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Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce speaking at the IATA Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age conference. (c) This morning I gave a keynote at the global ‘Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age’ conference in Istanbul. I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. We’ll look at ethics and governance. The first and foremost for me is ethics and governance.

Walmart KOs violent-video displays but keeps guns, Uber spins bad financials, and blackface at Belgium’s Africa Museum draws ire

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We take responsibility for this lapse in judgment, and are working on an ethical action plan for upcoming events so that this will not happen in the future. RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. billion during this year’s second quarter—which, besides Kraft Heinz, General Electric and Newell Brands—is more than the remaining S&P 500 companies lost within their entire 2018 financial year reporting.


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Can energy companies like Exxon shed their image as polluters—and should PR pros help?

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The change is largely being driven by the financial upside, as investors are seeing big benefits to strategies that prioritize environmental conservation and social justice. That’s the goal for communicators like Henn who are pushing for PR agencies to make big changes to their portfolios. “We

Energy 127

4 proactive steps for preserving brand reputation

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RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ]. A survey of C-suite executives, investors and consumers from the United States and Canada found that 76% of C-suite respondents said they know about something in their corporate pasts that might conflict with today’s ethics and standards.

How Facebook’s crisis response missed the mark

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As companies adapt to this new reality, PR professionals can learn a lot about how not to handle a crisis from Facebook’s mistakes. Time is of the essence when responding to a PR crisis in the social media age. FREE GUIDE: 3 things you (probably) didn't know about crisis communications ]. Facebook, however, has a track record of not being forthcoming in crisis situations. Create an ethics board. Be an ethical trendsetter.

Companies walk a fine line when execs are ousted for ethics violations

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The prevailing crisis response in the #MeToo era is straightforward: Remove the liability. Several companies have ousted their CEO or other high-profile leaders due to “code of ethics violations,” veiled language that indicates a potential crisis for the company’s brand. Sometimes the employee’s departure doesn’t resolve the crisis, as was the case when Uber’s head of human resources was removed for failing to properly address discrimination complaints.

PR crises that have defined 2019

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There are four months left in 2019, but it already feels like we’ve witnessed a year’s worth of scandal and crisis. Have a crisis communications plan. Boeing and the 737 Max crisis. However, the crisis takes a special place on our list of 2019 crisis stories because of Boeing’s tone-deaf response to consumer concerns. The lesson for PR pros is that no amount of charitable work can make up for an enterprise that ethically falls short for consumers. .

Shake Shack returns $10M loan, P&G embraces marketing during COVID-19, and grocery employees get asked to wear masks

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Hello, communicators: Actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have partnered with Nocking Point Wines and Battle Creek Vineyards to launch “Quarantine Wine”—a drink in which 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. How are you highlighting this innovation in your communications? If this health crisis and the associated economic shock has taught us anything, it is that we are all in this together,” Garutti and Meyer wrote. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

How communicators can change their organization’s objectives

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However, it’s just a footnote in the decades-long battle communicators have been fighting to address the complexity of the American economy. The communicator’s role. Communication leaders are crucial to organizations that are taking on bigger societal problems, engaging diverse audiences and stakeholders and changing the way their companies do business. “It’s This is familiar ground for communicators in many organizations. . “In

Mattel’s gender-neutral dolls celebrate inclusivity, seniors stereotyped in ads, and eBay and WeWork execs depart

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As PR and marketing pros fight to attract consumers’ attention, what tactics do you consider underhanded or ethically shady? CEO departures in 2019, according to Challenger, more than at the same point in 2008 when the economy was embroiled in the financial crisis. Why you should care: Executive departures can plunge your organization into a reputational crisis, so prepare your holding statements and crisis response strategy well in advance. PR crisis?

Facebook launches ‘Privacy Checkup,’ most agencies offer social media services, and Starbucks closes 2,000 stores in China

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We wanted this year’s Super Bowl effort to not only raise awareness, but also financial support for the incredible research and innovative treatments happening at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, where Scout is still a patient. Why it matters: Along with responding swiftly in the face of a crisis, make sure your messages focus on the people affected by both the crisis and your actions. Are they a powerful communicator both externally and internally?

Snapchat’s redesign keys on UX, Mobile World Congress is canceled, and how one’s economic assessment skews by party

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Why you should care: Expect additional crisis responses from organizations that have locations in China or are handling large amounts of travelers. According to data from Pew Research Center , Republicans are much more likely to be positive about the economy and their financial future than Democrats are. FREE DOWNLOAD: 2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results ].

5 Strategies to Prevent Security Breaches

Reputation Us

Meanwhile, “Healthcare executives must consider another potent, and often more far-reaching risk of suffering a mega-breach,” explains Casey Boggs, president of LT Public Relations, a communications firm that specializes in healthcare, legal and crisis communications. Advance preparation and understanding can help your hospital manage a crisis. Strategy #2: Have a Crisis Communications Plan that Includes Social Media.

Volkswagen CEO is ‘deeply sorry’ to break public trust

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Someone at Volkswagen must have failed an ethics class as some point. Federal Clean Air Act and, according to The Wall Street Journal , “could face sizable financial penalties of up to $37,500 per car, or more than $18 billion.”. RELATED: Handle crisis communications calmly and effectively with these 13 tips. ]. What else could explain its egregious skirting of auto emissions standards?

Why legal trouble is just the tip of the iceberg

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Balancing the two can be the difference between a reputational crisis and a smooth outcome. FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. Shortly later, your company is slapped with a wrongful-termination lawsuit, with the former employee claiming he had knowledge of financial misdeeds that amounted to a Ponzi scheme. But it is largely legal, though not always ethical. Call for crisis help quickly. Journalists are generally an ethical bunch of folks.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Firing a Client

Shift Communications

If the agency and the client are on two different pages on how to engage with the media or how to handle crisis communications, the agency needs to beware. In those cases, the writing is on the wall that this isn’t a long-term match, especially if the client proposes something that would violate our ethics. Beyond the financial implications, don’t discount other elements of the agency-client relationship (see above) or how compelling YOUR approach to that story is.

Agency 106

Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Tackling fake news and disinformation: an ethical issue that strikes at the heart of practice 6. Vuelio named this blog the best PR and communications blog in 2019. A study called the Velvet Ghetto commissioned by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) first called out the gender pay gap in the PR profession in 1986. If you work in issues and crisis it can be especially acute. The web has overhauled organisational communication and marketing.

In-Housing Trend: What PR Agencies and Marketing Firms can Learn from Law Firms

Sword and the Script

In other words, corporate communications is adding headcount and work that used to go to outside PR firms is being kept inside. The housing crisis of 2008 spurred largely by risky loans and securitized mortgages, that both diversified the financial risk and cause us to collectively lose sight of where it was precisely, set off the most severe recession we’ve seen in a long time. I’d like to believe, PR agencies that specialized in crisis communications can identify here.

Agency 108

Event Marketing Is Back, Baby: Two Experiential Experts Examine The ‘Fearless Girl’ Campaign


To start, the launch of 'Fearless Girl' by agency McCann New York for its financial client, State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), generated 4.6 In those financial circles for the audience of investors that SSGA cared about, you have to be heroic – and 'Fearless Girl' transformed that client into heroes.”. AdWeek for its success in transforming “a financial brand into a paragon of corporate feminism.”.

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The four Ps of public relations leadership

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It was not that long ago (September 2014) that the World Public Relations Forum was held in Madrid where the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management , together with DIRCOM , the Spanish Association of Communication Directors, hosted more than 800 professionals from 65 countries to examine the theme of Communication with Conscience. Distance from an event lends a certain perspective, as we all know from our various war stories on crisis communication.

AT&T and Novartis doing damage control in light of Michael Cohen deals

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The companies made financial arrangements, through Donald Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen, to curry favor with the newly installed Trump administration, one devoid of traditional D.C. Along the way, they’re delivering positive and negative examples of crisis communication. Meanwhile, Novartis employees are angry over the drug giant’s financial entanglements with Cohen. FREE DOWNLOAD: 13 tips for preparing for a crisis ].