5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots

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RELATED: Showcase your impressive employee comms—and top workplaces ]. The post 5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots appeared first on PR Daily. The pandemic is forcing businesses to adapt or wither away.

Creative Storytelling as the Soul of B2B Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

Yet that’s the central responsibility of the creative marketer – to convert the uninteresting into something interesting. And storytelling in B2B marketing is the theme for this weeks’ Unscripted Marketing links [UML]. Don’t miss these related posts: Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret. This shows that good storytelling in content marketing isn’t a campaign, it’s a culture. 3) Creativity is the Soul of CMO.

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5 ways to foster creativity in your PR and marketing team

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If you look at the majority of job specs for roles in PR and marketing, you’ll see creativity listed as one of the desired character traits. Curiosity breeds creativity. Work with creative suppliers. The ability to find unique solutions isn’t an innate trait.

Chief empathy officers; Managing media requests; Employee burnout; and more

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Employees say that even when leaders push for employees to take time for themselves, sometimes teams won’t follow the directive. Digiday reported : The feeling of needing to be “always on” isn’t necessarily coming from agency leadership, according to employees who say that leadership has reiterated in town halls for employees to take time for themselves. As you settle in for the long haul, consider employees’ needs. Here’s a hint: It’s all about your employees.

What is Storytelling? Why Does Storytelling Work? What are Good Examples? [UML]

Sword and the Script

Today, employees were happy, customers were plentiful, and earnings followed suit. Like many in PR, I’ve had debated many times over the years, and the reason is that storytelling works. 1) What is storytelling? To understand storytelling, you have to understand what makes a good story. It takes rationality but little creativity to design an argument using conventional rhetoric.”. 2) Why storytelling works: The Angel’s Cocktail.

Astellas Pharma’s strong employee culture an antidote to the current crisis

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As vice president of communications for Astellas US, Moyra Knight’s team is helping to get the word out to employees, plus the patients, partners and other stakeholders, that Astellas is committed to their health and safety. We have a very talented and hardworking team of 24 communications, events and CSR professionals, and I am so amazed to see all the creative ideas they develop every week. Knight: We are working hard to ensure employees stay informed and engaged on all fronts.

Shake Shack returns $10M loan, P&G embraces marketing during COVID-19, and grocery employees get asked to wear masks

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The pandemic has forced many individuals and organizations to get creative as they stay at home. Why it matters: The current crisis is making executives and communicators scramble to reassemble a new playbook as they engage both employees and consumers and safeguard their brand reputation. Kroger, Walmart and Sam’s Club are asking employees to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Survey: Measurement, storytelling cited as top weaknesses

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Drew Keller , a video consultant and storyteller, says the struggle to make boring content interesting is a common problem. Reaching non-desk employees: 43%. Tie) Measuring the impact of your role; writing creatively for business purposes: 50%. Writing creatively for business purposes: 38%. The post Survey: Measurement, storytelling cited as top weaknesses appeared first on PR Daily. Content Marketing Measurement Storytelling PR survey

5 surefire steps to craft content that energizes your employees

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Workplace and online distractions abound, but compelling content will cut through the noise and engage your employees. A content strategy will help you focus on the types of content you create, ensuring your messaging is meaningful and relevant to your employees. RELATED: Join us at Facebook for our Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Summit. ]. For example, to raise awareness of a new service, you could challenge an employee to explain it in 60 seconds on camera.

Adding storytelling to technology in developing ‘Innovation Relations’

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An agency keen on creativity cultivated this practice dedicated to building reputations for innovation leaders. As a passionate public relations professional, I am always evaluating new ideas and business models that benefit our clients and inspire creativity and growth. 77% of employees are more loyal to innovative companies. The post Adding storytelling to technology in developing ‘Innovation Relations’ appeared first on PR Daily.

Hasbro and Scrabble association ban slurs, United Airlines might lay off up to 36,000 employees, and 51% of PR pros are burned out

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No matter your response in the early days of Black Lives Matter protests, you would do well to talk with your employees and find ways that you can improve your efforts in all three pillars, whether through eliminating offensive words and processes, or increasing opportunities and hiring new team members. Instead, check in with your employees to see what’s working and what’s not, and create flexible long-term strategies that can see your organization through COVID-19 and into the future.

Best Buy to furlough 51k employees, Carnival chief promises robust comeback, and Google reminds people to wash hands

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Here are today’s top stories: Best Buy to furlough 51,000 employees. The retail chain’s temporary layoffs will affect hourly store employees across the United States, with most of its part-time workers affected. Employees will keep their health care benefits for at least three months. The messages focused on employees and customers, using language such as “our overriding priority on safety” instead of corporate jargon.

Bon Appétit journalists quit YouTube series, Facebook employees to WFH until July 2021, and Hasbro pulls Trolls World Tour doll

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Contributing” workers at Condé Nast are contractors, rather than staff employees; Ms. If your employees are unhappy, the truth will eventually come to light—and often, it will result in a tarnished reputation and eroded consumer trust.

Brands drop The Richards Group for racist remarks, Zoom launches events marketplace, and Wells Fargo fires 100 employees for abusing COVID-19 aid

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The New York Times reported : During a Zoom gathering of more than three dozen Richards Group employees on Thursday, a creative team working on the Motel 6 account presented an idea for an ad to Stan Richards, who founded the Richards Group in 1976. The report sheds light on social media pros’ career trajectory as well as the challenging lack of resources and employee burnout that’s on the rise. Wells Fargo fired more than 100 of its employees for abusing U.S.

Employee emails worsen Boeing’s reputation, Taco Bell offers $100K salaries, and Carnival bans offensive clothing

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The suites are part of the travel company’s New Year’s campaign, which also includes 20 prizes of $2,020 to the most “creative and inspirint travel-related resolutions” and accommodation advice to fulfill your goals for the year: Last chance: tweet us your 2020 #NewYearsResolution by Jan 10th for the chance to win $2020! We'll be selecting the 20 most creative & inspiring travel-related resolutions to win $2020 and make them happen in 2020.

The Art of Effective Storytelling and its Role in PR

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Compelling storytelling is an incredibly powerful way to communicate with your target audience. Digital storytelling is at the top of the list of communication trends that PR executives believe will dominate in the next five years. In the Global Communications Report 2017, released by the University of Southern California’s Center for Public Relations, the three top trends are digital storytelling, social listening and social purpose.

Holding women back in PR limits agencies' effectiveness, creativity

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Though the agency did not admit to wrongdoing, employees claimed that women were paid and promoted less than men and subject to discriminatory reassignments, demotions and firings. RELATED: Master the elements of brand storytelling in this intensive masterclass. ]. They’re also likely to have less creative teams and have a harder time attracting and retaining superstars. The gender gap is affecting the public relations industry.

Airbnb lays off 1,900 employees, Nike donates 30k shoes to health care workers, and James Corden debuts a ‘Pet Gala’

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Here are today’s top stories: Airbnb lays off 1,900 employees. Affected employees will also be offered health care benefits, either through 2020 or for 12 months, four months of mental health support, their company laptops and job placement assistance. In a letter to employees , Airbnb’s chief executive, Brian Chesky, wrote: When you’ve asked me about layoffs, I’ve said that nothing is off the table. FREE GUIDE: 7 ways to get honest feedback from employee surveys ].

6 ways your organization can transcend politics and help get out the vote

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Ahead of an historic presidential election—and amid deep national division—how should your organization engage employees? ServiceNow is providing voting resources, information, accessibility to employees and having guest speakers.

BuzzFeed to acquire HuffPost, YouTube launches audio ads, and Nintendo issues marketing rules for ‘Animal Crossing’

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Also: COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting diverse employees, Twitter UK taps ‘BBC Dad’ in new ad, BarkBox launches ‘Home Alone’ tribute merchandise, and more. recently published a report revealing that diverse employees are struggling the most throughout COVID-19.

6 Resources That Will Make You a Better Storyteller

Waxing UnLyrical

Storytelling is a hot topic in the communications industry these days. Thankfully, there are resources that can make the process a little easier to make you a great storyteller. McKee is a creative writing instructor who leads screenwriting workshops for some of the best writers in Hollywood, including Peter Jackson and the writers at Pixar. Pixar’s storytelling rules. As any writer can attest, this is often the hardest part of the storytelling process.

Report: Overcoming creative marketing professionals’ biggest challenges

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From outstanding infographics to engaging videos, creative elements can make your marketing campaigns pop. As more and more marketers work with creative professionals and teams within their organizations—including designers, editors and other creative leads—it’s important to understand how best to make your teams work together to achieve your goals. How can communicators of all stripes help the marketing creatives they work alongside? The creative brief.

Own Your Idea, Grow Your Audience with Storytelling [Case Study]

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Brands will need to become more human with greater resources dedicated to listening, relationship building, ethics, empathy, creativity, culture and community. For a deeper look at the Institute’s subscriber base: 39% of subscribers work at companies with 500+ employees. 19% of subscribers work at companies with 10,000+ employees.

Why a fair and just future requires ‘divestment’ from the status quo

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How can I start to divert funds into a rainbow coalition of creators, makers, farmers, laborers, storytellers, educators, technologists and more? As a creative on the agency side I have heard lots of “discomfort” when this subject comes up—because you know, it seems too hard. As a creative, I have the power to shift the dialogue by creating stories that reflect the diversity of humanity, not only in front of the camera but also behind it.

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How COVID-19 and recent events have energized online advocacy

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Something or someone to help us think differently, access our creative side and rediscover our passion for what we do. Here’s how PR pros should take advantage of this moment and use digital tools to tap into a powerful zeitgeist around social responsibility and collective action.

Aflac’s comms senior VP: ‘Communicators need to be the calm in the chaos’

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The most positive thing I’m seeing is how creative people are [in crisis response],” says Hernandez-Blades. The grid maps out all the stakeholders, from the board of directors, to sales leadership, to regulators and employees. “It’s About 95% of its 5,700 employees became remote workers in less than two weeks. VIRTUAL EVENT: Keep employees informed, engaged and inspired ]. Here’s how Catherine Hernandez-Blades is steering her organization through the current crisis.

NHL’s Arizona Coyotes drop draft pick after backlash, Walmart removes guns from shelves due to ‘civil unrest,’ and brands make fun of tone-deaf Kardashian tweet

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Along with setting meaningful DE&I goals and initiatives that will keep you accountable to your consumers and employees, communciators should also remain hyper aware of situations that could negatively affect their brand image—far before the damage can be done.

The Gap deletes post-election tweet, ‘Baby Shark’ becomes most-watched YouTube video, and Snapchat adds follower counts

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Why it’s important: Consumers and employees alike are pushing for brands to take a stand on political and social issues, but using a tumultuous presidential election as a marketing hook is not the way to do it.

Should your brand speak up during a global crisis?

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VIRTUAL EVENT: Keep employees informed, engaged and inspired ]. And Young Living worked with employees to create a multi-faceted plan to support local children and seniors using existing partnerships and proceeds from sales of popular products. Get creative but be honest with yourself about the value you can really bring to the table. Here are three questions every PR pro should be asking about their brand right now.

Crisis 128

3 steps to start your journey as an ally in communications

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If your team hasn’t yet had necessary group discussions, listening sessions, conversations with employee resource groups, inclusion councils and talked out loud about a meaningful action plan that is informed and approved by those who benefit most from the changes, you’re running out of time.

5 ways to bring boring stories to life for employees

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A clear sign that you need to get more creative is when you find yourself bored by your topic, said Jake Jacobson, director of public relations at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. “If Instead we highlighted—through video and really interviewing and storytelling—the award recipients,” said Cathy Lucas, chief of staff and vice president of strategy at MSU Denver. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 ways to engage employees through smarter communications ].

Don’t Fear The Robot: Why AI Is Good For PR And Marketing

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Most experts doubt that neural net-powered artificial creativity can ever equal true human creativity. Creativity is hardly possible without one’s capacity to think metaphorically, to coordinate proactively and to make predictions that go beyond simple extrapolation,” argues Anton Oleinik in a recently published paper in Big Data & Society. So, why aren’t we lucky creative services types taking advantage of this? How are its employees treated?

3 ways to reach LGBTQ consumers in the ‘new normal’

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Without gay pride events and other typical outlets for engaging this community, brand managers will have to get creative to reach this lucrative demographic. Branding Crisis Communications Employee Engagement Executive Communication Marketing PR Industry Social Media Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications

More on PR2020: social media activism, internal comms resurgence, storytelling and professionalism

Stephen Waddington

There were some clear misses in my original essay: social media activism, internal communications, storytelling and professionalism in PR. Forward-thinking organisations are using new technologies as a means of listening and engaging with employees. Social leaders use platforms and technology to build relationships externally with employees, customers and other stakeholders. In the shift to data driven programmes there’s a danger that we lose sight of creativity.

Hearst president resigns after sexual harassment claims, Twitter to test subscriptions as revenues fall, and Seattle’s NHL team releases the ‘Kraken’

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Hours after Young sent his email to employees, Hearst’s president and chief executive, Steven R. Rather, it’s a crucial element of your organization’s reputation and will continue to play a prominent role in both employee retention as well as consumer brand sentiment.

Rethinking remote work, focus on digital channels, and balance hope with caution

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Remote work means rethinking how you monitor employee productivity. You might want to consider “office hours”—periods where employees are available to answer queries, and then letting them manage their to-do list on their own. Despite gains and positive projections for its digital business, WarnerMedia acknowledged heavy losses in a memo to employees. Variety reported : “We have paused many productions for the health and safety of employees, cast, crew and community.

3 strategies for becoming an employer of choice in these uncertain times

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The smartest companies now are taking an inside-out approach, doubling-down on support for their current team and bolstering their employer brands so that their employees can best represent the company to the outside world. employees to better understand the expectations of the workforce and trends shaping the future of work. employees feel that the future of their chosen career is bright, a finding that is particularly true among millennials.

To increase your influence, cultivate your credibility

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Their answer (and very time-in-history related) was creative disruption—their belief that (1) there are too many “yes men” and “yes women” in the business world, when what they need is the truth, and (2) too many “cash cows” and “sacred cows” that ought to get challenged but are not because “that’s not the way we do things here.”. Crisis Communications Employee Engagement Leadership Communications Storytelling The Consultant is In Writing & Editing

3 ways to protect your marketing budget

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If operations wants to cut expenses in presentation, can you introduce creative partners or new production teams? When pitching to stakeholders and those who pull the purse strings, use stats to present evidence and storytelling to present motives.

Cineworld to close and lay off 45,000 employees, Coca-Cola streamlines beverage offerings amid COVID-19, and Twitter battles fake news

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Here are today’s top stories: Cineworld to lay off 45,000 employees as it shuts its doors. 8—536 Regal Theaters in the United States and 127 locations in the United Kingdom—which will affect 45,000 employees. Turn to Moo to make creative business cards that stand out.