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Why Earned Media Is Still Relevant In PR

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As the influence of digital and social media has soared, PR agencies who focus primarily on earned media (once known as publicity) are often warned that they’re falling behind. There are regular calls for PR services to include paid media and other offerings.

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7 crucial Instagram tips for marketers

PR Daily

With the launch of IGTV, and other platform’s struggles to grow usership, the photo-sharing platform will only grow in importance for communicators. Here’s how to capitalize.

4 Smart Ways PR Can Amplify Brand Content

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While we often hear content marketers talk about the difficulty of consistently producing fresh, engaging, brand content, they're not the only ones who face this struggle. PR professionals also have… Read More >>>. Marketing PR & Comms Content Marketing Media Outreach

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Infographic: Facebook leads all social media with 68% of U.S. adults

PR Daily

How are you getting your messages in front of your audience? These stats can guide your social media strategy. Social media is always changing—but some industry facts are starting to become industry institutions. . After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, some predicted Facebook’s dominance might wane.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Marcomm agencies: You’re next on cyber attackers’ hit lists

Agility PR Solutions

When was the last time you reviewed your agency’s cybersecurity policy? Do you even have one or know what to do in the event of a data breach? Do you know how a breach would impact your clients? Today, marcomm agencies have unknowingly become a vulnerability to their clients.

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Netflix’s ‘The Great Hack’ proves it’s the PR industry’s responsibility to protect the public

The Resolution Blog

I’ve just watched The Great Hack on Netflix. The documentary outlining communications agency, Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the Brexit and Trump campaigns.

What the demise of Mic can teach us about content and metrics

PR Daily

The promising digital media company that vowed to be a voice for millennials didn’t live up to its potential—despite scoring an interview with President Barack Obama. Here’s why.

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Create a Better Content Calendar With This 4-Pillar Framework

Contently - Strategy

All my life, no one has ever called me organized or neat. I tend to keep random objects in small piles around my apartment. I write reminders on the backs of my hands. My mind is like a big box of Jelly Belly beans that’s been shaken up by a sugar-manic child—it’s just chaos in there.

Earned media best for driving purchases, consumers sour on social media, and IBM battles an age-bias lawsuit

PR Daily

Also: Delivery drivers are munching consumers’ food, a bevy of PR and marketing job openings, and Burger King Belgium roasts McDonald’s. .

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Back-to-school spending up slightly, with family spend estimated at $745

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Top Tips for Handling a PR Crisis

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest post by David H Lasker. It takes a business years to build a reputation as trustworthy in the eyes of consumers, but burning it all down can occur in just moments.

Nearly 3/4s of retailers worry about being outpriced by Amazon—how to ease your mind

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Yes, Amazon is an online shopper’s best friend—but it’s every competing retailer’s nightmare. In a new survey from price optimization firm ActiveViam, 71 percent of retailers said they were concerned about being outpriced by the etail giant—with 41 percent saying they are “very concerned.”

Best of Both Worlds: How to Manage Being a Full-Time Student and a Full-Time Intern


By Emily Dillon Living the life of a full-time student while being a social media management intern can be full of surprises. One day you are sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher and thinking about your future career in the real world, and the next, you are living it out.

Why you should use "and" and avoid "but" in your corporate communications

Axia PR

When you say the word “but” in a conversation, people tend to dread the remainder of your sentence. This one simple word has an extremely negative connotation. PR Tips Communications

Why is Snapchat taking over Instagram?

HMA Public Relations

Snapchat has recently revealed it has added 13 million daily active users over the past quarter, bumping its total daily user count to the highest number […] The post Why is Snapchat taking over Instagram? appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Social Media Digital communications HMA PR HMA Public Relations Instagram Real Friends campaign snapchat social media Trolling

The most popular outlets & articles covering fashion in 2019

Muck Rack

The most popular outlets & articles covering fashion in 2019

Not Convinced You Need More Content? Your Competitors Disagree.


Earlier this year, Axios featured a story titled, “ The job of the future is editor in chief ,” which reported that the number of people in content/editor roles and non-media companies has grown by 32 percent in the past decade.

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Social Media Rock Stars: Be the Match’s Ryan Pena

Communications Conversations

For years, Ryan Pena was one of those people I definitely knew about, but never had a chance to meet. I recently figured it was time to change that, and asked Ryan to happy hour. And man, am I glad I did.

Can You Measure PR?


The answer is an unsatisfying one: probably. As a PR expert, you’re likely investing considerable time, and money, into your PR campaigns. Nonetheless, you’re likely feeling around in the dark when it comes to assessing if they were successful, effective, or a whopping failure. Still, a company’s brand is typically its most valuable asset and must be treated as such.

Stop trying to be unique: PR needs to blend in more

The Hoffman Agency

Roberta Main Millar. Account Director, Europe. Blend in with the rest of the marketing mix that is. In fact, rather than just blending in, I would argue that PR needs to be at the centre of a marketing campaign.

French's and Coolhaus Team Up for Mustard Ice Cream

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Category: Flack Me Summary: In honor of National Mustard Day on August 3rd, this bright yellow treat will be available, if you dare, in New York and Los Angeles locations