is – and this is where many marketers often fall foul. Many marketers make the mistake of pinning a content marketing strategy onto a campaign and placing too much of a focus on the brand and its messaging, but it should be viewed as an ‘always on’ tool focused on the customer and what they want to see. It’s far too easy to slip into the habit of churning out the same old repetitive and dry content, packed full of brand mentions, which customers can’t relate to or don’t respond well to. So how can you make sure you content is hitting the mark, and how do you avoid getting lost in the masses? At Prohibition we’ve developed an 8-step process which should lead you to a fool-proof content marketing strategy. If followed stringently, you could transform the perception of your brand online and start to see real return from your content. Make your content stand and engage your audience with our content marketing hacks. Prohibitions Top Content Marketing Hacks . Start by deciding your content objectives and your brand’s mission statement ; If you start off with blurred lines and unclear objectives, your content will become confused and you’re ultimately working towards nothing! Make sure your objectives are clearly defined, whether you’re working towards an increase in sales, brand loyalty or awareness, and that you’re able to clearly track the results. Define your audience ; Remember a great content marketing strategy doesn’t focus on your brands key messages, it focuses on what your target market wants to see. Define your audience, this could be in the form of brand personas, and do your research into them – it’s key to focus on creating the content your audience wants to see. Select the right topics ; This is where you can make or break your content marketing strategy. In order to pick the right topics to be talking about, it’s not only key to focus on what your audience is crying out for, but you also need to consider where your brand’s expertise lie, whether there’s a gap in the market waiting for your content and what your unique perspective is. This is your chance to really stand out! Develop your content conversion strategy ; This is the key link between the content you’re creating and your brand objectives – consider where your conversation with the customer begins and define what you consider to be a result. It’s also important here to make sure your content keeps on giving – think heavier, more permanent content which can be broken down into many different outputs and shared via multiple channels. Plan your editorial content ; Mapping out your content strategy is key. Whether you favour weekly, monthly or yearly planners, follow our three-tiered approach; campaigns focusing on a given theme over a longer period of time (i.e. commercial objectives), projects focusing on a more short-term result (i.e. product launch), and finally regular updates/contact with your audience (i.e. social media). Create shareable content ; Ultimately your content won’t deliver if there’s nothing shareable about it, and a key way to do this is to create content which sparks conversation – think collaboration with your audience, competitions, asking questions and jumping on current events… The list is endless! But just because you can share every piece of content across all social media platforms doesn’t mean you should , so consider where it’s best placed. Manage conversations and amplification ; Content isn’t something you should put out into the world and forget about, it’s key to be engaging with your audience and managing those conversations you’re inviting. And, in this day and age, no content marketing strategy is complete without paid-for social media in order for you to maximise the potential of your (now perfectly curated) content. Measure your success ; It’s important not only to be tracking the right metrics for the right channels, i.e. number of site visits for increasing website traffic, content downloads when looking to increase content consumption, but also to consider how these translate into the wider business’s commercial plans. So include three levels of success indicators in your measuring system; those with a direct impact on the company targets, those with a direct impact on the marketing targets, and those linked to the conversations concerning your brand. Get in touch today for help with developing and implementing your own kick-ass content marketing strategy , and for a more in depth look at Prohibition’s 8 content marketing hacks. Content Marketing content content marketing hacks content marketing tips content marketing Yorkshire engaging content Social Media social media advice

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

8 writing takeaways from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

PR Daily

It’s not about turning sambas into similes, but more about deriving lessons from processes and presentation, as contestants up their game in a competitive field. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You probably don’t slip on your sequined ballroom dancing shoes before you start writing.


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Don’t miss this Friday’s Video & Visual Awards entry deadline

PR Daily

All submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. Central Time, this Friday, Nov. Enter to earn recognition for your captivating visual storytelling efforts. The post Don’t miss this Friday’s Video & Visual Awards entry deadline appeared first on PR Daily. PR Daily Awards Ragan Awards

The ultimate list of journalism statistics in 2019

Muck Rack

The ultimate list of journalism statistics in 2019

How media do their marketing—and what they aren’t doing

Agility PR Solutions

Cross-channel marketing has come, and it’s here to stay. However, it’s no longer just being used by industries, such as retail and e-commerce, but virtually all consumer-facing businesses. This includes news publications, from online to print to broadcast.

“Lou, You Know What Your Problem Is?”

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Years ago we resigned a big brand account in the consumer electronics space. I think the statute of limitations has run out, 10+ years, so I can share the name.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Boardroom PR—thanks to execs’ sketchy reporting, corporate boards may be blind to risks

Agility PR Solutions

Corporate board members may have greater confidence in their organizations’ ability to manage key risks than management actually does—and as a result, boards are significantly overconfident when it comes to addressing the thorniest issues facing their organizations, according to eye-opening new research from The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). And what’s the reason for the skewed […]. The post Boardroom PR—thanks to execs’ sketchy reporting, corporate boards may be blind to risks appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations crisis

PRtech market growing up: Q&A with Access Intelligence CEO Joanna Arnold

Stephen Waddington

Access Intelligence has rebranded following a series of acquisitions. I caught up with CEO Joanna Arnold to talk about AI, media intelligence, social listening, platforms and the PRtech market. Vuelio’s parent company Access Intelligence recently acquired Pulsar, the social listening platform.

4 behind-the-scenes ways to improve the customer opinion

Agility PR Solutions

There are many things you can do to improve the customer’s impression of your business, many of which occur in plain sight. However, there are even more things you can do to improve the customer opinion behind the scenes.

Key Ingredients for a Successful Career: Self Assessment, Goals and Continuing Education


By Alma Causey The world is transforming at an incredibly swift pace. Technological advances, business trends, demographic changes, and social reforms are altering the world we live in. Prosperity involves adapting to changing circumstances. Those who remain passive are at risk of falling behind.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Media tech: Journalists worldwide embracing technology to tackle daunting challenges

Agility PR Solutions

With media newsrooms moving at lightning speed around the clock, new research from the International Center for Journalists (ICF) finds editors and reporters around the world increasingly turning to digital technology to help address challenges such as the spread of misinformation and growing attacks on reporters. This unparalleled survey, conducted in 14 languages, is based […]. The post Media tech: Journalists worldwide embracing technology to tackle daunting challenges appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations media relations

Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

PR Daily

Also: 25 years of banner ads, CIOs’ crucial role, Chipotle ballyhoos burritos on TikTok, and your top content priorities for 2020.

Get to know your press release audience


Press release audience data empowers communicators to better understand their target audiences to tell more impactful stories— and now access to that type of data is possible

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Putting Yorkshire’s taste buds to the test with Yorkshire Water


As a Yorkshire agency, it’s fair to say that we think God’s own country serves up the best tap water in the UK, but what do the general public prefer – Yorkshire’s finest or bottled mineral water?

Media Moves at Refinery29 & Vanity Fair, Digiday Hires Media Industry Reporter


Gabrielle Korn tapped by Refinery29, Chris Dixon to exit Vanity Fair, and more

On set for Forever since 1775 – A Mappin and Webb brand film


Over the past few years, we have seen video become one of the most powerful ways of reaching an audience. You’ll probably be familiar with bad and brilliant attempts at video content as brands increasingly put budget towards this.

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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Caused ‘Chaos’ And ‘Disaster’ For Queen Elizabeth

Mark My Words

Mark Comments


Journalists on the move – Week of October 28

Agility PR Solutions

Here you have it! The most notable journalist and media industry moves of the past week. USA AND CANADA Follow us on Twitter @Press_Moves News and Media Axios: Sara Kehaulani Goo (@axios) will be joining as Executive Editor in December. Frederick News-Post: Erika Riley (@frednewspost) has been hired as a Business Reporter. Los Angeles Times, […]. The post Journalists on the move – Week of October 28 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Media Moves

After the End of Journalism – The Revolution that Turned PR Experts into Publishers, Editors, and Reporters

Maxim Behar's Blog

Throughout all those years that I’ve spent in PR business, I’ve been repeating almost every day that the players in this game should be honest, reputable and creative.

#MediaMonday – Laurel Morales

HMA Public Relations

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Laurel Morales, senior field correspondent for KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk. Learn more about her! The post #MediaMonday – Laurel Morales appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Media Monday #MediaMonday - Laurel Morales HMA Public Relations KJZZ's Fronteras Desk Laurel Morales Northern Arizona

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How to create quality video content that engages your target audience


In today’s world of mindless scrolling, creating quality content that leads to increased interactions and engagements in vital. Recent research suggests that 55% of users are more likely to pay attention to video content that appears on their feed, so below we’ve highlighted our top tips for how to create and promote quality video content, by drawing on a recent project for The Light, a shopping centre in the heart of Leeds. Be clear on who you want to target.

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Infographic: Tips for designing for colorblind users

PR Daily

Here’s how to make sure those who can’t distinguish red from green, for example, can navigate your website and content and get the information they need to make informed choices. When we talk about inclusion, it’s important to consider disabilities and make sure your user experience serves everyone.

Growing value through video at Yorkshire Water’s Six Capitals Conference


As a creative and eco-conscious Yorkshire -based agency, we were eager to win the opportunity to work with Yorkshire Water in the promotion of their ‘Six Capitals’ conference, an event aimed to tackle some of the biggest ecological issues facing both the region and the whole of the UK. Yorkshire Water provides water and waste services to millions of homes throughout Yorkshire, and in turn, are looking to minimise environmental damage to waterways and land throughout the region.

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Agency Leaders Attend Rigorous Cooking Class in the Spirit of Team Building

The Hoffman Agency

Asia Pacific MD Caroline Hsu led a three-day regional summit last week. After two days of discussions, brainstorming, and yes, a “few” PowerPoint presentations, day three gave new meaning to the phrase, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”