Crisis communication takeaways from Andrew Cuomo

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New York’s governor has earned plaudits for his leadership amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 communications as an example of how leaders should speak to the public during a crisis. The governor lacks flowery language and eloquent public speaking abilities, but his communication style helps calm the public and accurately inform audiences. Here are five keys to his communication success: Start with data.

Keys to a successful global crisis communications response

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Communicators should bear in mind key cultural differences and adapt their crisis messages accordingly to engage a worldwide workforce. The need for speed is ever present in the midst of a crisis. But when executing crisis communications plans globally, a blanket approach and rushed messaging can do more harm than good. The keys to success of any crisis response?

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How to manage and mitigate writing-related anxiety

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Many more of us deal with the very specific and fearsome monster of writing anxiety. You might also read the lovely memoir by Mark Saltzman, The Man in The Empty Boat , which outlines his prolonged struggle with writing anxiety. Use writing rituals.

Anatomy of a leadership video

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There’s a lot of talk about the need for leadership right now, and not just in political circles. Getting your own organization’s leaders talking—to employees, customers, media and the general public—has moved to the top of communicators’ to-do lists. Video is not always the best way to get out a leadership message, and it can backfire if your executive is uncomfortable in front of the camera. Write a good script.

Crisis Communications & Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan


To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when “it” hits the fan. Do you really want someone known as @shroomy0021 managing your corporate communications? How long does it take your organization to send out your first official public statement or news release when a crisis happens? With greater frequency, they are also broadcasting your crisis live on Facebook or Periscope. It’s time to face the music.

6 crisis communications lessons from the #YourTaxis failure

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VTA leadership shuttered the campaign after one week. As the Victorian Taxi Association collects its thoughts and works to move beyond this mess, there are lessons communicators can learn from these events. Your reputation will not improve until your product or service is as good as—or exceeds that of—your competitors, says Nicole Matejic, CEO of Info Ops HQ, writing for the Firebrand Ideas Ignition blog. “If

Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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I get what you are saying,” wrote Steve Snyder, the public utility’s head of communications, in an open letter to Jay-Z. Ylisela and Mark Ragan, founder of Chicago-based Ragan Communications , started to teach the concept of brand journalism in 2012. Sky writing.

10 creative ideas to emerge from COVID-19 ennui

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RELATED: Join us for our Google and SEO for Communicators Virtual Bootcamp ]. Write cards or even letters and drop them in the mail. Sue Horner is president of Get It Write.

How the pandemic has revealed a need for new comms skills

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McKinsey reported : Even before the current crisis, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills employees need to do them. So, what are the skills that have become crucial for PR pros over the last six months of intense crisis and disruption?

Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

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And communicators are doing a lot more of it, too. Brand storytelling has dramatically increased in both importance and volume over the last three months, likely driven by the communications urgency of the pandemic and associated crises of 2020.

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5 tips to increase trust in the COVID-19 era

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COVID-19, economic uncertainty and social justice movements have elevated truth and transparency as communication prerequisites. Here are some tips to help amplify your authentic communications online and beyond: 1.

How PR pros can lead the conversation during COVID-19

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It is crucial, however, to understand that slow and steady can win the race, even in times of crisis. That must be communicated to clients. Clients, as well as the broader public, will see right through opportunistic PR as crisis plagues the world.

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BuzzFeed to acquire HuffPost, YouTube launches audio ads, and Nintendo issues marketing rules for ‘Animal Crossing’

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Hello, communicators: As Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” continues to grow, more brands are hopping on the bandwaggon, through creating virtual clothing and artwork , interacting with players or sharing game-related content across social media platforms. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Back to school for brands: Get “in shape” with a message triangle

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But those answers may surprise you because if you don’t clearly and consistently communicate the essence of your brand, you can’t expect external audiences to know. Kathleen Reynolds is a vice president with G&S Business Communications.

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Carve Communications’ David Barkoe on staying positive for 2021

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This agency co-founder and CEO argues that while it might feel like the world has stopped spinning, communicators should look for the big opportunities that are just around the corner. Many organizations have struggled to preserve work culture amid the COVID-19 crisis.

6 ways your organization can transcend politics and help get out the vote

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Kim Clark is an affiliate consultant with Ragan Consulting Group and specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion communications, transforming work culture, and internal communications. Join her Conscious Communicators LinkedIn group here.

British Red Cross encourages engagement with social media press kit

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RELATED: Nominate the inspiring women you work with—or yourself—for our Top Women in Communications Awards ]. COVID-19 Crisis Communications Leadership Communications Marketing Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

Lowe’s new top communicator addresses tech, DE&I and the post-COVID era

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Here’s what Ben Boyd, VP of internal and external communications for the home improvement chain starting Oct. He’s been announced as the new top communicator for Lowe’s, leaving his role at BCW to take on a different kind of challenge, one that has him buzzing about the future.

KFC suspends ‘finger lickin’ good’ during COVID-19, McDonald’s introduces Spicy Chicken McNuggets, and personalized email pitches net 83% positive replies

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Hello, communicators: You can now purchase Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte , along with the chain’s Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew: Welcome home, Pumpkin. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Weigh in, communications pros: Who should "own" an organization's culture?

Chatbooks and Sam’s Club offer virtual Santa visits, HomeGoods to launch e-commerce site, and Google relaunches Pay app

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However, as the COVID-19 crisis continues, TJX is looking to get ahead of the competition and reach a new consumer base. ” Why it’s important: The COVID-19 crisis has hastened technology adoption and transformed consumer behaviors, but these shifted needs are here to stay.

Costco tightens mask policy, Deutsche Bank suggests WFH tax, and YouTube ditches its annual ‘Rewind’

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Hello, communicators: A pinned tweet from Rachel Moskowitz, audience development manager for USA Today , can serve as a reminder of the importance of work/life balance and wellbeing as communicators scramble to respond to continuing crises and uncertainty: Hey you.

The Gap deletes post-election tweet, ‘Baby Shark’ becomes most-watched YouTube video, and Snapchat adds follower counts

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Hello, communicators: “Baby Shark” has become YouTube’s most-viewed video in history, racking up more than 7.04 CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS.

5 racially offensive phrases PR pros must delete from their vocabulary

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As we face this generations’ largest civil rights moment, it’s our duty and responsibility to ensure our communication and the professional counsel we provide are respectful and culturally sensitive. What to say instead: Using “old rule,” “inherited” or “precedent” are options that might convey what you’re trying to communicate. Toni Harrison is CEO of Etched Communication, A Ten35 Co., Here are some options you can use in their place.

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When reporting your organization’s anti-racism efforts, make them ‘skimmable’

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20 Influencers Predict What Lies Ahead for Communicators in 2020

Garrett Public Relations

As we in communications and marketing look ahead to 2020, what can we expect? I asked 20 influencers to look into the future and share their thoughts on this question: “What lies ahead for communicators in 2020?” The post 20 Influencers Predict What Lies Ahead for Communicators in 2020 appeared first on PR Consultant Garrett Public Relations Columbus/Worthington OH. It’s the end of the decade – and what a decade it’s been.

Giving thanks for journalists and local news outlets in a difficult year of news reporting

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A brief note to my fellow journalists who write about covid and health… Your work bringing attention to long covid is essential. Brand Journalism Content Marketing COVID-19 Crisis Communications External Communications Leadership Communications Media Relations PR Industry

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The New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin, UPS makes uniform policy more inclusive, and NFL’s Houston Texans fires female PR head

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Hello, communicators: The National Football League’s Houston Texans are receiving blowback after firing the team’s vice president of communications, Amy Palcic. Your efforts—and crisis responses—should emphasize your organization’s mission and values. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

How companies can improve DE&I transparency and address past failures

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Both agreed that communicators have a special role—and responsibility—in continuously pushing for equality. Communicators must keep the momentum going and hold leaders accountable for promises made,” Flowers Welch says.

How podcasts offer new audiences during the pandemic

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The pandemic has changed every aspect of the way we communicate—narrowing and expanding channels as the weeks and months in quarantine slog on. The well-crafted podcast does something that many other forms of communication cannot: It builds trust and rapport between storyteller and audience.

How to engage anxious employees and forge a fresh culture amid COVID-19

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New research from McKinsey can help communicators keep workers feeling hopeful, valued, united and motivated. FREE GUIDE: 3 Proven Ways to Communicate with Employees During COVID-19 ]. To do so, McKinsey suggests: Making the focus of communication the well-being of workers, not work.

Snapchat and Twitter prepare for Election Day, Kazakhstan takes after ‘Borat’, and Macy’s Santa goes virtual

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Hello, communicators: . This holiday season, join @Macys in bringing joy back into a child’s life by writing your letter to Santa online at [link] or drop it off in stores thru 12/24. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

How communicators can push for change on racial inequality

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Communicators may not be the most visible members of an organization, but deft hands can elicit extraordinary change. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, and a renewed conversation around race and equality in American society, communicators must push their organizations for accountability and transparent action. These are very different times,” says Danielle Veira, director of communications and engagement at A Better Chicago and executive director for ColorComm’s Chicago chapter.

Why good comms practices are more important than ever

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How can communicators help their stakeholders and audiences through the current crisis around COVID-19? When looking to address the coronavirus outbreak, communicators are well-served by best practices that have been in place for years. Pitching relevant information to reporters, making sure your information is timely and accurate, and other time-honored traditions of the PR trade are even more important in a crisis. How can communicators combat the panic?

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3 tactics for building brand authority on social media

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A brand that people recognize can also appear authoritative in their communication, but those numbers change when we’re talking about brands no one has heard of. COVID-19 Crisis Communications PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

How to create a crisis plan in less than 30 minutes

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22 for our Change Communications Virtual Workshop ]. Engage the 30-minute crisis plan. We had 30 minutes to create a crisis plan. You’ll need to monitor the situation, and respond if more complaints come in, but you can be ready for a crisis in about 30 minutes.

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Facebook CMO steps down, Delta Airlines to block middle seats until 2021, and Netflix offers socially distanced ‘Stranger Things’ experience

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Hello, communicators: Katie Kern, partner at Media Frenzy Global, and Lee Deas, founder of Obviouslee, have founded a new cause called Agencies Act in Solidarity. He announced his resignation in a Facebook post, writing that it’s a “time for recokoning for the nation and my industry.”.

Richards Group founder resigns after racist remarks, Uber criticized for sending political app notifications and Barnes & Noble suffers security breach

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Hello, communicators: . Richards also issued an apology video to the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas, “whose Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations is named for him,” AdAge reported. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

8 rules for better communications during COVID-19

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I’ve been around long enough to have experienced previous upheavals like Y2K, 9/11, the “Dot Com” bubble and the 2008 global financial crisis. As the crisis unfolds, many reporters are being reassigned from their regular beats. To the previous point on pitching contributed articles to trade media, take extra care to make sure the reporters and editors you are targeting are still writing about other topics. Explore educational and thought leadership content.

7 timeless tactics to mitigate PR crisis damage

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What’s the cost of a PR crisis? Unfortunately, there’s no way to truly “crisis-proof” a corporation or brand, but there are seven steps you can take to protect your reputation and mitigate fallout. Crisis-proof your business first. Those are the scenarios that should be prioritized when planning a crisis response. Many armchair crisis experts will advise companies to have a crisis plan. Appoint a crisis response leader.

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Addressing diversity through mentorship and better communication

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Communicators can help their organizations have difficult conversations by being facilitators, creating safe forums, and by investing in mentorship programs. Courtney Newell, founder and CEO of Crowned Marketing and Communication s, says that the first step is owning past missteps. And it has to come from the leadership. It’s important for communications not to play it safe or to shy away from the messages that consumers are looking for in this cultural moment.