In #PR This is all You Need to Know in 2016

Deirdre Breakenridge

Corporate Social Responsibility and brand activism continue to lead company messaging: “Values don’t (or shouldn’t change) and have a tremendous effect on the growth of a company.” Just ask Qualcomm Wireless Reach. Mobile, Wireless, and Cordless take all, as the future is about streaming (rise of Netflix, Spotify, etc.), Rebekah is currently the Chief Strategy Officer for AirPR , a technology platform to increase PR performance.

Hot Startups Join Axis Innovation at NYSE

Flack's Revenge

Axis connects investors and corporations with tech startups. The NYSE session was part of a two day event that includes “leading Israeli series A tech startups and US VCs, angels, and corporate investors… to develop business opportunities and ultimately make deals,” according to their site. Beam Semiconductor : Develops active phased array wireless transceivers to support multi-gigabit per second data rates.


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Ragan celebrates 2022 CSR Awards: See full list of winners

PR Daily

Denine Torr: Dollar General Corporation. Corporate-Community or Nonprofit Partnership. Cricket Wireless: 12 Days of Cricket. Maximus Corporate Communications: Stop the Spread. Infineon Technologies: Infineon Technologies.

56 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

Media Bullseye

Research Assistant with Center for Internet, Communications & Technology Policy , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Vice President, Communications , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Director, Public Affairs , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Communications Associate , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Coordinator, Communications & Policy , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Corporate.

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Ragan’s CSR & Diversity Awards finalists announced

PR Daily

From those working in corporate social responsibility (CSR) to those leading the way in environmental, social and governance (ESG) to those who striving to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive, these professionals are working on campaigns and initiatives that make our world better.

7 sins of startup marketing

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Having worked with approximately 250 startups and as the marketing mentor to Plug and Play Technology Center, the world’s largest incubator/accelerator, we have identified seven of the key mistakes startups make as they grow when it comes to their marketing program: 1.

Pfizer says third dose protects against Omicron, business travel meets hesitancy, and an alliance forms to combat AI hiring bias

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telecom industry has maintained that the new 5G service doesn’t pose a safety threat to aircraft, pointing to other countries’ experience with similar wireless services. Corporations unite to combat bias in AI hiring tools.

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Dear PR People: Calm Down


Quite the opposite really: I was feverishly working on a set of talking points that were due in 90 minutes when my wireless connection crashed. “I Before she could answer, I sat down at her desk and began emailing myself a series of documents from our corporate network. When I worked at a technology company, for example, I never saw an engineer run through the hall in his socks.

The Essential Guide to Mass Communication: History, Methods, Ethics, and the Future

Masters in Communications

As technology advances, we require up to the minute information quickly and efficiently. Mass communication is a subarea of communications studies in the US, and social science with some elements of physical science - especially when designing systems and technology to transmit messages.

How to Write Concise and Compelling Press Release Headlines

Beyond PR

Headline Before: XYZ Corporation, a Technology Company, Partners with Leading Consumer Electronics Brand ABC at ConsumerTech 2016 to Launch Wireless Earbuds. and ABC Brand Debut Wireless Earbuds. Headline Before: XYZ Corporation Shares the Very Best Family Travel Destinations of the Summer and Tips for Traveling with Children. Headline Before: The Ten Best Places to Eat for Less Than Ten Dollars in Los Angeles According to XYZ Corporation.

Verizon apologizes for throttling California firefighters’ data

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In combatting the unprecedented wildfires ravaging California this summer, firefighters have relied on mobile technology for support. My Information Technology staff communicated directly with Verizon via email about the throttling, requesting it be immediately lifted for public safety purposes.". This customer purchased a government contract plan for a high-speed wireless data allotment at a set monthly cost.

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The Evolution of Event Marketing; Off Script #27: Mark Granovsky on Why Events are a Microcosm of Industry

Sword and the Script

While most of us take conference registrations, badge scanning, and conference apps for granted as attendees, there’s a lot more to the underlying technology. And that’s how G2Planet got started in creating technology platforms to manage marketing events. Event marketing is now far more refined in terms of the science and data analysis enabled by all the technology advancements with mobile and wireless. His first client came in 2002.

Why Zoom has changed the game for Montieth & Company

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The technology has allowed me to virtually meet with the whole, global team on weekly company-wide calls, and to facilitate important check-ins with everyone individually. But I also learned a couple of weeks ago that I cannot go a day without my wireless router, which I upgraded. The videoconferencing tool has allowed managing partner Montieth Illingworth to connect with clients around the globe, push D&I efforts and boost employee morale.

Google, Microsoft and Verizon challenge Zoom, retail sales decline to new low, and PlayStation launches ‘Play at Home’ campaign

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Verizon is acquiring Blue Jeans Network, The Wall Street Journal reported , to “bolster Verizon’s business group as the carrier rolls out faster 5G networks and pitches new applications of wireless technology to its largest corporate customers.”.

A Marketing Approach to Prove PR Value; Off Script No. 45: Stacey Miller of The Auto Care Association

Sword and the Script

She talks about key issues she helps her organization communication, transitioning from a corporate role to work with an association and how she deals with the challenges we all face in PR and comms – like proving value. This data is now wirelessly transmitted back to the car manufacturer.

How PR pros should put data and tech to work

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Technology, data, and the desire for validated insights are changing our roles as public relations professionals and the organizations for which we work. We begin with a review of public relations technology, data, and insights and a discussion of the forces driving these trends.

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How to Improve Your Social Media Targeting


Interests -> (Business and Industry, Entertainment, Family and Relationships, Fitness and Wellness, Food and Drink, Hobbies and Activities, Shopping and Fashion, Sports and Outdoors, Technology). Technology and computing. Lifestyles – > (Arts, Auto Enthusiasts, Business Travelers, Corporate Execs, Coupon Users, Crafts, DIYers, Fashionistas, etc.). Device -> (Mobile operating system, Wireless carrier, Connection type).

Yahoo chief: ‘It’s poetic to be joining forces with AOL and Verizon’

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Although Verizon will own Yahoo’s “content brands” and “technology assets,” including Brightroll, Gemini and Flurry, Verizon wrote the following in a statement : The sale does not include Yahoo’s cash, its shares in Alibaba Group Holdings, its shares in Yahoo Japan, Yahoo’s convertible notes, certain minority investments, and Yahoo’s non-core patents (called the Excalibur portfolio). Mayer wasn’t the only executive to paint a rosy picture with corporate lingo.

LVMH buys Tiffany as Charles Schwab snaps up TD Ameritrade, Tesla’s smashing PR stunt mishap, and T-Mobile data breach hits 1M

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Why it matters: As consumers’ behavior changes as the majority further embraces technology, organizations across industries must stay agile and adapt their business models to survive.

Your audience with the public

Stephen Waddington

A n essay about the impact of the internet on corporate communication, marketing and public relations over the past 20 years. This is when telecom operators such as BT started to offer broadband to consumer users, and wireless networks appeared in public spaces. Much corporate marketing and public relations remains focused on the organisation rather than the intended public. Instead technology is used to enable practitioners to work smarter and offer new services.

Huawei fighting security-risk designation with legal moves, public appeals

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The designation bars them from receiving technology or information from U.S. The request for summary judgment could expedite an outcome without the costs and time of a full trial, including avoiding handing over sensitive corporate information during the discovery process. While major American carriers do not use Huawei equipment, the low prices of Huawei technology has made it critical for smaller carriers seeking to connect more remote parts of America. technology.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists

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Launching the Wireless ATH-M50xBT Headphones, lotus823 and Audio-Technica. Social Media customer support, Dell Technologies. Alizila” —Alibaba Group’s Corporate News Hub and Go-to Resource for China Market Insights, Alibaba Group. Saint-Gobain HQ Occupant Comfort Study Results Campaign, Brownstein Group and Saint-Gobain Corporation. Check out the work that wowed our judges. The digital landscape is constantly changing, and it’s overcrowded with content.