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Manage Your Reputation After a Fraud or Scandal: Tips For Handling the Media and Public Backlash

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In the process, your credit union’s reputation may take an unfortunate hit. Whether you are trying to manage a sensitive internal matter or a potential fraud situation, or navigating a public scandal, understanding what you can do before and after the incident can help protect your valuable reputation.

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Power of Crypto PR: Blockchain Projects with Strategic PR

Victorious PR

To establish trust and credibility, working with a reputable crypto PR agency becomes imperative. Crisis Management and Reputation Protection In the volatile crypto industry, unforeseen challenges and crises can arise at any time. This is where the expertise of a blockchain PR agency shine.

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Maxim Behar for the Polish Magazine PR Manager: Modern PR Globally

Maxim Behar

In the past, crisis management was very easy. To react quickly, you need to be perfectly prepared and go through often crisis management trainings. We used to do a big crisis simulation once a year, today we have such training with clients every two or three months. The primary market is where our customers work.

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#20: Building the bridge between infrastructure and data-driven media intelligence


I was thinking when we were first talking about brainstorming, what is now the crisis management feature on Spike. I mean, infrastructure is like the most local thing and the most global thing that you can imagine all at the same time. It’s local, because it literally becomes part of the world around you.

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