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Boyd Gaming lays off 2,500 employees, Apple asks retail employees to WFH, and earned media drives 88% of consumers to websites

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All three tweets showcase different (and simple) ways you can take advantage of a national “holiday” to spread awareness, promote your products and services or capture attention and engagement. Here are today’s top stories: Boyd Gaming lays off 2,500 employees. The company, which owns and operates 10 casinos in Las Vegas, announced job cuts affecting at least 25% of its workforce—or roughly 2,500 employees. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

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A crisis situation presents abundant challenges for public relations and business leaders, not the least of which are the critical first communications. Five crisis PR first responses. Within four days, amid a public and media reaction and a deepening crisis, CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched an apology tour with social posts, a more contrite and complete news statement, and TV interviews. See this fascinating Wired article for a deeper peek into the inner mechanisms of crisis PR.

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Follow these 8 steps to prepare for a crisis

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Preserving your reputation is vital. Crisis preparedness is important, but is it essential? Unfortunately, the experience of managing a real-life crisis prompts many organizations to finally begin preparing for the next potential disaster. Developing the gold standard for crisis readiness is more than a robust plan or even sporadic trainings and simulations. How, though do you shift mindsets and take the essential steps needed for effective crisis management?

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Lockdown lovehandles? Curb your heuristic impulses and guard your reputation

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Given the ‘follow factor’ of the unconscious opinion, it’s made me realise that what other people say about you, your product/service or your business is the most powerful trigger. That instant ‘warm recall’ of a product/service or a company that puts a smile on someone’s face, and creates loyal, returning or new customers is surely the holy grail of reputation. Next on the list is your customers. So, did you delight or dismay your customers?

Managing the Aftermath of a Digital PR Crisis


The latter includes direct, continual contact with fans and customers. However, when mistakes are made, all of those benefits can act against the brand, amplifying a momentary lapse and creating a monumental PR crisis. Let’s take a look at how brands should use the tools available on social media to mitigate a PR crisis and move forward to re-establish the brand’s reputation. Brands need to have a vibrant and active social media presence today.

Three Steps to Successful Crisis Communication

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Crisis communication is one of the most important aspects of your crisis management. In fact, whom you communicate with in a crisis, along with when and how you communicate with them, can mean the difference between successful crisis management and crisis management failure. So if this is the case, how can you ensure effective and successful communication with your stakeholders in a crisis? Customers / clients. Employees.

United changes course on employee ‘lottery’ after backlash

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Fierce criticism caused United Airlines to put the brakes on a lottery system meant to replace its current employee bonus program. On March 2, United president Scott Kirby sent an email to employees announcing he was swapping quarterly bonuses for a lottery-based program called “core4 Score Rewards.”. The core4 program Kirby referenced is designed to make employees at United a more caring lot as they carry out their daily duties at the airline.

Defuse a crisis in 9 steps

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If you lose reputation, I will be ruthless.". Today, reputation management is only as good as an organization''s search results. If your operations are solid, you have a responsive customer service team, and you run things ethically, the rest will sort itself out. But you should handle reputation management with the utmost care. Reputation management requires communication. Prevent an issue from becoming a crisis. An employee could.

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Credit Union Times: CU Crisis Planning Essential

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The Credit Union Times interviewed CU crisis experts, including LT Public Relations ‘s Casey Boggs, for the August 31st cover story (below), “Credit Union Crisis Planning Essential.” ” If your financial institution is in need to safeguard itself and its reputation from potential issues, we’d welcome your outreach: Credit Union Crisis Planning Essential. You developed a crisis communications plan?’

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

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Stuart Bruce speaking at the IATA Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age conference. (c) This morning I gave a keynote at the global ‘Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age’ conference in Istanbul. The motion was “You don’t need compliance rules when your employees have social media.” Employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, regulators on social media will see through your shield and expose you. Doing right by your employees.

Spirit Airline’s passenger brawl, labor dispute deliver punch to reputation

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Writing a crisis comms plan for your organization? Here’s a scenario to add your list of PR nightmares: a labor dispute, a lawsuit against an employees’ union, a customer brawl and social media thrashing—all rolled together. The airline won a legal—if not reputational—battle Tuesday when a federal court issued a temporary restraining order barring pilots from interfering with Spirit’s operations. RELATED : Keep your cool in a crisis with these 13 tips.].

4 tips to prepare for and mitigate a crisis

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These days, every company is on the brink of a crisis. It could come in the form of a manufacturing mistake, security breach, contaminated food item, rogue employee or—as we’ve seen in the news more frequently in recent months—an executive-level misdeed. In the blink of an eye, crises have been known to ruin reputations, destabilize businesses, alienate customers and employees, and kill profits. Crisis mitigation shouldn’t be driven by ad-hoc decisions.

These Smart Social Media Tactics Will Help You Prevent A Crisis

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Editor’s Note: This is a great blog post that gives you an overview of what you can do, right now, to prevent a crisis. However, if you would like to learn more about each specific tactic, I invite you to listen to episode #015 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast , where Chris and I discuss the “how to’s” and “must do’s” of each of these three tactics – and more! . But, are they a crisis? How to avoid a public relations crisis.

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5 ways brand managers can avoid a social media crisis

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However, brand managers can navigate the sometimes-rocky seas of online interaction and avoid social media crises of their own by following these suggestions: [ RELATED: Make sure your company''s crisis plan is all it can be by joining our crisis communications webcast. ]. Depending on the brand, employee coverage across social media profiles doesn’t have to be extensive. After all, brand managers never want to offend loyal customers.

Follow these 8 steps to prepare for a crisis

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Crisis preparedness is important, but is it essential? Unfortunately, the experience of managing a real-life crisis prompts many organizations to finally begin preparing for the next potential disaster. Developing the gold standard for crisis readiness is more than a robust plan or even sporadic trainings and simulations. It begins with a mindset change—companywide—toward realizing that reputation is a crucial asset and a key consideration in every decision.

What American Airlines’ crisis response can teach brand managers

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American Airlines seems to have learned—largely from United Airlines’ recent tone-deaf response—what not to do in a crisis. An employee comes into the frame and the male passenger says, “You do that to me and I'll knock you flat.” The employee repeats, “Hit me,” and the passenger says, “I'll knock you out.” The captain pulls the employee away. What we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers. Focus on reputation management.

The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

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In today’s volatile media and social environment, brand reputation is fragile. But when it comes to most types of reputation crises, they are decidedly unwelcome. According to the World Economic Forum , more than twenty-five percent of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its brand reputation. So how should brands prepare for an unknown, uncontrollable event that could impugn its reputation? How To Spot The Most Dangerous Reputation Threats.

Target, others to close for Easter Sunday, Home Depot stops selling N95 masks, and AdCouncil’s #AloneTogether PSAs

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Good morning, communicators: The Ad Council developed several public service announcements in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Read about our plans to limit customers in stores and continue to reinforce social and physical distancing.

How Southwest Airlines creates meaningful, memorable content

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The delightful customer service caper trended on Twitter and earned widespread media coverage. He says the airline pours social media content into three buckets: Transactional content is used to provoke customer action, such as fare sales. Operational content communicates information or updates to customers. Reputational content is meant to enhance brand perception and customer experience. Crisis Communications Internal Communications Social Media

Businesses close for global climate protests, Facebook’s new ad formats, and major brand communicators offer storytelling lessons

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Good morning PR pros: Employees are making headlines around the world as young people are walking off the job to protest climate change. Other major companies are promising change, but employees say the changes don’t go far enough. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has promised to follow the Paris climate agreement, but employees say it’s not enough. Amazon walks back plan to ax some customer service roles. Related reading: Most employees believe workers should speak out.

Air Canada lays off 5,100 as Domino’s prepares to hire 10K, Facebook grapples with deleting misinformation, and studios release films early

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Here are today’s top stories: Air Canada lays of 5,100 employees as Domino’s hires 10K. Air Canada announced it was temporarily laying off 5,100 of its employees. CNBC reported : The company is looking for delivery drivers, pizza makers, customer service representatives, managers and licensed truck drivers for its supply chain centers. The fundamentals of good PR are more crucial than ever for dealing with the current crisis.

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Organizations remember Kobe Bryant, internet brims with rising ad spending, and Amazon workers speak out

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It’s another reminder to be cautious and ready to respond (or go silent) in an unforeseen crisis. Amazon employees speak out on climate change. The blog post was published through Amazon’s advocacy group, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice.

Businesses Should Fight Back Against Online Attacks

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Social media and online reviews bring an incredible new level of accountability to the customer service equation. The internet enables consumers to reach out to companies and service providers in brand new ways, and I believe the transparency that exists because of these online tools is a great thing for commerce. They let her know that they weren’t going to be bullied and that her treatment of not only Delta employees, but the airline’s other customers, was inappropriate.

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Twitter mourns Mr. Peanut, Coca-Cola won’t give up plastic, and Hallmark Channel chief steps down

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Also: Microsoft data breach exposes 250 million customer support records, Apple remains Fortune’s most-admired company, podcasting pitfalls to avoid, and more. The organizations were chosen based on several elements that boost both their reputations and bottom lines.

An Uber bot blunder and a Chase ‘motivational’ gaffe yield key lessons

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In Uber’s case, a loophole in the code for its customer service reply bot allowed a Twitter user to trick the program into posting a racial slur. For Chase, a human user tried to jump on a hashtag trend, but instead offended some customers. RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. Uber found itself in hot water after a Twitter troll was able to trick its customer service reply bot into posting the n-word.

The Public Apology: Make the Most Out of “I’m Sorry”

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PR professionals who work for brands or celebrities have the task of maintaining the reputation of popular people or companies that exist under the scrutiny of the public eye. Wells Fargo has recently been the center of a media storm following the revelation that company employees opened up millions of false accounts without customer approval. I want to apologize for violating the trust our customers have invested in Wells Fargo.

The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


The flipside of earned media is owned media: publishing content on brand-owned channels such as a customer-facing blog, Medium publication, and the like. Corporate communicators regularly work with stakeholders across the organization to develop and distribute pertinent info to employees and key affiliates. Internal communicators must be savvy enough to turn dry content like company policies into info employees actually want to read. the eyes of customers or journalists.

7 Aretha Franklin quotations to inspire PR pros

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Employees often are the largest sources of interesting stories about your brand. Consumers on social media offer a plethora of feedback, including what they love (and despise) about your products and services. Effective crisis communications don’t take the easy way out.

Putting the public in public relations: PR is everyone’s job

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Almost any consumer-facing company has had an unhappy customer or two (or more), but the difference between pre-social media and post-social media is the amount of attention any one interaction can have. Small issues—like a squashed burger or fast food that doesn’t quite look like the promotional pictures—might elicit a chuckle or two and receive some level of viral attention, but they are unlikely to rise to a level of even minor crisis.

Listen, Then Speak: 10 Quotes on Social Media Listening


ET, Neal Schaffer, Jay Baer, Jeff Bullas, Mark Schaefer and Scott Stratten will convene at the “ Practice Listening: From Competitors to Customers ” webinar. Each influencer will explore how to tune into key audiences to strengthen your brand’s reputation, cultivate stronger relationships on social and prosper from past challenges. Listening to customers is more important than it’s ever been because their feedback is manifestly public where it’s historically been private.

United Airlines: When Common Practices Goes Bad

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The events of the passenger ejection from a United Airlines flight that have nearly broken the internet serve as a reminder that despite all the anxiety in boardrooms across America about a rogue White House tweet, a good old fashioned reputational crisis is usually something you’ve earned for yourself. This situation seemed to flip the script, where the bad behavior came from the employee , not the passenger.

5 ways internal content can boost your brand

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Here are five ways the content you push out to employees can also affect your consumers and your overall brand: 1. Unifying PR, marketing and customer service efforts. It’s a waste of time and money when a company’s PR, marketing and customer service team don’t work together, and often the separate departments’ efforts are redundant or less effective due to a lack of communication. Empowering employees to tell brand stories.

PR lessons from the social media hoax targeting Starbucks

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An Atlanta-area Starbucks closed after it received phone threats and the parent company was unable to convince some that a social media post claiming to be from a disgruntled Starbucks employee was a hoax. reported on the faux Facebook posts: The admissions from a Starbucks employee were apparently too revolting not to share. Starbucks’ response was intended to reassure its customers and the public at large. FREE DOWNLOAD: Keep your cool in a crisis with these 13 tips. ].

Pandemic and Your Brand: Time to Communicate

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Upon reaching VRBO on the phone, the customer service representative reminded me that I would normally have forfeited the entire cost of my trip, but the platform was encouraging its property owners to give full refunds for rentals impacted by COVID-19. As I was sitting on the phone waiting for VRBO, the reputation manager in me was running scenarios. If you are delivering products or services differently than usual (which we all are, right?)

7 Signs Your Company Is Ready To Step Up Its PR

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These early arrangements can include a junior in-house employee or possibly a “shared” situation where the PR function is wedged into marketing or even customer service. When considering an agency to handle reputation management and media relations for a company, consider these signs as indicators of the need to boost PR efforts. A company crisis is looming. At a certain point, most small businesses outgrow their first forays into public relations.

How Airlines Like Delta Hold Parents Hostage

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CSR #customer. In my recent history, US Air pulled the same page from the airline customer service playbook, albeit my daughter was even younger then. American Airlines too has earned a reputation for targeting parents. She resented it because it put her – an employee – in the crossfire of a rightfully upset parent, but left her few options to deal with it. The airlines have been systematic in the pursuit of driving revenue by making their customers miserable.

Delta rolls out diversity training for flight crews

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As airline crews increasingly are facing tension-filled interactions with passengers, Delta is working to ensure they don’t damage its reputation. In response to the situation, Delta issued a statement which read, in part: Delta's commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect of all of our customers worldwide is rooted deeply in our company’s values and culture. RELATED: Keep your cool in a crisis with these tips.].

Why Do-It-Yourself Public Relations Is An Urban Legend


For a PR pro, publicity is just one small part of managing a company’s reputation. Sharing the pros and cons of holding regular town hall meetings with employees, or. If you don’t get back to them when you say you will, arrive unprepared for an interview or make claims you can’t substantiate, reputable journalists are unlikely to take your call a second time. If you search the phrase do-it-yourself public relations ,? Google returns over 27 million results.

20 key responsibilities for today’s PR pro

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The flipside of earned media is owned media: publishing content on brand-owned channels such as a customer-facing blog, Medium publication and the like. Corporate communicators regularly work with stakeholders across the organization to develop and distribute pertinent information to employees and key affiliates. Internal communicators must turn dry content such as company policies into messages that employees want to read. Crisis communications.

6 tips for monitoring and managing online reviews

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Online customer reviews can make or break an organization, even a relatively large one. Consumers trust customer reviews more than any other source of brand information except for recommendations from people they know, according to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report. They simply let them happen without responding to them, encouraging positive comments, or even monitoring them, unless a PR crisis erupts.