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Report: Consumers say tech companies can do better on privacy and more

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The communications landscape is becoming ever more digital—and rife with potential pitfalls. A recent FleishmanHillard report about reputation management and technology highlights the struggle to maintain consumers’ trust amid data breaches, privacy concerns on social media platforms, and increased hate speech online. Though almost 60% of consumers in the United Kingdom think that technology companies are currently regulated the right amount, just over half of U.S.

Zoom criticized for privacy and data concerns, Airbnb apologizes and pledges $250M to hosts, and NPR skips April Fools’ Day

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Also: Influencers’ communities ask how they can help, Uber offers free rides for frontline health care workers, how communicators are sharing information during the pandemic, and more. Here are today’s top stories: Zoom slammed for privacy concerns and data sharing. As the virtual conference platform’s membership and meeting numbers are sharply rising, so are privacy concerns. However, convenience doesn’t negate people’s right to privacy. Crisis response tips.

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Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce speaking at the IATA Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age conference. (c) This morning I gave a keynote at the global ‘Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age’ conference in Istanbul. I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. But public relations has always depended on persuasion, information, advocacy, the truth.

Google admits ‘error’ in failing to tell consumers about Nest microphone

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Users, the company said, could now enable its virtual-assistant technology, Google Assistant. RELATED: Learn how to prepare, defend and promote your organization during a crisis. ]. But it’s a privacy-conscious world now, where a company like Purism appeals to consumers by selling laptops and phones with hard kill switches for microphones and webcams. Engadget wrote : It’s the latest in a series of privacy-related blunders for the company.

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In earnings call, Facebook discloses $3-5B in fines—and Wall Street yawns

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Facebook says it is preparing to pay a hefty fine to the Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The company made the announcement coinciding with a positive earnings report where the company demonstrated revenue growth and promised to continue its structural reorganization towards privacy. RELATED: Learn how to prepare, defend and promote your organization during a crisis. ]. Crisis Communications Social Media Facebook

Goldman Sachs issues diversity challenge, 23andMe lays off 100, and Sonos chief apologizes after backlash

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The future of search might hinge on the success of voice-activated artificial intelligence, but the technology isn’t ready for the spotlight just yet. Despite the number of professionals who predict voice search will dominate in coming years, most consumers still find the technology frustrating. However, as the technology improves, consumers could greatly increase their reliance on these systems, and brands that aren’t ready for the change could be left behind.

Zoom chief focuses on winning back trust, Hobby Lobby closes and furloughs most employees, and Apple makes COVID-19 face shields

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Good morning, communicators: Agency Berlin Cameron launched an effort to help small business owners struggling to stay afloat during the current crisis. How can you share your skills and expertise to help those struggling with their crisis responses? Following backlash over data sharing and privacy concerns, Zoom has been scrambling to fix its default settings to regain consumer trust and stop “Zoombombing” incidents. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

5 PR lessons from CES 2020

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Tech fans readily embraced the more than 4,400 organizations exhibiting and speaking, but communicators might easily dismiss the show as outside their wheelhouse. However, there are many insights to glean from Consumer Technology Association’s forward-facing event. Here are five lessons for any communicator to consider: 1. By focusing on personalization, Samsung’s Ballie showcased the human component of artificial intelligence and other technological advancements.

Google co-founders step down, Riot Games pays $10M in harassment suit, and most consumers distrust organizations’ data use

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Also: Coalition issues a privacy framework, TikTok faces lawsuit over data collection, tips for mining great stories within your organization, and more. Good morning, PR pros: A coalition of trade organizations and companies called Privacy for America has announced a “comprehensive new framework” proposal for privacy legislation across the United States. — Privacy for America (@privacy4america) December 3, 2019.

Brands donate to frontline workers, Yelp pauses GoFundMe effort after backlash, and Ralph Lauren to make 250k masks

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Despite the good intentions, Yelp quickly received criticism from business owners, because they weren’t informed of the fundraisers and weren’t able to easily opt out of the efforts: Hey @gofundme , can you shut down this page please? Why it matters: You might think an idea is outstanding, but you still should vet potential pitfalls and ramifications with your communications team. Yelp misstepped by not informing business owners—and then by making it difficult for the owners to act.

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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As we in communications and marketing look ahead to 2020, what can we expect? Twenty influencers shared their thoughts about this question: “What lies ahead for communicators in 2020?” The more communicators can help at every stage of the marketing operations funnel, from customer service up through advertising, the more PR will make an impact in 2020. My hope is that communicators will continue to raise the bar in 2020. Jonathan Kranz, Kranz Communications.

Pepsi’s new catchphrase, TikTok’s transparency report, and the best times to post on social media

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Through regular updates, we aim to give our community the opportunity to better understand the actions we take on their behalf and evaluate us based on up-to-date information. … Though the transparency report shows no takedown or user information requests from China, Wired reported that China made no requests to Facebook or Google during the same time period—probably due to the fact that none of the platforms can be accessed by Chinese citizens. “[M]any

B2B Security Vendors: Prepare for Scrutiny

Shift Communications

Public sentiment toward technology vendors is undergoing a significant shift. The shift reflects a growing skepticism in the claims technology providers make about their products and services. How long will it be before B2B tech vendors, especially security vendors that supply the technological underpinnings of these public companies, are subject to the same scrutiny? Craft a 360-degree crisis communications plan. Growing Skepticism Toward Vendors’ Claims.

B2B 60

Popeye’s chicken sandwich returns, Adobe breach hits 7.5M, and rushing to measure ROI won’t produce results

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The software company recently announced that it left millions of Creative Cloud subscribers’ information unsecured for roughly a week, potentially exposing their emails, member IDs and other information. In an age of constant security breaches and data privacy concerns, most consumers recognize this. At Adobe, we believe transparency with our customers is important,” the company’s communications team said in a blog post. Related reading: 4 crisis management keys.

Google, Microsoft and Verizon challenge Zoom, retail sales decline to new low, and PlayStation launches ‘Play at Home’ campaign

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Hello, communicators: Ahead of its 100 th birtrhday, Land O’Lakes removed the “butter maiden” from its packaging—an image that Eater described as “a non-specific American Indian woman with a feather in her hair, kneeling and presenting the consumer with a container of butter.”. Meanwhile, Zoom has turned to security consultants and privacy experts to fix its security issues and fix its image following a slew of negative headlines and “Zoombombing.”. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Many fooled by Instagram hoax, Spicer joins ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and LinkedIn shares coveted skills

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Also: Consumers ridicule care guidelines for Apple’s credit card, how to prepare for another privacy act, and a heartwarming tale from Orlando’s airport. Good morning, PR pros: Today’s technology trends call for particular skills, and communicators who embrace them are head and shoulders above the competition. Here are today’s top stories: Instagram privacy hoax hooks big fish. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect Jan.

Meredith’s Jill Davison: ‘No better time for us to have an impact’

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The PR and communications veteran shares insights from her career with the audience at Ragan’s Future of Communications Conference. s chief communicator. I think it is extremely positive for PR people,” she told the audience for Ragan Communications’ Future of Communications Conference in Chicago. It starts, she says, with bringing in all the stakeholders, from employees and managers to HR reps and communications staff: “We put together an FAQ.

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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Good morning, PR pros: In a bellwether case in the opioid crisis, Johnson & Johnson has reached a potential deal with Cuyahoga and Summit counties in Ohio. Why it matters: It might be sound legal strategy to deny wrongdoing while offering a multimillion-dollar settlement, but it shouldn’t be confused with good crisis management. How should communicators talk about opioid treatment? It’s not about privacy and friends, but strutting on the world stage.

How Your CEO Can Save Your Company?s Image

Critical Mention

When a company faces a crisis, its CEO must step up and restore his or her organization’s PR image in a crisis. Strong leadership and a carefully-crafted crisis communications strategy can help a company recover its image and earn back its audience’s trust. These examples will provide your team with strategies on how to communicate effectively and reboot your reputation in the public eye.

What’s Next in Public Relations? Let’s Ask My Students


Some of the familiar topics are there — branding, corporate social responsibility, crisis communications — but not necessarily in a form many of us would recognize as aspects of the profession we’ve come to know. They’re not shying away from big topics: the rise of nationalism, trade wars, and online privacy. Jay Kosminsky teaches in the graduate program in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at NYU’s School of Professional Studies.

Web Ad Blocking – is it Ethical?


The technology prevents ads from appearing on your computer screen, iPads, smart phones and other platforms. They also legitimately (in my view) object to the fact that that Web ads collect information about users that is then communicated back to publishers and advertisers without their knowledge nor consent. Another value to consider in this debate is the free flow of information. Ads do provide the consumers with valuable information.

Zuckerberg passes Senate test, but his notes get scraped

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Do members of Congress understand technology enough to ask the right questions? RELATED: Prepare, protect and promote your organization and brand in a climate of crisis. ]. Zuckerberg smirked uncomfortably, but he regained his composure as he declined to give that personal information. Dick Durbin probed Mark #Zuckerberg on Facebook users’ right to privacy: —

Lawyering up on Data Protection and Cybersecurity

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Dave Oates: Hey, thanks for joining us for another edition of the Public Relations Security video cast where we talk to experts in all facets of crisis events and crisis management. Metaverse Law focuses exclusively on data privacy and cybersecurity, so I help businesses with their compliance obligations under these new privacy and cybersecurity rules, bring in third parties to assess the security systems and help them deal within an instant.

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5 takeaways from pitches that missed the mark by a mile

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Ignoring follow-up etiquette , being selfish in your media relations efforts , not responding in a timely manner and omitting information. As odd as this pitch was (the site was even weirder), it might have made for a wacky PR stunt story if this chef’s communicator had also built enough buzz through consumer and reporter reactions. Today, every communicator has the ability to share their organizations’ or clients’ news and stories through brand journalism and powerful storytelling.