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How crisis communications has changed

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After a year of disruption and chaos, what about the practice of crisis communications is new and what’s the same as it ever was? After months of a global pandemic, racial justice protests and heaps of economic uncertainty, crisis communications has taken on new meaning.

4 proactive steps for preserving brand reputation

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RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ]. Communicators might feel like they have their hands full these days, given COVID-19, the related economic downturn and continuing issues around problems like cybersecurity. Do you know what skeletons are luring in your organizations’ closets?


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The importance of civility for brand reputation in 2020

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RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ]. And it’s that division that is a problem for brand managers and communicators. For many communicators, both internally and externally, “empathy” is going to be the watchword for the coming year.

Crisis Communications & Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan


To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when “it” hits the fan. Do you really want someone known as @shroomy0021 managing your corporate communications? How long does it take your organization to send out your first official public statement or news release when a crisis happens? With greater frequency, they are also broadcasting your crisis live on Facebook or Periscope. It’s time to face the music.

Increasing Negativity on Social Media Threatens Brand Reputations Blog

As brands expand their social media advertising efforts, the ads also pose brand reputational dangers – possibly to the surprise of PR and marketing managers. If left unmonitored, the ads can attract negative comments, increasing reputational risks. Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash.

6 crisis communications lessons from the #YourTaxis failure

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Australia’s Victorian Taxi Association recently learned it takes more than a hashtag campaign to repair a battered reputation. VTA leadership shuttered the campaign after one week. As the Victorian Taxi Association collects its thoughts and works to move beyond this mess, there are lessons communicators can learn from these events. What other crisis communications lessons can brand managers learn from this fiasco, PR Daily readers?

Why the old crisis comms playbook should be thrown out

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Here’s why one crisis communications expert says there’s no going back to the old way of brand reputation management and crisis response. For crisis communications, it’s a data obsession that will deliver results in the future. Everyone owns reputation now.

Crisis 125

11 predictions for 2021 from PR insiders

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Here are the some predictions that top communicators are sharing for the year ahead. Employee engagement will be crucial for brand reputation. Leadership comms will use more video. . In fact, Adams argues that all successful communicators will be doing more video.

Can corporate communications stay in the spotlight post-COVID?

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Will the gains remain once the crisis fades? Someone needed to communicate what to do in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. And someone had to expedite the cadence of communications to public officials to near real time.

Why brands must focus on their relationship to consumers’ needs

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Modern reputation and crisis management will demand that organizations do the tough work of learning what they stand for and how that should be expressed to a fractured marketplace. Crisis management in the coming months will require soul searching—and the sooner, the better.

Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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I get what you are saying,” wrote Steve Snyder, the public utility’s head of communications, in an open letter to Jay-Z. Ylisela and Mark Ragan, founder of Chicago-based Ragan Communications , started to teach the concept of brand journalism in 2012. Sky writing.

Warren Buffet Underscores the Value of Reputation

Sword and the Script

It may be hard to quantify the value of a reputation but it sure is meaningful when one of the world’s most prominent financiers says it’s important. Reputation was a key message billionaire Warren Buffet conveyed in “biennial” memo to his leadership team – the 80 or so business people that run the subsidiaries of Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company. But we can’t afford to lose reputation – even a shred of reputation.”

How your PR and customer service can—and must—work together

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Don’t let this crucial consumer touchpoint be a stain on your brand’s reputation. RELATED: Attend our Internal Communications and Culture Next Practices Virtual Conference ]. Write them down and begin mapping them out. Be ready to engage when crisis strikes.

Trust grows in importance, UPS condemns driver’s racism, and Macy’s to close 45 stores

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Hello, communicators: It’s a big day for U.S. The Washington Post reported : “Now you don’t get f—– nothing cause you’re a stupid m———- who can’t read and write and speak the f—— English language,” the man said in a Dec.

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SoftBank tries to rebuild its reputation, Airbnb vaguely vows to verify listings, and how social media magnifies a crisis

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Also: Krispy Kreme partners with a viral delivery guy, takeaways from Meredith’s Jill Davison, how PR pros see the future of communications, and more. Now CEO Masayoshi Son is trying to rebuild the brand’s reputation. Why it matters: When it comes to protecting your reputation, actions matter more than words. In a new report from Crisp, social media is revealed to have a far greater impact on crisis communications than you might think.

How internal communicators can manage and mitigate bad company reviews

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Follow this guidance to counter negative comments and protect your brand’s reputation. Here are four bits of advice to manage and mitigate bad reviews: [RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ]. How should you handle those nasty critiques on Glassdoor? Should you respond at all?

McKinsey apologizes for role in opioid crisis, Redbox launches streaming service, and Google’s Year in Search

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Hello, communicators: Universal Orlando Resort is racking up engagement and kudos on Twitter for a tweet poking fun at a message from January that proclaimed 2020 would be a “wild ride”: This did not age well. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Google 100

Twitter slapped with GDPR fine, Utah’s Dixie State University to change name, and Coca-Cola offers gifts via Twitter Santa

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Hello, communicators: The Coca-Cola Co.’s Why it’s important: Though critics are griping about the delays of the the ruling along with the EU’s ability to enforce its GDPR rules and restrictions, communicators should first heed the warning about data breaches. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Why good comms practices are more important than ever

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How can communicators help their stakeholders and audiences through the current crisis around COVID-19? When looking to address the coronavirus outbreak, communicators are well-served by best practices that have been in place for years. Pitching relevant information to reporters, making sure your information is timely and accurate, and other time-honored traditions of the PR trade are even more important in a crisis. How can communicators combat the panic?

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GitHub apologizes for firing employee over ‘Nazi’ remark, hospitals and governments turn to influencers for COVID-19 campaigns, and the NRA declares bankruptcy

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Hello, communicators: Cuisine Aunt Dai, a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, is grabbing both headlines and kudos for the honesty that its owner, Feigang Fei, includes in his menu. The effort underlines the power of honest reviews and communications. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

7 timeless tactics to mitigate PR crisis damage

PR Daily

What’s the cost of a PR crisis? Unfortunately, there’s no way to truly “crisis-proof” a corporation or brand, but there are seven steps you can take to protect your reputation and mitigate fallout. Crisis-proof your business first. According to the Reputation Institute, most crises are “simmering” rather than sudden. Those are the scenarios that should be prioritized when planning a crisis response. Appoint a crisis response leader.

Crisis 125

Walmart announces employee bonuses and extended leave, Warner Bros. to stream films with theatrical releases, and Southwest warns of 6,800 job cuts

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Hello, communicators: As many employees continue to work remotely and workforces are dispersed during COVID-19, holiday office parties are being canceled or turned into virtual gatherings—the latter of which is another obstacle for employee engagement during a time of Zoom fatigue.

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3 tactics for building brand authority on social media

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When it comes to bolstering your reputation, what social media platforms, content types and messages will pack the biggest punch? A brand that people recognize can also appear authoritative in their communication, but those numbers change when we’re talking about brands no one has heard of.

Why you should lead with values in COVID-19 crisis

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How can communicators protect reputations and preserve their stature amid the current health and economic crisis? The world is full of communications around COVID-19, the official name for the novel strain of coronavirus that has been labeled a “pandemic.”. With all the science, medical research and public health expertise surrounding the issue, it’s easy for a strong communications message to be lost in facts, data and jargon.

Crisis 129

Ink Communications’ Starr Million Baker: ‘We need more transparency’

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What is the secret juice that PR pros and communicators can offer clients and organizations in 2021? After the lessons of 2020, some communicators are making big bets on transparency, reputation and trust. Starr Million Baker, CEO and co-founder at Ink Communications Co.,

How podcasts offer new audiences during the pandemic

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The pandemic has changed every aspect of the way we communicate—narrowing and expanding channels as the weeks and months in quarantine slog on. The well-crafted podcast does something that many other forms of communication cannot: It builds trust and rapport between storyteller and audience.

Why businesses should focus on community during (and after) COVID-19

PR Daily

Here’s how communicators can strike the right tone. Luckily, modern technology means that communication and interaction can be easily facilitated online. RELATED: Stream our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference on March 31—without leaving your desk ]. It’s likely your company already has a mission statement, but how are you communicating that mission? Once you are communicating your mission, what is the response?

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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Your crisis communications should be able to lean on your past record. Here are some ways to tell that story to help bolster your reputation and build trust. Context proves an organization’s resilience, its ability to navigate rough seas and manage through a crisis. Perhaps these examples will provide your leaders with what they need to inform their decision-making as well as ways to authenticate communications that inspire calm, trust and confidence.

Crisis 127

Richards Group founder resigns after racist remarks, Uber criticized for sending political app notifications and Barnes & Noble suffers security breach

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Hello, communicators: . Richards also issued an apology video to the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas, “whose Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations is named for him,” AdAge reported. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Groups 101

How to manage your COVID-19 response

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Top leaders share best practices for communicating through the ups and downs. As businesses close down and governments urge citizens to stay home, communicators in all sectors are being tasked with a crucial role. It’s a balancing act that highlights the essential value of the communications role and could forever change business operations in many industries. Mark Hendrickson, director of strategic communications and PR for Moffitt Cancer Center.

How To 118

The New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin, UPS makes uniform policy more inclusive, and NFL’s Houston Texans fires female PR head

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Hello, communicators: The National Football League’s Houston Texans are receiving blowback after firing the team’s vice president of communications, Amy Palcic. Your efforts—and crisis responses—should emphasize your organization’s mission and values. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

How to adapt your crisis response for COVID-19 and beyond

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Though this crisis might feel different, traditional crisis communications best practices, like the TACOS method, are how communicators can best serve their communities. The definition of a crisis is a time of intense difficulty or trouble. If we accept the challenge, then the crisis will pass. Family comes first and it is this crisis that needs to be addressed deliberately and expeditiously by family leaders. Over-communicative.

Crisis 111

How your comms can mitigate disinformation

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Yet, each serves to undermine trust, erode communication channels, and significantly disrupt our democracy, communities, economy and places of work. A long, complex list of behavioral, political, economic, communication and media issues impact the formation and proliferation of disinformation. Understanding the value of the organization’s intangible assets, like reputation, trust, and brand, will impact mitigation.

Ethics 116

Twitter tests ‘Quotes’ metric, Capital One fined $80M for data breach, and WarnerMedia execs leave in realignment

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The promotion is a recurring effort for the doughnut chain, but its messaging has been altered to fit the COVID-19 crisis. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Doing so can help you maintain a positive reputation.

Data 103

Brands drop The Richards Group for racist remarks, Zoom launches events marketplace, and Wells Fargo fires 100 employees for abusing COVID-19 aid

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Hello, communicators: . CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. Looking for more insight on how to address the current global crisis and lead your organization into a strong recovery? Join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Network to network and brainstorm with peers, get the latest intelligence and research and start to strategize for the future of your organization. Though these managers are ambitious, the career path to social media leadership roles remains unclear.

Report: How communicators should proceed with COVID-19 vaccine messaging

PR Daily

The first major challenge for communicators in 2021 is already here. Not surprisingly, it centers on the global health crisis that upended 2020—and specifically on how communications teams should handle the complex messaging around vaccinations. Over to you, communicators.

Report 113

Chief empathy officers; Managing media requests; Employee burnout; and more

PR Daily

Here’s a roundup of the week’s crisis communication news for communicators. Here are the top 10 tips and takeaways from the week ending April 10 taken from our Crisis Communications Daily newsletter. Edelman shares examples and tips for how your top executive can be a caring and supportive leader through this crisis. How should you prioritize media requests in the current crisis?

Facebook launches ‘Business Suite,’ PepsiCo enters wellness market with drink to help sleep, and Barbados entices remote workers with 12-month visa

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Hello, communicators: Gretchen Goldman, research director in the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, tweeted a behind-the-scenes look at a recent interview with CNN : Just so I'm being honest. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Cadbury’s ‘Unity’ bar nets divided opinions, McDonald’s launches anti-harassment training, and Uber grapples with tarnished reputation

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She writes that there is a “larger trend of big and small brands being called out on social media—especially Instagram—for not considering diversity in its picks of influencers, especially on the ‘influencer trips’ that take groups of individuals on vacations to hawk their wares on a far-flung beach or to pose around a campsite wearing their clothes.”. Diverse representation is a major issue for communicators trying to develop brand messaging.

Emmy Awards go virtual, Hearst Magazines staff vote to form union, and more retailers to close for Thanksgiving

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Hello, communicators: . Doing so can help stakeholders adjust to changes and increase both trust and your brand reputation. The shift in spending follows consumers’ changing behaviors during COVID-19, which many analysts say will remain long after the crisis (such as more e-commerce).