3 ‘firefighting’ lessons for public affairs pros

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Here’s a peek at how public affairs pros can keep pace with change—courtesy of Scott Thomsen, who will share more insights in Ragan’s March 4 Speechwriters & Public Affairs Conference. Public affairs pros need to prepare the same way.”. “It’s

Brexit – 12 immediate actions for PR, corporate communications and public affairs professionals

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Public relations, corporate communications, public affairs and corporate affairs professionals will have an essential role in helping employers and clients to navigate this period of momentous change. However, there will likely be informal negotiations and discussions while the Conservative leadership election is happening over the summer. Failure to address these issues puts your business or organisation at risk and could even precipitate a crisis.


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How Big Data Will Modernize Your Crisis Communications Plan


For every enterprise, brand or organization, a crisis always looms as a persistent — yet inevitable — threat on the horizon. In today’s digitally-fueled world, the tiny spark of a crisis can erupt into a massive fire overnight, leaving a corporate brand and reputation in a heap of smoldering ashes. Consider the recent crisis that Volkswagen faced. Proactive enterprises have planned ahead by creating comprehensive crisis communications plans.

3 Lessons In Crisis Communications - Vegas Style

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Leadership soon set up the mobile incident command center that included a communications team. The circumstances surrounding the mass shooting were impossible to predict, but it became very apparent early on that the public affairs team trained for things like this. Untrained departments frequently stumble out of the gate during a crisis, much to the detriment of their ability to stay ahead of the news cycle.

Review — The Loudest Voice (TV Series)

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Anyone interested in public affairs , crisis communication , and media logic will definitely gasp at the absurdity by which one single man can influence such a large numbers of people by using non-ethical propaganda techniques. PR Public Affairs Crisis Communication Crisis Management Leadership Psychology Persuasion Techniques Public Opinion ReviewsHow much can one single individual influence the political landscape?

The value of the communications role: ‘We can either stoke a fire—or put it out’

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As senior director of public affairs and brand communications for Kaiser Permanente, John Stratman is accustomed to constant change. Stratman manages six communicators and is responsible for Kaiser’s corporate communications serving the 3.3

What inclusive language looks like for modern speechwriters

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Franklin is co-founder of Speechwriters of Color , an organization seeking to improve representation and reach for diverse communicators, and will lead a session on inclusive language in speechwriting at Ragan’s Speechwriting and Public Affairs Virtual Conference March 4.

For better crisis responses, follow the 3 C’s

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How do you manage a communication plan for a crisis with no end in sight? Ragan Consulting Group has a new video featuring guidance from crisis communication expert Nick Lanyi, which touches on questions every communicator should be considering right now.

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Peppercomm, Intel, Haymaker and more honored at Ragan’s Media Relations Awards Gala

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The virtual gathering, hosted by Ginger Zee, chief meteorologist for ABC News, celebrated the best of the best in PR and external communications for 2020. UW Medicine, “Best Crisis Communications Campaign”. Havas Formula, “Best Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign”.

Can corporate communications stay in the spotlight post-COVID?

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Will the gains remain once the crisis fades? Corporate affairs became fashionable again. Someone needed to communicate what to do in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. And someone had to expedite the cadence of communications to public officials to near real time.

5 PR takeaways from Inauguration Day

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Here are the lessons that stood out from the many public speeches of the solemn occasion held every four years to mark the beginning of a new presidential term. RELATED: Join us for our Social Media & Digital Communications Virtual Conference ].

3 comms lessons from GameStop’s wild ride

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The public is getting a crash course on stock market strategy this week. RELATED: Join us for our Speechwriters & Public Affairs Virtual Conference ]. Either public discussion of public stocks is legal, or it isn't.

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The risks and rewards of pursuing ESG priorities

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Jessie Sitnick , VP of corporate and public affairs at Toronto-based Argyle , shared a wealth of tremendous guidance with Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Network members on the perils and benefits of pursuing an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) plan.

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Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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TAP , the digital publication produced by a team at Denver Water, did. “I I get what you are saying,” wrote Steve Snyder, the public utility’s head of communications, in an open letter to Jay-Z. As a public utility, Denver Water did not need more customers.

Turning a negative perception issue into an opportunity

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How the Entertainment Software Association’s “Game Generation” campaign helped the gaming industry shift the public narrative around video games. 8 for our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference ].

How PR pros see 2021 as a year of opportunity for DE&I

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For communicators looking to push for change on inclusion and equity, here’s why the experts argue that attention must be turned inward. Crisis Communications Diversity and inclusion Leadership Communications PR Industry Storytelling The Workplace

How to measure the impact of communications during COVID-19

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Many organizations have overhauled their master plans for outreach and engagement because of the crisis. It enables an organization to stay in touch with community stakeholders and participate in the conversation around an all-consuming crisis.

Crucial messaging advice to consider ahead of an unprecedented holiday season

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What are the risk factors, and how can communicators help plan for the unexpected? 8 for our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference ]. The resurgent crisis has many organizations considering how to encourage employees to forgo the usual holiday festivities. “We’re

Marriott, Norwegian Air and more announce layoffs; Target, other chains offer special hours for at-risk shoppers, and EU asks Netflix to slow streaming

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Also: More than half of all employees are preparing for job cuts, a PR agency offers its wire service for free, the importance of executive communication, and more. How are you addressing COVID-19 crisis communications within your organization and with your employees?

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7 PR trends to follow for 2021

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million Americans unemployed and thousands more unable to work due to COVID-19, brands need to understand who they are communicating with on a human-to-human level. RELATED: Join us for our Speechwriters & Public Affairs Virtual Conference ].

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An inside look at AARP’s rapid response team

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It’s a great unknown that we’re all dealing with,” said Reshma Mehta, director of grassroots advocacy at AARP, at Ragan’s Speechwriting and Public Affairs Virtual Conference on March 25. “It’s To do this: Get leadership buy-in.

From crisis to hope: Marriott’s journey through COVID-19

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At the beginning of the pandemic, CEO Arne Sorenson shared a powerful video message with stakeholders as the company stared down the worst public health crisis in a generation—events that would lead to layoffs and massive global disruption. RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ].

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Incoming! How to handle media requests in a crisis

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Here are some tips and best practices for when and how to respond to crisis inquiries and keep your head on straight. It’s one of the greatest challenges any media relations professional will face: A crisis hits your organization out of the blue. In crisis comms, silence is not golden.

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Pornhub donates 50k masks and offers free subscriptions, digital platforms and tech partner to share COVID-19 information, and Tony Awards postponed

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It’s a good example of appropriate marketing during the crisis: Focus on your audience and their needs, and marry your marketing message with a CSR effort. When a global human crisis happens, it is up to everyone to work together to help support the community. CRISIS DAILY NEWSLETTER.

Facebook bets on video with new tools, Twitter to shut down Periscope, and Ally Bank offers New Year’s babies $250

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Hello, communicators: The Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks have joined forces with Microsoft to create the Equity League, which the organizations call “a new impact investment division of venture capital fund TitletownTech”: . CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Brands donate to frontline workers, Yelp pauses GoFundMe effort after backlash, and Ralph Lauren to make 250k masks

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Why it matters: You might think an idea is outstanding, but you still should vet potential pitfalls and ramifications with your communications team. Charitable actions can be greatly appreciated during this crisis, but make sure those efforts don’t come at the cost of privacy and autonomy.

Why you should address the coronavirus with employees

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The global health concern is driving lots of conversations online, and employers and communications teams should have a plan to address their colleagues’ worries. for our Speechwriting & Public Affairs Conference ].

How short-term and long-term crisis responses require different mindsets

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Modern crisis management and mitigation have become exceedingly complex. When I started in this business in 2000, after practicing law for nine years, crisis was purely reactive,” says Harlan Loeb, chair for crisis and reputation risk advisory services at Edelman.

Crisis 167

Crisis Management Lessons From Boeing’s 737 Max Disasters


When two of Boeing’s new 737 MAX passenger jets crashed within five months of each other in late 2018 and early 2019, killing a total of 346 people in Ethiopia and Indonesia, the company faced the worst crisis in its 100-year history. Thought Leadership Crisis Communications crisis managemen

The 3 biggest mistakes in most crisis comms plans

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I’ve seen a lot of crisis communications plans. Ninety percent of them get a couple of things right: They have a list of their comms team contacts, often with a phone tree so everyone gets called promptly when a crisis hits. They also lay out at least a few specific roles for the first comms team members who start working on the crisis. In a real crisis, time gets compressed. RELATED: Deliver powerful leadership messaging in a digital landscape ].

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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RELATED: Deliver powerful leadership messaging in a digital landscape ]. which is headquartered there, seeks a marketing communications specialist. It summarizes the position: The Marketing Communications Specialist interfaces with key leaders and the sales force to ensure assigned projects and deliverables are executed seamlessly and on time. Communications specialist—Textron Systems (Maryland). Senior PR and corporate communications manager—Fila USA (New York).

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. Cisco is seeking a communications manager for Japan in Tokyo. See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings: Corporate communications director—Entercom, parent company of Radio.com (New York). Public relations manager—Amazon (California). Communications director—City of Austin (Texas). Public relations director—Water Mission (South Carolina).

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Robinhood scrambles after outage; Amazon, Walmart fight COVID-19 price hikes and bogus info; and it’s National Grammar Day

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Good morning, PR pros: Today is National Grammar Day, and communicators and organizations alike are joining the conversation on Twitter. RELATED: Deliver powerful leadership messaging in a digital landscape ]. What’s the career path of a social media communicator?

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Amazon, others restrict employee travel, social media’s growing dominance for marketing, and airlines halt flights over coronavirus fears

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If your organization is taking similar precautions, communicate the developments with as much information as you can to lower the potential for panic while increasing trust. for our Speechwriting & Public Affairs Conference ].

FedEx takes aim at Amazon, thought leadership shows promise for B2B, and Coca-Cola defends its new brand position

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Thought leadership” might be a hackneyed PR phrase, but there is no disputing that the tactic works. In a study, Edelman found that half of decision-makers consume thought leadership at a rate of an hour or more of reading per week. Thought leadership video.

5 powerful ways to beat empty rhetoric in speeches

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Whether in a townhall or one-on-one with a manager, we want our leadership to convey conviction, connection and an ability to deliver on those commitments. Part of the public wants him to be angry about what has happened,” she says. What does that meant to you as a communicator? “As

Brands can no longer be neutral

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Pick almost any public affairs issue out of a hat and Richard Levick will not only share his unvarnished opinion but he will back it up with a passionate accounting of historical truths that make the listener a true believer.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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For recent college grads looking to move where opportunities flourish, here are openings in the top five cities: HCA Healthcare is looking for a communication marketing coordinator in Austin. Girl Scouts of America is in need of a communications specialist in Houston. Port San Antonio is on the lookout for a communications and events specialist. CoverMyMeds is searching for a public relations specialist in Columbus, Ohio.

Dogs drive online engagement for UPS, Girl Scouts offer cookies with a message, and Facebook defends stance on political ads

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Girls learn about entrepreneurship as they run their own cookie businesses,” she said in a press release. … “The important business and financial literacy skills girls learn through the program are proven to build their leadership skills and position them for success in the future,” added Acevedo.

5 essential tools and trends for communications pros

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For internal and external communicators alike, the workweek is jammed with an array of challenges and responsibilities. Communicators are using project management tools to plan content, assign writers and editors and get approvals. Newsletter: The Leadership Report.

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