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Should media relations wait during election season?

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Media relations is always challenging—but the 2020 fourth-quarter cycle may doom your client’s coverage. Building relationships with media gatekeepers. RELATED: Join us for our Writing & Content Creation for Communicators Virtual Workshop ].

5 keys to successful media relations right now

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The news media landscape remains in a state of flux, with the specter of COVID-19 still dominating coverage. RELATED: Learn how to plan and execute the communications needs that comprise the "next" normal ]. Think of your media relationships like you would your friendships.

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5 storytelling lessons from Square’s COVID-19 campaign

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Storytelling has become a buzzword in business communications. It’s the superpower wielded by communications pros that is the catalyst for headlines, digital content, social media posts and so much more. Here are five storytelling lessons from Square’s efforts: 1.

4 ways OKCupid handles media relations during COVID-19

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Finding stories in your data can lead to big earned media wins. Michael Kaye, global communications manager for OKCupid, says the amount of the platform’s members reporting that they’ve gone on a virtual date rose 473% in April, compared with March—and the trend is still growing. FREE REPORT: COVID-19's Impact on Communications ]. Yet, successfully navigating media relations efforts during this time of uncertainty requires communications savvy.

The importance of solid messaging and storytelling

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to deliver on communications goals has been a matter of life and death. In a morbid way, the pandemic has been a communicator’s dream. The initial message was well-received (relatively speaking) because it demanded a binary behaviour change (i.e. RELATED: Learn innovative strategies to ensure your content is resonating with audiences ]. And that media training you’ve been putting off?

How the pandemic has revealed a need for new comms skills

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McKinsey reported : Even before the current crisis, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills employees need to do them. So, what are the skills that have become crucial for PR pros over the last six months of intense crisis and disruption?

When is it OK for your brand to weigh in on breaking news?

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These last few months have seen coronavirus news dominate the media. In fact, in a Fractl analysis of over 23 million news articles , the last 5 months have seen close to 50% of online authors covering COVID-19 related content.

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5 tips to increase trust in the COVID-19 era

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COVID-19, economic uncertainty and social justice movements have elevated truth and transparency as communication prerequisites. This is especially the case in social media, where misinformation is rampant. Let a sense of service guide your communications, especially on social media.

How PR pros can lead the conversation during COVID-19

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While no business has a ready-made playbook to address the COVID-19 pandemic and all its implications, from health and economics to the acceleration of digitizing entire industries, public relations firms are well-equipped to push through it because they are used to working on the fly.

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Back to school for brands: Get “in shape” with a message triangle

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But those answers may surprise you because if you don’t clearly and consistently communicate the essence of your brand, you can’t expect external audiences to know. Kathleen Reynolds is a vice president with G&S Business Communications.

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Snapchat and Twitter prepare for Election Day, Kazakhstan takes after ‘Borat’, and Macy’s Santa goes virtual

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Also: McDonald’s social media manager gets real, Yandy drops controversial Halloween costumes, 28% of consumers will buy less holiday gifts, and more. Hello, communicators: . CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

What Tesla’s move to eliminate its PR department means for the industry

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The electric car company may have closed its press shop, but the communications function remains vital. It apparently decided it no longer needs a good relationship with the media. Every company is now a media company. RELATED: Join us Oct.

New Yorker suspends reporter for exposing himself on Zoom, CVS to hire 15,000 employees and 64% of consumers to holiday shop online during COVID-19

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Hello, communicators: . Danbury, Connecticut’s recent sense of humor brought fundraising and media coverage. Along with the New Yorker’s suspension, CNN said it gave Toobin time off to handle the crisis. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Richards Group founder resigns after racist remarks, Uber criticized for sending political app notifications and Barnes & Noble suffers security breach

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Hello, communicators: . Richards also issued an apology video to the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas, “whose Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations is named for him,” AdAge reported. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

KFC suspends ‘finger lickin’ good’ during COVID-19, McDonald’s introduces Spicy Chicken McNuggets, and personalized email pitches net 83% positive replies

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Hello, communicators: You can now purchase Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte , along with the chain’s Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew: Welcome home, Pumpkin. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. It’s a rule that has remained over the years, despite the increasingly crowded digital media landscape.

Deloitte closes UK offices in remote work shift, AMC Theaters highlight safety, and 31% of PR agencies see social media as top revenue driver

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Hello, communicators: . Spotify’s social media team started out the week by sharing the top songs streamed around the world from Oct. Consider the ways you can also share helpful information that subtly tie to your brand offerings on your social media profiles.

10 ways to get media attention during this pandemic

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Since the pandemic, news cycles and media consumption have shifted dramatically. Nielsen predicted media consumption would jump by 60% as a result of the pandemic. RELATED: Ragan's Back to the Workplace Guide ]. I recently moderated a virtual panel, “Earning the Legal Media’s Attention in Times of Crisis,” where I was joined by Bob Ambrogi, LawSites blogger and LawNext podcast host, and Zach Warren, editor-in-chief of Legaltech News.

5 racially offensive phrases PR pros must delete from their vocabulary

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The PR industry is charged with influencing and swaying media conversations on-air, online and in print. As we face this generations’ largest civil rights moment, it’s our duty and responsibility to ensure our communication and the professional counsel we provide are respectful and culturally sensitive. RELATED: Earn recognition for your content that captivated audiences ]. Toni Harrison is CEO of Etched Communication, A Ten35 Co.,

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Is humor the answer for getting consumers to wear a mask?

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Convincing people to wear a mask has proved difficult for communicators in the U.S. But how can communicators convince skeptical audiences? RELATED: Join us for Ragan's Future of Communications Virtual Conference ].

Facebook CMO steps down, Delta Airlines to block middle seats until 2021, and Netflix offers socially distanced ‘Stranger Things’ experience

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Hello, communicators: Katie Kern, partner at Media Frenzy Global, and Lee Deas, founder of Obviouslee, have founded a new cause called Agencies Act in Solidarity. The social media platform’s chief marketing officer, Antonio Lucio, announced that he’s leaving Facebook effective Sept.

How communicators can push for change on racial inequality

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Communicators may not be the most visible members of an organization, but deft hands can elicit extraordinary change. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, and a renewed conversation around race and equality in American society, communicators must push their organizations for accountability and transparent action. These are very different times,” says Danielle Veira, director of communications and engagement at A Better Chicago and executive director for ColorComm’s Chicago chapter.

Kraft pulls ‘send noodz’ campaign, IKEA asks for old furniture for #BuyBackFriday, and Facebook bans anti-vaccine ads

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Hello, communicators: . Kraft deleted the social media content around the campaign, but consumers’ tweets remain under the hashtag—and consumers are still criticizing the company in new social media posts. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Brands drop The Richards Group for racist remarks, Zoom launches events marketplace, and Wells Fargo fires 100 employees for abusing COVID-19 aid

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Hello, communicators: . Hormel will also donate one meal to Feeding America for each entry, up to 10,000 meals, and is also encouraging people to post the declicious masks on social media platforms under the #BreathableBacon hashtag. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. Looking for more insight on how to address the current global crisis and lead your organization into a strong recovery? CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. federal aid during the COVID-19 crisis.

PR pros need more than political correctness to survive

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If sunlight is the best disinfectant, then the wave of apologies and firings in the media should be great news for the public and the pursuit of truth. The changes in leadership positions at The New York Times, Refinery29, Philadelphia Inquirer, Bon Appetit and others, along with promises of more diversity and sensitivity in journalism, also signal major changes for the public relations industry. The media has changed for good, and for the common good.

Addressing diversity through mentorship and better communication

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Communicators can help their organizations have difficult conversations by being facilitators, creating safe forums, and by investing in mentorship programs. There have been countless messages of support, solidarity and concern on social media and digital platforms. Courtney Newell, founder and CEO of Crowned Marketing and Communication s, says that the first step is owning past missteps. Diverse communications are paramount.

Wells Fargo CEO apologizes for diversity comments, Uncle Ben’s rebrands as ‘Ben’s Original,’ and Walmart to hire 20,000 for digital-first holiday shopping

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Also: Citi reveals the economic cost of racism and racial inequality, Pinterest adds video storytelling pins, we share tools to drive social media success, and more. Hello, communicators: . A statement from our CEO regarding the recent media reports:

Should your brand speak up during a global crisis?

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If you’re facing confusion around whether your brand has something to say in the midst of a global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. A great example of this is a live digital event hosted by Business Insider where the CEOs from Chatbooks and Workboard shared tips for navigating remote teams during a crisis. Even if you don’t get any interest from editors, sharing your tips on your blog and social media can still go a long way.

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Universal Health Services scrambles after alleged ransomware attack, Japan Airlines removes gendered language and JPMorgan Chase’s WFH update

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Hello, communicators: Today is #NationalCoffeeDay, and brand managers have been crafting content in preparation: No matter how you celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay , we think you’re absolutely awesome! CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. Communicators, is your desk messy or clean?

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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Your crisis communications should be able to lean on your past record. Context proves an organization’s resilience, its ability to navigate rough seas and manage through a crisis. We counsel clients to complement empathetic, transparent and informative communications with tangible experiences and context to help audiences understand what the organization is made of—its character and values. In short, there was a crisis of faith.

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‘The Simpsons’ debuts with diversity pledge, Cream of Wheat drops Black chef in rebrand, and Amazon highlights SMB’s for Prime Day

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Hello, communicators: Amazon announced its Prime Day event, which will take place on Oct. The move was made without fanfare—social media handles for Fox TV and “The Simpsons” didn’t make any statements calling attention to the change—but the move has already received kudos in headlines.

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade goes virtual, Facebook launches climate change hub and Lego promises to eliminate plastic packaging

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Hello, communicators: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted a video PSA from actor and “certified young person” Paul Rudd touting masks: Certified young person Paul Rudd wants you to wear a mask. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Facebook launches ‘Business Suite,’ PepsiCo enters wellness market with drink to help sleep, and Barbados entices remote workers with 12-month visa

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Hello, communicators: Gretchen Goldman, research director in the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, tweeted a behind-the-scenes look at a recent interview with CNN : Just so I'm being honest. Facebook launches ‘Business Suite’ to help social media pros.

How your comms can mitigate disinformation

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Given the media landscape and our hyper-connectivity via social, digital and mobile media, the analogy is entirely appropriate. Though mis-, dis-, and mal-information all are related to the spread of harmful information, they each are separate and distinct. Yet, each serves to undermine trust, erode communication channels, and significantly disrupt our democracy, communities, economy and places of work. Government and media reform are essential…but they’re not assured.

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In a crisis, use the language of empathy, not legalese

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How do these notions relate to the banks? Instead, as those who’ve undergone media training know, the best answer is often to reframe the question. The post In a crisis, use the language of empathy, not legalese appeared first on PR Daily. COVID-19 Crisis Communications External Communications Leadership Communications Marketing Media Relations Storytelling The Workplace Writing & Editing

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Microsoft loses TikTok bid, Amazon to hire 100,000 employees, and Peeps won’t be on shelves for holidays

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Hello, communicators: Marketing cartoonist and author Tom Fishburne recently tweeted about the conundrum of measuring long-term branding efforts. Communicators, how do you help set expectations for your efforts? CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

How to adapt your crisis response for COVID-19 and beyond

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Though this crisis might feel different, traditional crisis communications best practices, like the TACOS method, are how communicators can best serve their communities. The definition of a crisis is a time of intense difficulty or trouble. If we accept the challenge, then the crisis will pass. Family comes first and it is this crisis that needs to be addressed deliberately and expeditiously by family leaders. Over-communicative.

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United Airlines to furlough 16,000 employees, Walmart creates virtual toy focus groups, and Facebook to block political ads the week before presidential elections

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Hello, communicators: The 77 th edition of La Biennale di Venezia, or the Venice Film Festival, premiered on Wednesday—the first in-person event for the film industry in six months. During this time of uncertainty, employee communications should be more human and transparent than ever before.

How to manage your COVID-19 response

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Top leaders share best practices for communicating through the ups and downs. As businesses close down and governments urge citizens to stay home, communicators in all sectors are being tasked with a crucial role. It’s a balancing act that highlights the essential value of the communications role and could forever change business operations in many industries. Mark Hendrickson, director of strategic communications and PR for Moffitt Cancer Center.

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Twitter tests ‘Quotes’ metric, Capital One fined $80M for data breach, and WarnerMedia execs leave in realignment

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The promotion is a recurring effort for the doughnut chain, but its messaging has been altered to fit the COVID-19 crisis. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

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Yelp launches alert to stand against racism, JPMorgan Chase commits $30B to advancing racial equality, and Slack launches short-form video feature

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Hello, communicators: . So far in 2020, we’ve seen a 133% increase in the number of media-fueled incidences on Yelp compared to the same time last year. Between May 26 and September 30, we placed more than 450 alerts on business pages that were either accused of, or the target of, racist behavior related to the Black Lives Matter movement. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

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