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10 Phrases To Delete From Your PR Vocabulary

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

PR agency teams , especially those in tech PR, LOVE to speak in jargon. We have shorthand for nearly everything and sometimes forget that people outside our organization or industry might not know what we’re talking about.

10 great viral news explainer tips for PR

Stuart Bruce

The viral news explainer is a relatively new style of content that is proving increasingly popular.

Viral 137

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9 social media trends for 2022

Communications Conversations

I’ve been giving this social media trends presentation now for I believe 5 years. I used to give it at Social Media Breakfast–you know, back when we saw people, had coffee together and shook hands! But sadly, the pandemic is still with us.

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How to spot a PR scam

PR Daily

An insider offers some common red flags that suggest a proffered media opportunity is really a disingenuous money grab. “Is this anything?” ” is a question PR agency professionals see a lot.

How To 128

How Startup Leadership Can Inspire the Team to Deliver Results and Become Great

Inspiring the team to do their best, break through barriers and achieve milestones is the core responsibility of the startup leadership. Inspiring people to do great requires installing confidence and the ability to learn from setbacks and failures.

KFC’s Beyond fried chicken has been Veganuary’s big winner


Since 2014 the UK organization Veganuary has encouraged consumers to take a 31-day pledge to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Social media has helped to amplify the cause, with vegan content becoming more accessible and promotional efforts from celebrities spreading the word. .

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How to make an amazing company culture video for your brand

Agility PR Solutions

If the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul, then culture videos are the windows to your company’s. To put it a bit less dramatically, company stories can have a significant impact on how people perceive your brand.

Keep your team updated with shared alerts


To help you keep your entire team up to date with insights from NewsWhip Spike Alerts, we have introduced the ability to add up to 10 of your teammates email addresses to any of your email alerts in NewsWhip Spike.

2021-22 show risks of Olympic sponsorships—with PR lessons to remember

Agility PR Solutions

Sponsors of the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo had to cancel promotional plans because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Sponsors of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics did the same—but the cutbacks were not limited to the continuing Covid pandemic.

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Are You Creating Landing Pages?

HMA Public Relations

Landing pages are the perfect addition to your next PR campaign. Find out the purpose of the landing page and what you should be including in yours with Justin Liggin. Odds and Ends digital marketing landing page website

Generating Leads with Facebook: A Guide for Businesses

In this Facebook guide for businesses, we’ll help you strategize with tips and techniques straight from our playbooks. We also let you in on the best practices for improving your lead gen campaigns, starting with a review of your performance metrics.

Customer engagement in review: 94% of brands rated their practices as excellent or good

Agility PR Solutions

New research from customer engagement platform Braze unveils macro trends within customer engagement that emerged in 2021, how customer engagement has evolved over the past year, and opportunities for improvement and growth for 2022.

As the Gateway to Hell is to Turkmenistan, so TOWIE is to Essex

Mark My Words

There’s a logic to the decision for Essex to rebrand and distance Itself from TOWIE; the county is inarguably so much more than fake tan, nouveau riche nightlife and relationship dramas. link] But the decision-makers must be careful about throwing the baby out with the bath water. Firstly, they’ve tried it before and it clearly didn’t work if they’re at it again.

False Criminal Accusations a Common Reality

Reputation Specialist Michael Toebe

Former Uber driver John Geary. “ All it takes is this one incident, this one person to say something to destroy your life.”

Infographic: 5 influencer marketing trends to watch in 2022

PR Daily

That’s right, it’s time to get your Charli D’Amelio on. Instagram shopping, trending songs on TikTok and the girl you know from high school who promotes a certain brand of canned sparkling water to her 13,000 followers—those are all byproducts of the booming influencer marketing market.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

False Criminal Accusations a Common Reality

Reputation Specialist Michael Toebe

Former Uber driver John Geary. “ All it takes is this one incident, this one person to say something to destroy your life.”