Financial Relief for U.S. Agencies During The Coronavirus Crisis


This act provides over $350 billion in financial relief for U.S. To be very clear: if you are an agency or even a sole proprietor, whether or not you’ve been immediately impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, we strongly recommend you make yourself aware of these programs. .

Crisis & Reputation Management Top Financial Services Concerns

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Financial Services PR execs and agencies are still struggling to combat an industry peppered with regular fines, lawsuits and other scandals. Online PR crisis financial services management online online PR reputation

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What’s working for financial comms during COVID-19

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This public health crisis is also threatening markets and investment portfolios. Among them are messages from investment firms and financial advisors seeking to assure recipients that things are under control.

#measurePR Recap (April 2017): Measuring Financial Communications

Waxing UnLyrical

The April #measurePR chat fell the Thursday before Tax Day, so Shonali invited some of PR’s best financial communications pros with measurement advice for everyone—from those just starting out to seasoned pros. Shonali asked how financial PR and IR differ when it comes to the practice of PR.

Crisis Marathon “Mile Marker:” Be Like Nurses. Be Like Doctors.

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Financial crisis – Sadly, not sure if any leaders emerged there. As it pertains to crisis response, we want to recognize the front-line health care providers (i.e., clothes, materials), we encourage you to take a closer look at how these heroes act during a crisis.

Kraft Heinz grapples with botched financial results and CMO departure

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The company recently admitted in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that some of its employees fabricated transactions surrounding procurement and suppliers, which will cause Kraft to resubmit its financial results for 2016 and 2017 and reevaluate its 2018 numbers.

COVID 19 and Crisis Communications

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All good PR pros know you can be both reassuring and completely honest in a crisis- and in fact, the latter plays an important role in the former.” – Kellye Crane, Crane Communications. It’s full-on Crisis Communications mode for those of us who specialize in such things.

5 sensible ways to help clients during the coronavirus crisis

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We m5ght be dealing with confinement or anxiety but it’s our job to help clients and their audiences through get this crisis as calmly as possible. When we tackle crisis situations, we usually have the advantage of objectivity. My public relations firm specializes in financial services.

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9 Years after the Financial Crisis, the PR Industry in the United States Continues Its Slow but Steady Recovery Process


The post 9 Years after the Financial Crisis, the PR Industry in the United States Continues Its Slow but Steady Recovery Process appeared first on Prowly Magazine. One of the key indicators of sector strength, job growth in the U.S.

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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Your crisis communications should be able to lean on your past record. Context proves an organization’s resilience, its ability to navigate rough seas and manage through a crisis. In short, there was a crisis of faith.

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What Shadow Banking Means for Your Financial Services PR Program

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Financial services, as an industry umbrella term, includes personal finance, M&A, credit card related services, and robo advisors—just to name a few. What does Shadow Banking mean for a financial PR program? The Rise of Shadow Banking.

3 steps for protecting your organization from a crisis

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Both Volkswagen and Enron have been on the receiving end of a public relations crisis. No company is ever immune to a crisis, but the way in which they react to one when it strikes is perhaps the most important strategy in the business handbook. Establish a crisis communication team.

Crisis 167

4 lessons from a mismanaged crisis response

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This column is called “How We Did It,” but because we learn more from mistakes than successes, I wanted to share my failure handling a crisis when I was the chief communications officer at GE. I didn’t seek outside help: A financial firm would have helped with the workload and strategy.

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Walmart KOs violent-video displays but keeps guns, Uber spins bad financials, and blackface at Belgium’s Africa Museum draws ire

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billion during this year’s second quarter—which, besides Kraft Heinz, General Electric and Newell Brands—is more than the remaining S&P 500 companies lost within their entire 2018 financial year reporting.

How Franklin Mutual Insurance adjusted messages for the COVID-19 crisis

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The insurance provider had to pivot from planned outreach during the health care crisis to find ways to bring everyone together. Should they go ahead with campaign they had been planning—or should they throw out their plans and try to address the crisis in the moment?

How short-term and long-term crisis responses require different mindsets

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Modern crisis management and mitigation have become exceedingly complex. When I started in this business in 2000, after practicing law for nine years, crisis was purely reactive,” says Harlan Loeb, chair for crisis and reputation risk advisory services at Edelman.

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The COVID crisis pushed shoppers to switch retailers and brands—why many won’t go back

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New research from retail solutions firm Advantage Sales finds pandemic-driven out-of-stocks, growing safety and financial concerns, and changing values have spurred shoppers to try different retailers and […]. Covid-19 Public Relations crisis

Offense or defense in the current crisis? Both, advises Stagwell’s Ray Day

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The agency head urges all communicators to have one eye on the future as you manage the day-to-day crisis if you want staying power long past the current pandemic. As the chief communications officer at Ford during the 2008 financial crisis and a leader on the frontline during the Sept.

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2014: Year of the data breach

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Communication is crucial throughout any crisis – including data breaches. Data breaches were an unfortunate theme of 2014. Target, Home Depot and a dozen other companies are just a drop in the bucket, all of whom are likely looking forward to putting this year in the rearview mirror.

How Wyndham Destinations changed tactics during the COVID-19 crisis

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These new partnerships are something the brand can lean on as it navigates its way back post-crisis, and they could be a dynamic part of its strategy long after COVID-19 has faded. The post How Wyndham Destinations changed tactics during the COVID-19 crisis appeared first on PR Daily.

When Designing Controls Around Your Crisis Communications, Don’t Do This!

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One of the challenges of communicating effectively in times of viral issue and crisis management is ensuring that your brand’s communications are consistent across every stakeholder group, region and department. Crisis Communication: Balancing Consistency with Delivery. *

PR Lessons From The Bungled Equifax Crisis

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Public relations people like to talk about anticipating or “getting in front of” a crisis; in fact, for a taste of a real-life crisis simulation, check out this stress-inducing story by The New York Times ‘ Sapna Maheshwari. Tap a crisis response leader.

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5 PR tips from Queen Elizabeth’s regal crisis communications plan

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In case you haven’t heard, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped down as senior royals, hope to become financially independent, and will be spending lots more time in Canada. The post 5 PR tips from Queen Elizabeth’s regal crisis communications plan appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations crisisI’m glued to my TV following all things Sussex.

4 steps to reduce a hospital social media crisis

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Altimeter defines a social media crisis as “a crisis issue that arises in or is amplified by social media and results in negative mainstream media coverage, a change in business processes, or financial loss.” Crisis Communications Health Care PR Social Media

In a crisis, beware the false memory phenomenon

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When responding to a crisis event, PR pros must be careful to avoid mental mistakes. This is an important question for brand managers to consider, particularly those weathering a crisis. The Crisis Response Index considered 80 companies (e.g.,

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Welcome Kevin Gaboury: LTPR’s New Intern

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It’s the New Year and that can only mean one thing: A new intern! Please help us welcome Kevin Gaboury to our team for the winter.

Astellas Pharma’s strong employee culture an antidote to the current crisis

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It’s a formidable responsibility that brings its own rewards and unique challenges amid this crisis. From her home in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, she takes us through a week in the life of the Astellas communications team: PR Daily: What’s a typical day like for you during this crisis?

Boy Scouts stresses youths’ safety amid vast sexual misconduct crisis

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RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. ” Financial protection. The post Boy Scouts stresses youths’ safety amid vast sexual misconduct crisis appeared first on PR Daily. Crisis Communications Boy Scouts of America

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Maintaining your Sales Pipeline during a Crisis


While there are bound to be some financial losses, acting now may make all the difference in your company’s ability to endure. We’ve compiled some considerations for maintaining sales during the crisis.

How your team’s on-scene crisis coverage boosts your brand

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It might sound counterintuitive, but crisis communication can be an opportunity to enhance a company’s reputation and not just a focus of serious corporate concern. Usually a company shifts into crisis mode when faced with significant accusations, customer harm or financial dire straits.

Crisis 128

Ideas for marketing telehealth in the COVID-19 crisis

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Still, even pre-COVID-19, healthcare costs were the biggest driver of consumers’ financial uncertainty, and have caused many consumers to delay care, according to Gartner research. This is the right thing to do during this crisis.

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3 ways PR pros can weather a crisis and come out on top

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When handled the right way, an outstanding crisis response can repair lost trust, diminish skepticism and bolster the organization’s image for what lies ahead. An employee should never learn about a crisis by seeing it in the media before they hear it from you,” Alderman says.

Crisis 160

How Carnival Cruise Lines Built a Resilient Brand After Crisis


Carnival’s strategy centered on four key components: addressing the incident, showing how they are addressing the incident, adding financial commitment to the incident and showing the changes to the media so they could see for themselves. Read the crisis communications white paper!

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The Challenges for Health Care Communicators as a New Normal Emerges From the COVID-19 Crisis


Thought Leadership coronavirus COVID-19 crisis commuincations Health Academy health care

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Crisis & Reputation Management on Boards’ Radar

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The 2016 Aon Global Risk Management Survey that polled CEOs, CFOs and risk managers ranked damage to brand and reputation as a top concern, displacing the financial and economic risks that have traditionally dominated this survey in the past. Crisis Readiness Tips.

WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis

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It’s an excellent example of simple ways you can connect and uplift audiences during the crisis. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Looking for more insight on how to address the current global crisis and lead your organization into a strong recovery?

Crisis 105

Lockdown letter: Communities respond to an inequitable crisis

Stephen Waddington

The crisis is having a devastating impact on financial capital but has led to a huge rise in social capital. The COVID-19 crisis is widening the socio-economic gap in the UK. We’re all working through our own version of the crisis.

In praise of the CIPR and PRCA leading PR industry in COVID-19 crisis response

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The CIPR and PRCA have done an exceptional job in leading the industry in its response to the COVID-19 crisis. The PRCA has created a taskforce of 50+ advisors to help members manage their agencies and organisations through the COVID-19 crisis.

How you can keep your organization relevant in the midst of a global crisis

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As the COVID-19 crisis has forced brand managers to abandon planned campaigns and find new ways to reach audiences, experts have looked into the past for guidance. Egan: Each marketer needs to address their individual role in this crisis and in the economy as a whole.

Crisis 150

Levi’s COVID-19 response, metrics to watch during the crisis, and why it’s time to consider TikTok

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Here’s a roundup of the week’s crisis communication news for communicators. Here are the top 10 tips and takeaways from the week ending April 24 taken from our Crisis Communications Daily newsletter. Look for metrics to guide your crisis response.