5 Insights On Corporate Activism From Top PR Experts

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Last week, seven of the public relations industry’s top PR professionals offered unusually candid insights into one of the hottest issues of the day – corporate activism. People mistake ethical decision-making for deciding what’s right and what’s wrong.

PR ethics and journalism ethics in the face of media business meltdown

Stuart Bruce

Since columnist Peter Oborne sensationally resigned from The Telegraph with a devastating public critique of what he believed to be its declining ethical and editorial standards I’ve read very little about the role and implications for PR, corporate communications and business.

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It’s time to put PR ethics front and center

PR Daily

Public relations and corporate communications experts are urging corporations to more strongly embrace strict ethical standards. Organizations can avoid such problems only by adhering to high ethical standards. We need a road map for ethical persuasion,” Conner said.

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Question of the Month: What Does Acting Ethically as a Communicator Mean to You?


” In honor of September being PRSA’s Ethics Month, we posed the following: “ What does acting ethically as a communicator mean to you?” ” “Acting ethically as a communicator to me starts at a person’s core.

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Corporate activism insight and advice from noted PR pros

PR Daily

Recently, seven of the public relations industry’s top professionals offered candid insights into one of the hottest, most controversial issues of the day—corporate activism. Corporate activism is just a matter of doing good things and getting on the right side of hot issues, right?

PR and ad-blocking – don’t do it

Stuart Bruce

corporate communications Ethics Journalism Media Media Relations public relationsMost public relations professionals now acknowledge the importance of paid media, alongside earned, shared and owned – PESO. But for earned media to work there … The post PR and ad-blocking – don’t do it appeared first on Stuart Bruce.

Survey: Most PR Pros Say that Media Relations is Getting Harder – Here’s What You Can Do About It

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The days of objectivity are gone and the days of combative, aggressive, argumentative ‘in your face’ journalism has taken its place.”. “It’s The Intersection of Bias, Ethics and PR Stunts in Media Relations. Ethics Guest Post Media Relations PR 2.0

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After the End of Journalism – The Revolution that Turned PR Experts into Publishers, Editors, and Reporters

Maxim Behar's Blog

So then, my phones wouldn’t stop ringing, my ex-colleagues (I spent 15 great years in journalism), would not so friendly come at me with objurgations that I am almost predicting the end of their profession.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

PR Conversations

For public relations practitioners committed to ethics and professionalism, the natural first instinct was self-righteous shock. Most codes of ethics are clear about why this is wrong. When trust in journalism is broken, everyone loses.

PR problem? Hire a journalist… or rather don’t if you want to have successful PR

Stuart Bruce

I actually laughed out loud when I read this story about the BBC’s world affairs editor John Simpson setting up a corporate consultancy to advise on crisis communications and then even more rapidly closing it again because of the crisis it created.

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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Given the general state of society and the nearly 200 CEOs from Business Roundtable announcing last August that companies should care about more than cranking out money, I think the corporate communications function is in for a change in the coming year.

Mattel’s gender-neutral dolls celebrate inclusivity, seniors stereotyped in ads, and eBay and WeWork execs depart

PR Daily

As PR and marketing pros fight to attract consumers’ attention, what tactics do you consider underhanded or ethically shady? FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ].

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Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

And thank you Aaron for that fascinating insight into how social media has changed journalism. I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. We’ll look at ethics and governance.

PRoust Questionnaire: José Manuel Velasco

PR Conversations

Probably because of my background in journalism (see the next answer), the thing I continue to enjoy the most is writing (for effective communications). For that matter, I don’t know why I felt at a young age the “call” of journalism, as there was no family tradition in this type of career.

#MeToo Slams Under Armour: Can It Recover?

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But its real impact may be at the corporate level. Our heightened awareness – and the corporate reluctance to address systemic misbehavior – presents serious public relations challenges for established companies in every sector from technology and media to food service and sports.

Paying for the destruction of public relations

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And let’s not think about ethics – or social justice – or worry about feminism, when clearly all women are bothered about is bread. Online Owned media becomes the easy to control option – although who really seeks out a digital magazine or corporate video?

2016: When PR Turned to the Dark Side

Flatiron Communications

It provides communications strategists a roadmap for the manipulation of a pliable public that historically has placed its trust in quality journalism but no longer does. When Journalism Fails to Deliver (May 2016). The Shifting Tides of Media & Journalism (July 2015).

In Memoriam: Reed Bolton Byrum, APR, Fellow PRSA


A distinguished corporate executive, Byrum traveled throughout the country living and working in California, Texas, Washington, D.C., He then moved to Texas, where he held corporate leadership roles for EDS Corp. Reed Bolton Byrum, APR, Fellow PRSA, died on Oct.

An Interview with Richard Bistrong, CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC

Critical Mention

From going to prison after being convicted for violating the FCPA (the US foreign anti-bribery law) to founding Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC, and educating multinationals on current issues and challenges with respect to compliance, ethics and anti-bribery, Richard Bistrong has come a long way.

How To Protect Reputation In The Age Of Leaks

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

What, if anything, can a PR or corporate communications expert do to turn things around? Serious problems at one-time technology highflier Theranos were exposed by a series of investigative reports by John Carreyou of The Wall Street Journal.

PRoust Questionnaire: Gregor Halff

PR Conversations

more ethical colleagues. Access to a broad range of quality journalism is essential. Dr. Gregor Halff is professor of corporate communication practice at Singapore Management University (Singapore) and visiting faculty at the European School for Management and Technology in Berlin.

Interview with PRSA’s National Chairman, Anthony W. D’Angelo

Critical Mention

meaning diversity, advocacy, technology and ethics. Ethics is our foundation, and the guidance that we give through our Code of Ethics in concert with our Board of Ethics and Professional Standards is what research has shown our members appreciate and value the most about PRSA.

Why PR pros should consider immersive storytelling

PR Daily

The future of public relations and journalism are two sides of the same coin, and both are experiencing powerful technological advances that are reshaping how communicators tell and distribute stories. What does the future look like for journalism?

Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Tackling fake news and disinformation: an ethical issue that strikes at the heart of practice 6. has been exploring in her work on women in journalism. Each corporate PRCA member will be expected to engage with a local school each year.

Ethics 121

10 things journalists do that annoy PR pros

PR Daily

I even wrote a book titled “ Confessions of a Corporate Sycophant." When I offer to pay for your lunch, don’t act like it was some sort of bribe and an affront to your journalistic ethics. If you can be purchased for a lunch, it is you who has an ethics problem.

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Smart PR-Non-Profit Collaborations

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When done well, social marketing programs can showcase corporate values, demonstrate commitment to community, and engage consumers, while providing needed resources for a group or cause.

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5 behaviors that ruin media relationships

PR Daily

Bad behavior, just like bad pitches, can come from individuals, PR professionals, corporate staff, influencers or bloggers. PR pros can’t do their jobs without media contacts. Here are some actions that will undermine reporters’ trust and tank your media strategy.

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PR's responsibility to the public

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Among the counsel agencies are giving to clients these days is the mandate to get serious about corporate social responsibility. Additionally, 50 percent of millennials surveyed want to work for a business with ethical practices.”.

What Native Ads Mean for PR

Sword and the Script

Even as a PR pro, I value credible and independent journalism and the lines of native ads threaten to bleed the edges. It’s a question of ethics. Edelman is behind a move to ensure ethical practices apply. by Frank Strong.

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Huawei fighting security-risk designation with legal moves, public appeals

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The request for summary judgment could expedite an outcome without the costs and time of a full trial, including avoiding handing over sensitive corporate information during the discovery process. The Chinese tech company says it has been unfairly targeted by U.S. authorities.

15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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A North Minneapolis native, Tess excelled in her journalism program at Drake University, during which she presided over the Coalition of Black Students and interned in business development with The Integer Group and in marketing/group sales with Iowa Events Center.

PR and Content Marketing Insights from the Edelman Trust Barometer

Sword and the Script

I study organizational persuasion for a living and I knew this was not bona fide journalism. Some clever guy with a political bent bought a domain and polished up a site to look like journalism. Search Engines, Social Media and Journalism.

5 Insights From The Best Emails Newsletters in Financial Services

Contently - Strategy

For nearly five decades, Money was a glossy finance magazine published by Meredith Corporation. It’s okay to point out the ethical flaws in, say, subprime lending programs, while writing honestly about the helpful products your bank offers.

When should CEOs speak out on politics?

PR Daily

In the fallout of President Trump’s remarks on the violence in Charlottesville this week, it’s clear that corporations are increasingly willing to take political stances. There’s a risk any time a corporation wades into politics, because it can be a lose-lose situation, Friedman adds.

Halloween Costume Ideas For PR People

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Halloween allows us to celebrate, or make a mockery of, our heroes in PR, journalism, and media. “All The President’s Men” Warner Brothers, 1976.

Film 102

What Lies Ahead for Public Relations in 2018?


Artificial intelligence also has the potential to revolutionize journalism. Throughout January, PRsay will feature posts by a variety of thought leaders on the year ahead for communicators and the PR profession.

In-Housing Trend: What PR Agencies and Marketing Firms can Learn from Law Firms

Sword and the Script

In other words, corporate communications is adding headcount and work that used to go to outside PR firms is being kept inside. You have to keep in mind, big corporations can have hundreds of law firms on what they call a “panel.”

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Behind the Headlines With Scott Beaudoin


For Scott Beaudoin, corporate social responsibility isn’t just good for society; it’s a necessary business practice. I went to school at Arizona State University and I was majoring in communication and journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

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Look at the case of secretive biotech startup Theranos, which was a high-flyer until doctored research and bad quality-control checks were exposed in a series of investigative articles by The Wall Street Journal. How a given company treats an employee who reports malfeasance―or any complaints that threaten corporate brand reputation―is at the heart of its culture. In today’s volatile media and social environment, brand reputation is fragile.

A Look at Today’s Crisis Realities and How To Manage Them

Melissa Agnes

To make matters even more challenging, the rush for immediacy and to be the first to report on a story, and the fact that the news cycle is no longer solely comprised of journalists and reporters who work by the journalism code of ethics, but is also made up of citizen journalists, bloggers and the general public, means that facts don’t always get checked before they’re published (and potentially go viral).

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