Sat.Nov 19, 2022

Why You Should Use a Press Release Writing Service

PR Fuel

Over 31% of businesses with a content marketing strategy achieve a 27.1% higher win rate than others. However, only 33% of businesses have a documented content marketing strategy. Without press release writing and distribution as part of your plan, you c.

How to add a social media content manager to your company's Facebook Page

Axia PR

A quick guide to adding your social media agency and/or team members to your company's Facebook account. Contrary to popular perception, your company's Facebook page does not provide unique usernames and passwords to share with your social media colleagues for them to log in.

Influencer marketing for hotels


Influencer marketing may not be just a passing trend for hotels. Consumers enjoy the convenience of logging into their social media accounts and getting personal recommendations from their friends, family, and social media celebrities.