Financial Relief for U.S. Agencies During The Coronavirus Crisis


This act provides over $350 billion in financial relief for U.S. To be very clear: if you are an agency or even a sole proprietor, whether or not you’ve been immediately impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, we strongly recommend you make yourself aware of these programs. .

Crisis & Reputation Management Top Financial Services Concerns

The Proactive Report

Financial Services PR execs and agencies are still struggling to combat an industry peppered with regular fines, lawsuits and other scandals. Online PR crisis financial services management online online PR reputation

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#measurePR Recap (April 2017): Measuring Financial Communications

Waxing UnLyrical

The April #measurePR chat fell the Thursday before Tax Day, so Shonali invited some of PR’s best financial communications pros with measurement advice for everyone—from those just starting out to seasoned pros. Shonali asked how financial PR and IR differ when it comes to the practice of PR.

Kraft Heinz grapples with botched financial results and CMO departure

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The company recently admitted in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that some of its employees fabricated transactions surrounding procurement and suppliers, which will cause Kraft to resubmit its financial results for 2016 and 2017 and reevaluate its 2018 numbers.

COVID 19 and Crisis Communications

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All good PR pros know you can be both reassuring and completely honest in a crisis- and in fact, the latter plays an important role in the former.” – Kellye Crane, Crane Communications. It’s full-on Crisis Communications mode for those of us who specialize in such things.

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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Your crisis communications should be able to lean on your past record. Context proves an organization’s resilience, its ability to navigate rough seas and manage through a crisis. In short, there was a crisis of faith.

Crisis 106

Walmart KOs violent-video displays but keeps guns, Uber spins bad financials, and blackface at Belgium’s Africa Museum draws ire

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billion during this year’s second quarter—which, besides Kraft Heinz, General Electric and Newell Brands—is more than the remaining S&P 500 companies lost within their entire 2018 financial year reporting.

9 Years after the Financial Crisis, the PR Industry in the United States Continues Its Slow but Steady Recovery Process


The post 9 Years after the Financial Crisis, the PR Industry in the United States Continues Its Slow but Steady Recovery Process appeared first on Prowly Magazine. One of the key indicators of sector strength, job growth in the U.S.

What Shadow Banking Means for Your Financial Services PR Program

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Financial services, as an industry umbrella term, includes personal finance, M&A, credit card related services, and robo advisors—just to name a few. What does Shadow Banking mean for a financial PR program? The Rise of Shadow Banking.

Maintaining your Sales Pipeline during a Crisis


While there are bound to be some financial losses, acting now may make all the difference in your company’s ability to endure. We’ve compiled some considerations for maintaining sales during the crisis.

2014: Year of the data breach

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Communication is crucial throughout any crisis – including data breaches. Data breaches were an unfortunate theme of 2014. Target, Home Depot and a dozen other companies are just a drop in the bucket, all of whom are likely looking forward to putting this year in the rearview mirror.

PR Lessons From The Bungled Equifax Crisis

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Public relations people like to talk about anticipating or “getting in front of” a crisis; in fact, for a taste of a real-life crisis simulation, check out this stress-inducing story by The New York Times ‘ Sapna Maheshwari. Tap a crisis response leader.

Crisis 181

In a crisis, beware the false memory phenomenon

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When responding to a crisis event, PR pros must be careful to avoid mental mistakes. This is an important question for brand managers to consider, particularly those weathering a crisis. The Crisis Response Index considered 80 companies (e.g.,

Crisis 149

4 steps to reduce a hospital social media crisis

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Altimeter defines a social media crisis as “a crisis issue that arises in or is amplified by social media and results in negative mainstream media coverage, a change in business processes, or financial loss.” Crisis Communications Health Care PR Social Media

When Designing Controls Around Your Crisis Communications, Don’t Do This!

Melissa Agnes

One of the challenges of communicating effectively in times of viral issue and crisis management is ensuring that your brand’s communications are consistent across every stakeholder group, region and department. Crisis Communication: Balancing Consistency with Delivery. *

Boy Scouts stresses youths’ safety amid vast sexual misconduct crisis

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RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. ” Financial protection. The post Boy Scouts stresses youths’ safety amid vast sexual misconduct crisis appeared first on PR Daily. Crisis Communications Boy Scouts of America

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Welcome Kevin Gaboury: LTPR’s New Intern

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It’s the New Year and that can only mean one thing: A new intern! Please help us welcome Kevin Gaboury to our team for the winter.

3 ways PR pros can weather a crisis and come out on top

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When handled the right way, an outstanding crisis response can repair lost trust, diminish skepticism and bolster the organization’s image for what lies ahead. An employee should never learn about a crisis by seeing it in the media before they hear it from you,” Alderman says.

Crisis 167

5 PR tips from Queen Elizabeth’s regal crisis communications plan

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In case you haven’t heard, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped down as senior royals, hope to become financially independent, and will be spending lots more time in Canada. The post 5 PR tips from Queen Elizabeth’s regal crisis communications plan appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations crisisI’m glued to my TV following all things Sussex.

How Carnival Cruise Lines Built a Resilient Brand After Crisis


Carnival’s strategy centered on four key components: addressing the incident, showing how they are addressing the incident, adding financial commitment to the incident and showing the changes to the media so they could see for themselves. Read the crisis communications white paper!

Crisis 285

Crisis & Reputation Management on Boards’ Radar

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The 2016 Aon Global Risk Management Survey that polled CEOs, CFOs and risk managers ranked damage to brand and reputation as a top concern, displacing the financial and economic risks that have traditionally dominated this survey in the past. Crisis Readiness Tips.

Texas-Sized Crisis: 7 Steps to Communicating During a Disaster

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Texas-Sized Crisis: 7 Steps to Communicating During a Disaster. One of the best outcomes of thinking about a crisis before it happens is the chance to consider your credit union’s strategy in advance. Now is the time to deploy the crisis plan that your credit union has (hopefully!)

The Role of Marketing in a Crisis? Be More Human.

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What is the appropriate role of marketing in the midst of a crisis? There are no best practices in a crisis. It won't convince people that your preplanned webinar will help them in this time of crisis. Should you raise funds or donations for those being hurt by the crisis?

How your team’s on-scene crisis coverage boosts your brand

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It might sound counterintuitive, but crisis communication can be an opportunity to enhance a company’s reputation and not just a focus of serious corporate concern. Usually a company shifts into crisis mode when faced with significant accusations, customer harm or financial dire straits.

How sincerity is better than a generic response during a global crisis

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In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s better to address business challenges head on than to try to gloss over any shortcomings. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing businesses to shutter, as well as individuals to be hyperaware of their health habits and take shelter until the crisis is resolved. The cruise line ignored the pandemic, as well as the financial and health concerns that were looming for many.

How Facebook’s crisis response missed the mark

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As companies adapt to this new reality, PR professionals can learn a lot about how not to handle a crisis from Facebook’s mistakes. Time is of the essence when responding to a PR crisis in the social media age. Companies should have a “black box” for crisis situations.

Repairing Trust: Reputation Management and Crisis Communications

Shift Communications

How do we know what to fix in a PR crisis? In previous posts, we’ve shared the basic crisis triangle : Respond with knowledge, speed, and ownership. To develop a more effective crisis communications strategy, we need to understand trust. When a crisis occurs, it’s generally because of two very broad reasons: something we’ve said, or something we’ve done. What constitutes a crisis in each branch of trust, in each of the cores?

LTPR’s Casey Boggs to Present on Crisis Preparation at the Texas Bankers Association

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DON’T MESS WITH CRISIS. Boggs’s topic, “Preparing for a Hard Landing: Today’s Crisis PR 101,” will explore today’s crisis communications environment and how Texas banks can safeguard their financial institutions and their valuable reputations.

The Importance of Adaptive Response In The First Moments of Crisis Management

Melissa Agnes

Lou and I go into even more detail on this subject in episode #024 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast. A crisis is a change. For example, some threats might include: financial earnings, reputation, human life, or physical assets. Adaptive Crisis Response.

TCIP #059 – The Human Capital Component Of Crisis Management, With Sam Miller

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #059 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Sam Miller. Earlier this week, I published a #crisisready video that discusses the emotional factors that can quickly escalate an incident to crisis-level. Subscribe to the Crisis Intelligence Podcast!

Issue? Crisis? What’s The Difference and Why Is It Important?

Melissa Agnes

It’s a major mistake to treat issue and crisis as interchangeable terms. Issues can be the warning signs that a crisis is possible. And issue management can be regarded as a powerful tool for crisis prevention. The 8 key categories of issue management vs. crisis management.

Crisis 259

3 ways to plan for a crisis before it strikes

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The middle of a crisis is not the time to start forming your response strategy. Craft a proactive plan by following these tips from the experts speaking during the Crisis Communications Virtual Summit. Without leaving your desk, you’ll be prepared to conquer any crisis with ease.

Crisis 133

Memorial Sloan Kettering angers stakeholders with tepid crisis response

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According to an analysis by ProPublica and The New York Times, Baselga did not follow financial disclosure rules set by the American Association for Cancer Research when he was president of the group. What do you think of the hospital’s crisis response, PR Daily.

Crisis 128

3 crisis communications lessons from Southwest’s intrepid pilot

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Navy fighter pilot who safely landed a Boeing 737 in Philadelphia after a mid-air explosion took out one of its engines—also gave a master class in crisis communications at 190 mph. A good plan will identify a crisis team for making decisions and responding in an emergency situation.

How Facebook’s crisis response missed the mark

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As companies adapt to this new reality, PR professionals can learn a lot about how not to handle a crisis from Facebook’s mistakes. Time is of the essence when responding to a PR crisis in the social media age. Companies should have a “black box” for crisis situations.

Credit Union Times: CU Crisis Planning Essential

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The Credit Union Times interviewed CU crisis experts, including LT Public Relations ‘s Casey Boggs, for the August 31st cover story (below), “Credit Union Crisis Planning Essential.” ” If your financial institution is in need to safeguard itself and its reputation from potential issues, we’d welcome your outreach: Credit Union Crisis Planning Essential. You developed a crisis communications plan?’

When A Privacy Breach Is A PR Crisis: How To Avoid It

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For most of us, it would be awkward at the very least, but for a public figure or corporation, disclosure of private communications amounts to a full-blown public relations crisis. The unauthorized disclosure of private information is particularly tricky in crisis management terms.

5 crisis tips from ‘The Walking Dead’

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Not every incident is a crisis, but when it is, you must be prepared to handle it quickly. Here are crisis communications lessons that “The Walking Dead” teaches: 1. A few simple steps before the crisis make all the difference: · Cultivate relationships with partners in the community.

Crisis 124

Twitter in Crisis: 5 Things You Need To Know


As Gizmodo’s Kate Knibbs points out, Twitter isn’t in a death spiral because it’s not growing – it may just be going through a middle-age crisis. It is also a company under immense financial pressure to perform.

6 crisis lessons from Equifax’s data-breach response

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Equifax is a leading consumer credit reporting agency, responsible for safeguarding highly sensitive financial and other personal data for more than 800 million consumers and businesses globally. RELATED: Keep your cool in a crisis with these tips.]. How could this happen?

Data 130