Sat.Jul 27, 2019

How to build a culture that caters to employees’ strengths

PR Daily

Merely knowing in what areas your workers excel is not enough. Consider these insights from Gallup on how to consistently edify, empower and educate your most precious resource. What sort of company culture do employees find irresistible? According to Gallup’s new book, “ It’s the Manager ,” creating a “strengths-based” culture that consistently sharpens, challenges and empowers your staffers is the key to long-term success, productivity and engagement.

Watch Out PR/AD World: Here Comes Gen Z


When it comes to careers, the Z generation gets it. Admittedly, I’m basing my assessment on limited data—just three recent conversations with high school students who appear laser-focused on their pathways to successful careers. Earlier this week, I dropped in on an innovative program aimed at exposing high school students to possible careers in advertising […]. Day in the Life Future Leaders Brand Program DePaul PRAD Gen Z