Belgium transport minister steps down after document leak

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On Friday, Belgium’s transport minister, Jacqueline Galant, resigned after the surfacing of a confidential document detailing the government’s flawed airport security measures. RELATED: Keep cool in a crisis with these 13 tips.

How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


Verticals don’t matter; a B2B brand is just as likely as a B2C or nonprofit to face a crisis at some point. Establish a crisis communication plan now rather than later. Crisis management involves pre-crisis, mid-crisis and post-crisis phases.

Crisis 319

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How crisis comms fits into the business continuity plan

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When crisis strikes, communicators are responsible for being connectors and helping to keep stakeholders in the loop about response actions. RELATED: Stream our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference on March 31—without leaving your desk ]. The importance of practicing for a crisis.

Crisis 122

2017 Crisis Management That (Mostly) Worked

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Armchair PR experts get lots of mileage from critiquing crisis management by major brands and businesses this time of year. But what about the crisis situations that are handled well? It was beset with not one, but many reputation scandals this year, and the crisis isn’t yet over.

Keys to a successful global crisis communications response

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Communicators should bear in mind key cultural differences and adapt their crisis messages accordingly to engage a worldwide workforce. The need for speed is ever present in the midst of a crisis. The keys to success of any crisis response?

5 essential steps for communicating in a crisis

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Just as we began to adjust our home and work lives to this new, surreal reality, our country was rocked by another crisis. These measures will save time, one of the most precious resources during an unfolding crisis. Put a face to the crisis response.

5 “Must Include” Items for your Crisis Management Plan

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I often get asked the following question: What should we include in our organization’s crisis management plan? 5 important elements to include in your crisis plan. Not all incidents and issues escalate to crisis level. 3- Pre-approved crisis communication strategy and messaging.

What you should pack in your crisis communicator ‘go bag’?

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Here are some things crisis communicators should never leave home without. PR pros should take a similar approach to crisis communications. A true company crisis is something that impedes an organization’s ability to conduct business.

5-minute crisis comms


Or: how to begin your crisis communications plan in five minutes. It’s all about developing a crisis communications plan, one of those super-useful tasks we should all undertake, but somehow don’t get around to. You can adapt these as needed if a crisis occurs. “We

When communicating in a crisis, ask: Who says what, when and how?

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Crisis communication is different from any other type of communication due to the urgency of the situation. There are three crucial aspects of crisis communication: Who sends and receives the messages. All of this should be documented and, ideally, tested before an actual crisis hits.

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Does Your Crisis Scenario Plan Need Some Love?


Yet, this is our world today and our “new normal” as communicators and crisis management teams. Open that document up and marvel at your smarts! And, that they are fully briefed on their role within your crisis plan. Best Practices Featured crisis communications crisis planning

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Boy Scouts stresses youths’ safety amid vast sexual misconduct crisis

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She reviewed 72 years’ worth of documents, from 1944 to 2016, and said they contained the names of 7,819 “perpetrators.” RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. Crisis Communications Boy Scouts of America

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8 Steps to Create the Ultimate Crisis Communication Plan


Without a crisis communication plan in place to stop threats from escalating to crises, brands often fail to save their reputations from becoming tarnished. Want to learn how to crush a crisis before it begins? Peter advises implementing these eight steps into your crisis communication plan: 1. Identify Influencers. Consistent monitoring allows you to see the crisis coming if you look for it. 7. Integrate Your Overall Corporate Crisis Plan.

What comms solutions providers can offer during this crisis

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What tools and services are helpful during this crisis? Capital Partners LLC: “ A special team that deals with crisis management on the ground in every location where we do business. Jason Etter, Staffbase: “ Crisis management has been a huge part of Staffbase.

How the de Young Museum’s crisis plan saved its exhibition

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What does it look like when a crisis response plan does its job? Most of the time, we notice a crisis only when the plan fails to stop the negative headlines. FREE GUIDE: 3 things you (probably) didn't know about crisis communications ].

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Lesson From Facebook: 5 Tips on Handling Crisis Communications

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Crisis communications is the opposite of traditional public relations and involves putting out a “ fire ” of some sort. In most cases when a company is faced with a crisis they often mess up the initial response.

How to Develop a Strong and Practical Crisis Management Governance Model

Melissa Agnes

Your crisis management governance model serves as one of the foundational elements of your entire crisis management program. It defines everything from the structure, roles and responsibilities of your crisis team, straight through to your internal escalation process.

Prioritize your crisis communications plan—today

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You are a first responder of sorts, so the onus is on you to be prepared for a crisis. FREE GUIDE: Keep your cool in a crisis with these 13 tips.]. Hard copies of emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications plan. Forms for documenting events as they unfold.

When A Privacy Breach Is A PR Crisis: How To Avoid It

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For most of us, it would be awkward at the very least, but for a public figure or corporation, disclosure of private communications amounts to a full-blown public relations crisis. The unauthorized disclosure of private information is particularly tricky in crisis management terms.

Crisis Communications & Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan


To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when “it” hits the fan. How long does it take your organization to send out your first official public statement or news release when a crisis happens? With greater frequency, they are also broadcasting your crisis live on Facebook or Periscope. Hence, any decision they make regarding the crisis and the communications around it, is a flawed decision.

Get ready now: 3 crisis PR tips

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Most communicators believe they’re ready for a crisis, but many work with outdated crisis plans that don’t facilitate the real-time response required in the split-second world of social media. Here are three ways to bring your crisis preparedness up to speed: 1. Name and train your crisis team now. Don't show up thinking you’re ready for a crisis,” says Michael Neuwirth, senior PR director at Dannon. That begins with identifying the crisis team.

5 ways to overcome a reputational crisis

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But until the college experienced a yearlong whirlwind of bad news and a federal civil rights investigation, it hadn’t really felt the trauma of full reputational crisis. Do the right thing: Preserving reputation through a year-long crisis. ,” Reese tells how Lehigh marshaled its strengths and confidence in its mission to overcome an emergency that threatened to cause serious damage. The crisis didn’t seem like much of a threat to Lehigh at first. Document your values.

Anticipate a crisis with better client communication

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The New York Times ' article How the Internet is Loosening our Grip on the Truth discusses a familiar challenge for many PR pros: In a crisis, how do I cut through the noise and verify fact from fiction? Anticipating problems is paramount to successful PR in 2016.

3 things every organization should do before a crisis strikes

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If managed especially well, few outside your crisis response team will even know anything happened. A carefully compiled crisis communication guide can literally save your business when the inevitable occurs. If you're anxious because you don't have an up-to-date crisis guide, it's OK.

Crisis 121

Monitoring Panama Papers Global PR Crisis


million documents and 2.6 In the United States, most Americans are focused on the presidential election, but the rest of the world is reeling from the biggest corporate data leak in history that is being called the Panama Papers. How much data has been leaked? A lot. We are talking about 11.5

Why and how to craft an internal comms crisis plan

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They send out strategic emails, work closely with PR and legal teams, and do all they can to mitigate the crisis—but are company leaders doing enough to communicate with employees? In a crisis, you need your employees lending support. You must have a plan in place before a crisis hits.

Don’t Forget To Include These Resources In Your Crisis Management Plan!

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The resource section of your crisis management plan is an important aspect of your crisis preparedness program. What are some helpful resources you’ve included in your crisis plan? I’ll start… Looking To Hire A Crisis Management Keynote Speaker?

3 crisis lessons from USA Gymnastics’ leadership struggle

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FREE GUIDE: 3 things you (probably) didn't know about crisis communications ]. 28 on allegations that he had ordered the removal of documents from a national team training center in the county after learning that an investigation had begun into Nassar’s behavior at the site.

TCIP #054 – Communicating with Crisis-Affected Communities with Claudia Liute

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #054 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Claudia Liute. Claudia is a humanitarian who works on the ground in some very hostile and conflicted crisis-affected communities. This, unfortunately runs true on many levels of crisis management, not just in humanitarian work. This must all be done swiftly and effectively as timely communications are of equal importance in times of crisis. Documents mentioned in podcast.

Sony’s Shifting Crisis

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But this crisis is different than others. I spent 11 years at the agency that advised J&J during the Tylenol crisis, and before that had represented Pepsi when it had to deal with some nut job placing syringes in the beverage maker’s vaunted cans.

Mylan’s ‘murky math’ fuels EpiPen PR crisis

PR Daily said Bresch “low-balled” profits and reported that committee members had requested additional information: The committee demanded internal documents last week that would show just how much, exactly, Mylan profits off of EpiPen.

Planning for the Post-Coronavirus Road Ahead


As a discipline, crisis management is categorized into three phases: pre-crisis (which involves prevention and preparation); crisis response; and post-crisis (evaluation and preparation). Keeping a record gives us a valuable resource for future crisis planning.

Top 3 Things to Resolve Before a Crisis Strikes

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If managed especially well, few outside your crisis response team will even know something happened. A carefully compiled crisis communications guide can literally save your business when the inevitable occurs. Create a chart listing the key contacts in the event of a crisis.

What you should pack in your crisis communicator ‘go bag’?

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PR pros should take a similar approach to crisis communications. A true company crisis is something that impedes an organization’s ability to conduct business. A crisis may be operational (your product malfunctions), but a crisis can also be reputational (a high-profile investor is named in a scandalous lawsuit). Appropriately measured and responsive crisis communications are often key in mitigating damage, and having a plan in place saves time, money and your sanity.

How to accelerate your online response when a crisis hits

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To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when "it" hits the fan. How long does it take your organization to send out your first official public statement or news release when a crisis happens?

Facebook fires back at NYT over the platform’s crisis response

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FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. Facebook reportedly hiring a crisis PR company to link Facebook critics to George Soros is the real jaw-dropper. For ppl asking - Definers shared a narrow document about an anti-Facebook group's funding.

What’s Your Social Crisis Protocol?


The attacks on Paris and in Orlando quickly became a social crisis. We wanted to be sensitive to the crisis happening around us, and we needed to act fast—but at time of the Paris attacks, there was no formal protocol or process in place. Geben’s (New) Social Crisis Protocol.

New Fronts in Crisis Management

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There are simply too many other “media” to neutralize even the most shocking, well-documented news report. There was a day not too long ago when a growing media storm served as the primary catalyst to spur a company’s crisis team into action.

Coke fights back against allegations of dishonest marketing

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That’s the allegation being made by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) after it completed an analysis of internal documents from two different Coke ad campaigns promoted in 2013 and 2016. Analysis Public Relations crisis

Maximising resilience of health and well-being assets in crisis situations

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The following is the result of our subsequent shared musings concerning the impact of crisis situations on the health and well-being of public relations practitioners. Trouble is, if you haven’t experienced a crisis you have no idea how exhausting it is when you start your plan.