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Why You Should Hire a Crisis Communications Agency?


Having a crisis communication plan in place ahead of time reduces confusion, ensures an effective communication flow, and improves messaging timeliness during or after a crisis. The basics of good crisis communications are the same for every company. What causes a crisis to go viral?

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Global PR Trends And Practices In An Age Of Uncertainty

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Major organizations can be shaken by a careless tweet or a viral customer complaint. Any crisis communications team must be ready to respond at any hour to an escalating event, and that speed is vital. Corporate communication functions as the conscience for the business and as a vigilant lifeguard for the brand.”.

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The Sexy Allure Of Crisis Management Is Presenting Risk To Organizations

Melissa Agnes

Thanks to high-profile crises, viral issues, and fun television series like Scandal , crisis management is being seen more and more as a “sexy” and thrilling profession or service offering. Their current crisis management firm is not delivering practical deliverables.

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The Need to Serve, Protect — and 5 Steps to Communicate

Reputation Us

This month’s PR Week , a nationally recognized public relations magazine, highlighted the efforts that police departments across the country are making to connect with communities and address what it calls a “public perception crisis.”. Step #3: Develop a communications plan. Step #5: Put a crisis response plan in place.