Comcast triples social media customer service team

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Comcast has become synonymous with terrible customer service, but now the cable and Internet giant is trying to change that—by throwing more people at the problem. These 40 “social care specialists” will solely handle customer complaints on social media, according to reports. This will triple the current size of its social media customer service team. It was a teachable moment for employees and it was a teachable moment for all of us,” Roberts said at the time.

How to provide excellent customer service on social media

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Of all the social media benefits and uses for organizations, none compares to customer service opportunities. RELATED: Want to get your employees involved and active online? Customer service is a “feast or famine” function. If done well, the benefits can be enormous—even viral. When handled poorly, these instances are almost guaranteed to go viral (in a way no brand manager wants).

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DiGiorno takes advantage of viral Little Caesars video

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DiGiorno’s social media team showed it was “hot ’n’ ready” to spar with Little Caesars over a viral video. On Saturday, a Little Caesars customer tweeted the following video, which made it look as though a shopping cart full of DiGiorno pizza boxes were waiting to be baked and passed off as the chain’s own pies: this can’t be happening right in front of me — Please share your feedback w/ our team so that our Customer Care team can look into this.

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Dillard’s apologizes after breastfeeding mom’s post goes viral

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It’s usually a matter of an employee enforcing their personal preferences and not upholding the store’s policy. In a Facebook post—that garnered significant attention online—Chattanooga Dillard’s customer Whitney Hale describes her recent experience attempting to breastfeed inside of the store: I searched for a quiet secluded area to nurse my child. The employee at customer service nodded.

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Yelp employee’s angry open letter to CEO starts online firestorm

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An open letter published by a disgruntled employee has sparked an online debate over employee expectations and tech companies’ practices. On Saturday, a former Yelp/Eat24 employee who goes by the pen name “Talia Jane” published a letter to the company’s chief executive, Jeremy Stoppelman, via Medium. The letter soon went viral because of Jane’s depiction of Eat24’s customer service employees’ inability to make ends meet given San Francisco’s high cost of living.

Instagram fights bullies, Blue Bell’s viral mess, and the top reason consumers unfollow brands

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Blue Bell faces viral challenge meltdown. A viral video of a person opening a carton of Blue Bell ice cream, licking the top layer and putting it back in the store freezer has inspired others to do the same with ice cream and other products under the hashtag #icecreamchallenge. Why you should care: The Wall Street Journal called the challenge “ the wrong sort of viral advertising.” Make sure your crisis response plan is ready for an unwanted viral moment.

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South Dakota meth PSA goes viral, Chick-fil-A drops donors after LGBTQ protests, and 72% of consumers switch to competitors after bad service

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The ad went viral as Twitter and other social media users ridiculed the slogan. The Northridge Group’s State of Customer Service Experience 2019 report revealed that 72% of consumers are likely to switch to a competitor after only one negative customer service experience. We asked how you focus on retaining top talent within your organization, and 43% of you said perks like flexible hours persuade employees to stay.

Why Employee Opinions Are Their Own…& a Reflection Of Your Brand


Whether it’s a United Airlines employee following an archaic policy to “reaccommodate passengers” or a worker reaching out to go above and beyond, a brand is burned into our psyche by the story we experience at the hands of the employees. In the age of social media, brands are quick to try to distance themselves from employees on social media. First, it can make an employee feel they have a false sense of freedom of brand speech.

How Southwest Airlines creates meaningful, memorable content

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He also shared the airline’s viral Operation #RescuetheDress story, which tracked Southwest’s efforts to deliver a bridesmaid’s dress to Costa Rica. The delightful customer service caper trended on Twitter and earned widespread media coverage. He says the airline pours social media content into three buckets: Transactional content is used to provoke customer action, such as fare sales. Operational content communicates information or updates to customers.

Putting the public in public relations: PR is everyone’s job

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Almost any consumer-facing company has had an unhappy customer or two (or more), but the difference between pre-social media and post-social media is the amount of attention any one interaction can have. Small issues—like a squashed burger or fast food that doesn’t quite look like the promotional pictures—might elicit a chuckle or two and receive some level of viral attention, but they are unlikely to rise to a level of even minor crisis.

5 lessons from America's most hated companies

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The site reviewed customer service metrics along with employee satisfaction, company policies and price performance to determine who earned the dubious distinction of “most hated companies in America.”. The airline embraced this image, publishing a “ State of the Hate ” report in 2014, but reverse-psychology marketing campaigns won’t stop consumers complaining about a lack of service. Walmart: Employee relations affect public opinion.

Report: Consumers want to be entertained on social media

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Going viral still seems the favored way to score a big social media success. Brand managers prioritize “likes” and comments, shares and retweets, and interaction with customers. However, social media has a lot more to offer than just viral moments. RELATED: Boost your employee communications, PR and social media prowess at Microsoft HQ ]. At the top of the list: poor customer service. One key avenue available to marketers is employee advocacy.

Listen, Then Speak: 10 Quotes on Social Media Listening


ET, Neal Schaffer, Jay Baer, Jeff Bullas, Mark Schaefer and Scott Stratten will convene at the “ Practice Listening: From Competitors to Customers ” webinar. Listening to customers is more important than it’s ever been because their feedback is manifestly public where it’s historically been private. Customers are no longer whispering their complaints to their neighbors at dinner tables. Your brand’s success depends on your employees’ hard work.

Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

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When a passenger’s video of water flooding a Carnival cruise ship hallway went viral on May 3, it spawned thousands of references to Titanic and some sensational news headlines. Starbucks routinely engages with its customers on Twitter and other social platforms, responding to many questions and customer service issues. There was no mention of the customers’ race, or of why a Starbucks employee had called the police.

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Facebook’s pushing Groups, but how can brands really use them?

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One big trend I see accelerating in the social media world in 2019 is the move to more “community” and less “let’s go viral” It’s something I talked about in my trends presentation I put together that I’ve given now to five different groups in the Twin Cities. I could see brands developing groups for loyal super-fans as a way to facilitate customer service and innovation.

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, McDonald’s tests meatless option, and email’s the go-to for ‘conversational marketing’

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We look forward to continuing to provide you with the great service and curated assortment of merchandise that you expect from us. Conversing with organizations through an app was used more often by 32% of consumers, with telephone conversations, online customer service chats and social media platforms coming in close behind. Related reading: J&J to pay $527M in opioid damages, Popeyes’ Twitter spat creates viral win, and KFC tests plant-based ‘chicken’.

3 guidelines for using social media monitoring during a PR crisis

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examples feature an automobile repair shop employee using Twitter to find a pot dealer and a daycare employee ridiculing toddlers via Instagram. Tuned-in organizations realize that social media improves their businesses and fine-tunes critical customer service, employee relations and operations, one tweet or snap at a time. Sure, a media monitoring service for capturing print and online placements, broadcast segments and general mentions is crucial.

What American Airlines’ crisis response can teach brand managers

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An employee comes into the frame and the male passenger says, “You do that to me and I'll knock you flat.” The employee repeats, “Hit me,” and the passenger says, “I'll knock you out.” The captain pulls the employee away. What we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers. We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident.

What’s the crisis response if you’re off the grid?

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One of your organization’s employees did something disgraceful, and it was captured on video. Specific crisis identification and management modules can be incorporated into standing organizational training programs, but also through employee communications such as newsletters, blogs or videos. Another aspect of this training may even incorporate customer service.

Be Human: 4 Lessons From xPotomac 2015


If you want content to take off and go viral, think about emotional storytelling, not necessarily what everyone else is doing. Examples from their recent book covered how a “no email” culture helped increase one company’s productivity and communication, while a “no call center” solution increased a bank’s customer service.

United Airlines: When Common Practices Goes Bad

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This situation seemed to flip the script, where the bad behavior came from the employee , not the passenger. Any airline faces this risk, and is only as good as the judgement of a single employee in a single moment. Companies must empower their employees to apply policies through the prism of good common sense – something that failed to come in to play in this situation, as well as the recent event related to “dress code violations.”.

Businesses Should Fight Back Against Online Attacks

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Social media and online reviews bring an incredible new level of accountability to the customer service equation. The internet enables consumers to reach out to companies and service providers in brand new ways, and I believe the transparency that exists because of these online tools is a great thing for commerce. They let her know that they weren’t going to be bullied and that her treatment of not only Delta employees, but the airline’s other customers, was inappropriate.

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The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

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Or a crisis can strike closer to home; it can be a rogue employee action or supplier lapse in a single region that affects an entire brand, like the Chipotle E. In some cases it’s a creeping cultural problem that turns malignant over time, like the pressure that drove Wells Fargo employees to open a few million fake accounts to earn commissions without the knowledge of their customers. The Viral Customer Complaint.

The Ultimate Checklist: 20 Points that Will Lead You to the Best B2B Content Marketing

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Use Customer FAQs. What are your customer’s questions? What questions do your customer service team field most frequently? Don’t hesitate to ask customers what type of content they want. A simple one question survey asking customers to rate topics is one easy way to gauge interest. Go beyond what your customers actually ask, and get into questions that you wish they would ask. Give Your Pieces a Viral Headline. What are your content goals?

Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce Livecast talking Crisis PR

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Maybe it’s an employee claim against the supervisor, or maybe it’s an errant rogue, a Yelp review. Maybe it’s a poor customer service call that somebody threatened to go on their blog or talk about them on Instagram. We know it’s a competitor, or this person never stepped foot in my physical shop or my virtual shop, never was a customer.” By the way, I don’t have a record of you being a customer.

Earned Media Rising Podcast With Cision CMO, Chris Lynch


And communicators, especially now that they pulled more of social into their overall domain, I think they have this ability to say, “You know what, based on what we’re seeing in the market, how our influencers are getting engagement from certain types of customers, or consumers, we can actually give you some insight into what you might want to think about for those campaigns.” So, marketers work at doing things like customer Journey mapping, customer experience mapping.