Sun.Jun 30, 2019

Small biz marketing—only 6% of SMBs focus on retaining customers

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Almost one-third of small businesses (31 percent) concentrate their digital marketing efforts on increasing sales, but most aren’t prioritizing engaging current customers.

PR profitability took a dip in 2018—which firm sectors performed best?

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PR agency profitability was 16.3 percent of net revenues—a sizeable drop from a year ago when agencies reported a percentage of 18.0, according to PR professionals responding to the annual Benchmarkingsurvey conducted by Gould+Partners.

7 things to consider before starting your own PR agency

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Starting a PR firm has never been easy, but it’s become an even more difficult task in today’s times. The growth of the digital environment’s popularity has generated more and more competition between brands in every niche and industry.