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A Quick Guide to Social Chat Channels for Businesses


Moreover, many users have a different perception of privacy and social care on Twitter than of Facebook. Google Hangouts / Skype. Google Hangouts and Skype are more or less extensions of traditional customer service. Could these apps be considered social chat platforms? Perhaps, but it’s a stretch.

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Zoom Interview Tips


Lumia x 2 or 3- will clamp on to your computer or work on stands that you can buy from them too – worth buying the (lights are on special for $69 each right now and stands are $29 each) One thing to know though: it takes weeks to get your lights and customer service is spotty at best.

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The Magic That is Apple

Waxing UnLyrical

Within minutes , it started generating discussion as you can see from this screengrab (I’ve blurred out the names for privacy reasons): Shared excitement and engagement. When customer service is less than great. Now, I’ve never heard great things about Apple’s customer service.