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How to Stay Current on Marketing Trends

Ronn Torossian

Marketing is a fluid industry. This can present a challenge for some professionals who solely rely on their school education to guide them.

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The Internet Killed these 4 Words for Me

Flack's Revenge

Let’s face it, things have gotten weird with the Internet lately (and all things related – like the Web, apps, and social media). We used to have a great thing going! Now, Internet, you’ve become clingy, stalkerish, irrational, and carelessly share my personal info.

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3 ways to satisfy to millennials’ demand for transparency

PR Daily

As consumers place more importance on honesty and openness, how can brand managers build loyalty and create a community of engaged consumers? Consider these tips.

Hey brands, is it time to break up with Snapchat?

Agility PR Solutions

Let’s be honest, we all know things have been difficult with Snapchat for a while now. The signs are there. It started with small annoyances, like redesigns that didn’t seem to solve any problems, but created new ones. Then there’s the few (hundred million) dalliances with Instagram Stories.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

3 common public-speaking blunders—and how to overcome them

PR Daily

Too many presenters focus on themselves—and showing off how much they know—rather than on the audience’s interests. Others tell stories chronologically, which can be a major snooze. Why is so much public speaking—especially in the business world—so awful?

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New study reveals brand loyalty is worth more than the suggested retail price

Agility PR Solutions

In a fickle, fast-moving retail environment, every brand could use a little loyalty—and in fact, new research asserts that loyalty might be worth even more than it appears at face value.

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Calling all nonprofit communications leaders

PR Daily

Enter PR Daily’s Nonprofit PR Awards to earn recognition for your influential campaigns and projects. The post Calling all nonprofit communications leaders appeared first on PR Daily. PR Daily Awards

Why Does a Woman CEO Need to Be a News Story?

PR News

The battle for gender equality marches on, played out in one of the most public spaces, headline news. And it’s not just about how much coverage women are receiving versus men—whether in politics or business or sports—it’s also about how the media portrays women in their roles.

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Merged banks’ new Truist moniker draws criticism online

PR Daily

BB&T and SunTrust joined forces intending to create a top-flight institution, but to avoid favoring either partner, they chose a neutral name that has left many scratching their heads. What’s in a name? PR pros know that your organization’s calling card is an important signal for the value of your brand. Naming a new or overhauled business is a tricky process, usually left to outside agencies who can find something that feels fresh, yet timeless.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

How Vidyard uses Muck Rack to achieve their PR goals

Muck Rack

How Vidyard uses Muck Rack to achieve their PR goals


Are you following these do’s and don’ts of brand journalism?

PR Daily

Learn these tips to perfect the craft—and get more ideas when you join your peers in Manchester, Vermont for this can’t-miss roundtable. There’s a lot of content out there, and as a senior communicator, you’re responsible for ensuring your organization’s stories don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Why Entrepreneurs Seeking Venture Capital Need Compelling Stories


“Who cares?”. It’s the first question to ask when building a story for any entrepreneur who intends to approach institutional investors, says David Dalvey , founder of Brightstone Venture Capital in Minneapolis.

What is Media Training?

HMA Public Relations

Join us as we delve into another “tool” in the PR toolbox – media training. Is your business in need? We're happy to share our expertise. learn more. The post What is Media Training? appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR

Agility PR Solutions

Competing in the real estate industry can feel like an overwhelming thing to do at times. However, if you have a plan for a compelling PR strategy, you can really outshine your competition.

5 Celebrities That Are Crushing it on Social Media

Critical Mention

Over the years, social media has changed the way we interact with celebrities. Now we get a sneak peek into their daily lives. From Rhianna and Ryan Reynolds to LeBron James and Bill Gates, here are our top picks for celebrities that are crushing it on social media. Rihanna.

PR Pros College Visits Provide Students with a ‘Peek Behind the Curtain’


By Ashleigh Kathryn What does Rick and Morty’s “szechuan sauce ” and the University of Florida’s Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter have in common? Answer: A professional development opportunity delivered by Jano Cabrera, former McDonald’s SVP of U.S. comms, global media and PR. Cabrera was one of many public relations professionals who visited […]. Advice from a Pro Guest Post Ashleigh Kathryn Culpwrit pr PRSSA University of Florida

Seychelles – Sun, Endless Beaches and More.

Maxim Behar's Blog

Incredible, isn’t it? I can’t recall another country’s name that brings to your mind so much good energy, so many positive messages and not for a moment any thought of doubt.

Do This Culture Audit to Look for Ways to Keep a Business Thriving


Collaborative environment. Flexible schedules. Free coffee. Happy hours. Unlimited” paid time off. Sound familiar? This is a generic list of workplace perks and benefits often found in job descriptions spanning multiple industries. Today, there is an increased amount of attention placed on company culture. But this term is a bit open to interpretation, and not every culture is created equal.

Seychelles – Endless Beaches and More.

Maxim Behar's Blog

Incredible, isn’t it? I can’t recall another country’s name that brings to your mind so much good energy, so many positive messages and not for a moment any thought of doubt.

‘Deepfake’ video of Facebook CEO raises red flags for PR, news outlets

PR Daily

The social media platform is keeping a phony Mark Zuckerberg ‘world domination’ video up on Instagram without marking it as fake, deepening concerns about such media manipulations.

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Infographic: Top social media trends, by the numbers

PR Daily

What’s next for influencer marketing, and just how important is ‘social listening’? Consider these insights as you plan your online strategy. Social media is always changing, and that means marketers must continually research the latest trends to make sure their investment reaps ample benefits.