The Snowball Effect: How Your Company Culture Affects Your Customer Service and Informs Your Communications Strategy


It’s also the foundation for customer service, which in turn shapes the company’s brand and communications strategies. When your company’s culture, customer service and communications strategy are all aligned – it can help your business maintain a healthy reputation and even lead to brand loyalty. When your customers believe in your organization like your employees do, it means more business. How do you define company culture?

#19: Building a framework for reputation management


Building a framework for reputation management: Christopher Rivera @ Samsung. Christopher Rivera, Director of Reputation & Risk, Samsung Electronics America. Chris Rivera has led as the Director of Reputation & Risk at Samsung Electronics America for more than three years.


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The Top 25 B2B Marketing Experts You Need to Follow Here.

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She has helped many businesses with their social media and customer service strategies, including such such well-known companies as NASA, IBM, and American Express. Follow her to get insights into social media and customer service. A writing powerhouse, he has authored seemingly zillions of educational articles as well as a book titled Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.

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Barclays CEO steps down over ties to Jeffery Epstein, Open rates for media pitches drops, and Butterball’s turkey hotline joins TikTok

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Hello, communicators: Turkey brand Butterball opened its Butterball Turkey Talk-Line yesterday, a hotline that has annually provided customers with advice on how to cook the perfect bird for 40 years.

British Airways botches an external email, Southwest gate crew scores goodwill, and Target gains a Disney presence

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We’re prepared for a strike and in the event of a work stoppage, we will continue working hard to serve our customers. Though AT&T might be “prepared” for the walkouts and promise to “continue working hard to serve” its customers, having that many employees leave in protest is damaging for any organization concerned about its reputation. Instead of celebrating its 100th birthday , the airline is attempting to repair customer relationships.

Your profession needs you

Stephen Waddington

Increasingly our public services, from swimming pools to transportation, are driven by profit rather than public service. I’m not suggesting we return to the 1950s, but I do think organisations should stop trying to fix their reputation with a veneer of public relations lipstick. Every aspect of an organisation is becoming social, from customer service to marketing; and from product development to sales.