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4 PR Lessons From the Way Popeyes Launched Its Popular New Chicken Sandwich


Did you stand in line for the release? Which version did you like? Did you get one before they sold out? Was it as good as they say? No, I’m not talking about the new iPhone. I’m talking about the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich , an unexpected PR master class. When Popeyes launched its sandwich on Aug. 12, the country took notice. Within days, the sandwich had stirred a fast-food fight with its own hashtag, generated a meme battle and had blogs and news organizations scrambling to post reviews.

11 musts for creating outstanding social media memes

PR Daily

Your online audiences don’t want a barrage of self-promotional twaddle. Instead, mix things up a bit with lighthearted text emblazoned over a striking image. Here are the keys to success. Social media users love memes. These attention-grabbing images, augmented by a few humorous or clever words, tend to garner high engagement and can spread quickly on social media. Many brand managers have noticed their popularity.

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Print news media is dying

Stephen Waddington

Print news media under threat is not an exclusive. But what of its future asks Jessica Pardoe in this guest blog. Jessica Pardoe When did you last read a newspaper? We consume news through TV, mobile apps, PC and social media. In fact, it’s becoming unusual to pick up a newspaper. There is an exception: if it’s handed out for free on our way to work. Print new media challenge Ad-funded newspapers such as The Evening Standard and The Metro are the exception, not the rule.

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Can A PR Plan Succeed Too Well?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It’s fascinating when a company’s public relations gets ahead of its reality. Any strategic PR or marketing plan should emphasize an organization’s strengths and rebut weaknesses and threats, but there’s such a thing as too much hype. This is particularly true in the tech sector. Case in point: WeWork. The Gizmodo headline, “WeWork To Delay IPO Amid Suspicion It’s Not Actually A Tech Company Worth $47 Billion” sums it up nicely.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Hong Kong seeks to hire PR crisis firm—but finds no takers

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The city discovered that no global agency was ready to mop up its reputational mess as pro-democracy protestors have revealed cracks in public perception of the Asian business hub. Hong Kong learned the hard way how hard it can be to hire a crisis management team in the middle of an emergency. The Holmes Report revealed that not a single global agency could be persuaded to take the beleaguered city’s case.

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Share your amazing internal comms—and workplaces

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Enter Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards to showcase your impressive internal campaigns, content, projects, intranets and inspiring workplaces. The deadline is Oct. The post Share your amazing internal comms—and workplaces appeared first on PR Daily. Ragan Awards

xiQ Mixes Content Curation with AI in Support of Account Based Marketing [Martech Briefing]

Sword and the Script

I didn’t set out to write a briefing on a martech product – I strive to reserve these efforts for PR technology – but it just sort of happened. A company called xiQ tweeted a link to something I had written, tagged me, and when I followed it back to the source, I found this newsletter. The concept struck me as something as a mix between Curata and Paper.li and I thought it could be a useful tool for content marketing.

20 of the Coolest Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

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Marketing conferences have shaped my top team memories. I always leave events feeling more in sync with my colleagues, and usually with an expanded network of intriguing people. Pictured below, see our smiling faces at this year’s #INBOUND19 for evidence of a good time.). Plus, I head home feeling more inspired than when I showed up—armed with big ideas and a renewed sense of motivation and purpose. What work activity is more meaningful than that?

What #MeToo reputation recovery can teach us about PR

Agility PR Solutions

The #MeToo movement has many faces. It’s a fight about consent, about gender relations, and about the ways money can act as a shield, but that’s not all. From a public relations perspective, #MeToo is about the power of an individual’s reputation and whether, having been publicly shamed, they can—or should—return to their former stature. […]. The post What #MeToo reputation recovery can teach us about PR appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations crisis

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

This month in bad PR pitches

Muck Rack

This month in bad PR pitches

The hybrid services model—exploring new strategies for in-house agency success

Agility PR Solutions

Companies have long battled with weighing the benefits and drawbacks of managing their marketing and communications in-house vs. hiring an outside agency. New research from agency partner Filter examines the key considerations and consequences faced by an increasing number of companies looking to shift their marketing and customer experience work to in-house agencies—but with a […].

The Sport of Communicating Injuries

HMA Public Relations

Injuries are a part of sports. Especially big-time sports. But how they are communicated is vastly different from sport-to-sport. Just this past weekend, Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks […] The post The Sport of Communicating Injuries appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR and HMA PR Scott Hanson sports communication

Bstroy’s bullet-riddled hoodies spark backlash, Gen Z stresses out over news and social media, and Tinder wraps original series

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Also: NBCUniversal launches ‘Peacock’ streaming service, AT&T disputes fraud claims, Snapchat takes swing at transparency on political ads, and more. Good morning PR pros: NBCUniversal is launching the streaming platform “Peacock,” an homage to its iconic branding. The New York Times reported : “For us, it’s the perfect nod to the legacy without being too on the nose,” said Bonnie Hammer, chairwoman of the upcoming streaming service.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

[Webinar] Airbnb and 23andMe: Achieving Success With The Heritage Travel Campaign


Date and Time: 10/09/2019 at 10am PST. With the rise of at-home genetic tests like 23andMe, it has never been easier to learn about your ancestry, and this has contributed to a growing trend of heritage travel. People around the world are taking trips to connect with their ancestry, and that’s why Airbnb and 23andMe teamed up to make traveling to your roots easier than ever.

The Very Long Fall Season and How to Survive It

Solo PR Pro

The fall season, for many solo PR Pros feels like running a marathon at a sprint pace. Conferences, surveys, forecasts, trend reports, budgeting, launches, and clients squeezing every drop of PR goodness you have to offer before the year closes can be exhausting. But don't despair, you can make it, with a few simple steps. Plan your work. Take an hour or two and map out what needs to get done over the next week/month/quarter.

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Natty Light’s Catalina Wine Mixer scores A+ for creativity (but not sure what’s going on with execution)

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In early August, Natty Light introduced a new entry to the hard seltzer game: the Catalina Lime Mixer. Or, in other words, the best named hard seltzer beverage in all of history (you’ll know why if you Google “Catalina Wine Mixer”–simply brilliant). The product is in direct competition with the most popular thing going: White Claws.

Infographic: How PR has changed in the last 20 years

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With the internet, social media and a data revolution, how we interact and sell products and services has drastically changed. What has made the biggest difference for PR pros? What are some of the biggest changes to rock the PR industry in the last 20 years? An infographic from MSR Communications asked just that as it blocked out the changing PR landscape from 1999 to 2019. . Some major changes concern the media upheaval, with newspapers giving way to online news. .

August Publisher Rankings


Who were the top publishers on Facebook in August 2019? What content drove the most engagement? We looked at the data to find out. Summer’s beginning to cool off, and based on the evidence of last month, some of the engagement numbers are too. It’s too early yet to see if this is a trend, due to the fact that engagement does tend to drop in the summer as people travel and head to the beach, so it’s something we’ll keep an eye on in the coming months.

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