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Ragan launches The Crisis Leadership Board

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This peer-to-peer membership group is designed for those charged with responding to a critical event that impacts their employees, customers and brand reputation. “How communicators handle crisis is the ultimate test of leadership.” COVID-19 Crisis Communications

6 top concerns for corporate communications leaders

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Top concerns for industry pros include reputation management and working with top-level executives. What’s on the minds of corporate communications executives? Reputation is a top priority, yet few have plans to manage it. CEOs are responsible for corporate reputation.

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4 Reputation Threats Organizations Should Monitor in 2020


For organizations of all sizes, the ability to identify, understand and manage an increasingly complex array of reputational threats will be integral to success in the years ahead. In today’s world, being prepared with a comprehensive crisis plan is no longer enough.

Thought Leadership Actually Requires Thought and Leadership

Sword and the Script

See these related posts: Marketing Strategy: The Looming Knowledge Crisis. It’s like asking someone to come in and write a thought-leadership piece and then have no thoughts to offer.”. Thought leadership it requires continuous thought and leadership.

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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Your crisis communications should be able to lean on your past record. Here are some ways to tell that story to help bolster your reputation and build trust. Context proves an organization’s resilience, its ability to navigate rough seas and manage through a crisis.

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Offense or defense in the current crisis? Both, advises Stagwell’s Ray Day

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The agency head urges all communicators to have one eye on the future as you manage the day-to-day crisis if you want staying power long past the current pandemic. As the chief communications officer at Ford during the 2008 financial crisis and a leader on the frontline during the Sept.

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How to adapt your crisis response for COVID-19 and beyond

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Though this crisis might feel different, traditional crisis communications best practices, like the TACOS method, are how communicators can best serve their communities. The definition of a crisis is a time of intense difficulty or trouble.

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Business bunk and other corporate ‘wisdom’ to ignore

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The corporate world is rife with bad advice and wonky wisdom. Hold your ground, and build a glowing reputation for dependability. This is especially true in a crisis. The post Business bunk and other corporate ‘wisdom’ to ignore appeared first on PR Daily.

How to Deliver a Genuine Corporate Apology [UML]

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You only get one shot at making a good first impression – and that’s true for corporate apologies too. Somehow as we grow up, those principles we learned as kids are beaten out of our collective corporate being. That’s the anatomy of a corporate apology run amuck.

Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A crisis situation presents abundant challenges for public relations and business leaders, not the least of which are the critical first communications. First statements say a lot about what a brand stands for, and they reflect on the quality of its leadership.

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3 crisis lessons from USA Gymnastics’ leadership struggle

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FREE GUIDE: 3 things you (probably) didn't know about crisis communications ]. Here are three crisis lessons to take from the organization’s continued leadership struggles: 1. Without a clear path forward, USA Gymnastics is not telling people how it will overcome its crisis.

2019 Corporate Crises: Failure To Plan Is Planning to Fail

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Already in 2019, corporate crises appear to be increasing and getting nastier than 2018. According to The Holmes Report , last year brought an increasing penchant for corporate scandals. So how does a company handle a corporate crisis in today’s world? Two years ago, Forbes published its “ 13 Golden Rules of PR Crisis Management.” We’re rethinking corporate crisis. CRISIS SIMULATION. AD HOC CRISIS SUPPORT.

WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis

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It’s an excellent example of simple ways you can connect and uplift audiences during the crisis. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Looking for more insight on how to address the current global crisis and lead your organization into a strong recovery?

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Uber’s chief: ‘I need leadership help’

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RELATED: Keep your cool in a crisis with these 13 tips.]. In it, he admitted he needs help with leadership, and said he must “grow up”: By now I’m sure you’ve seen the video where I treated an Uber driver disrespectfully. Has Uber’s PR nightmare reached its apex?

Why the NBA’s Hong Kong Controversy Is a Timely Lesson in Corporate Responsibility


Fewer than 24 hours later, the Twitter brouhaha would expand into a sprawling crisis for the NBA’s relationship with China and its reputation at home. In the new era of corporate responsibility, large organizations increasingly turn on a dime when faced with criticism on social media. For PR practitioners, crisis managers, and the organizations they counsel, the NBA episode offers some valuable tips. On Oct.

Brexit – 12 immediate actions for PR, corporate communications and public affairs professionals

Stuart Bruce

Public relations, corporate communications, public affairs and corporate affairs professionals will have an essential role in helping employers and clients to navigate this period of momentous change. The UK has voted to leave the European Union.

5 Insights On Corporate Activism From Top PR Experts

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Last week, seven of the public relations industry’s top PR professionals offered unusually candid insights into one of the hottest issues of the day – corporate activism. PR teams must take time to evaluate the implications and consequences of corporate speech.

Crisis Communications & Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan


To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when “it” hits the fan. Do you really want someone known as @shroomy0021 managing your corporate communications? How long does it take your organization to send out your first official public statement or news release when a crisis happens? With greater frequency, they are also broadcasting your crisis live on Facebook or Periscope. It’s time to face the music.

Three Steps to Successful Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Crisis communication is one of the most important aspects of your crisis management. In fact, whom you communicate with in a crisis, along with when and how you communicate with them, can mean the difference between successful crisis management and crisis management failure.

6 secrets on how to build a corporate identity from scratch

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In her Ragan Training session, “ Partner with your organization’s stakeholders to get corporate communications done ,” Jernstedt offers lessons on building internal and external communication from scratch.

When Is It OK to Implement an Offensive Crisis Management Strategy?

Melissa Agnes

What is the goal of crisis management? The goal of crisis management is to salvage your organization’s reputation and bottom line when presented with a bad or threatening situation – or so says the majority of people.

The four Ps of public relations leadership

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The chair of the Global Alliance introduces the Madrid Momentum ( Learning to Lead ) and details four Ps that constitute the cornerstones of PR leadership. Distance from an event lends a certain perspective, as we all know from our various war stories on crisis communication.

ESPN shares 4 reasons to embrace corporate social responsiblity

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Reap these benefits and more in today’s era of heightened scrutiny by embracing corporate citizenship, assures Kevin Martinez, VP of corporate outreach at ESPN. Leadership. His advice: “Become articulate in corporate citizenship to stay relevant.

Uber’s SVP resigns as company struggles with reputation

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Another executive is out as Uber scrambles to repair its company culture and reputation. The results weren’t pretty, with Uber’s senior vice president, Emil Michael, resigning amid the company’s growing culture crisis. RELATED: Keep your cool in a crisis with these tips.].

How reputation is the biggest factor for Super Tuesday

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Though messaging tactics might continue shift all the way up until the eleventh hour, candidates must now rely on the one factor that can save or sink their hopes of making it to the next level: their reputation. RELATED: Craft messaging that maintains trust and protects reputations ].

How COVID-19 is the ultimate test of ‘purpose’

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How you respond to this crisis might well be what your reputation is based on for years to come. Difficult and often murky questions are being asked in virtual board rooms across the country that are challenging leadership and shaking many company’s sense of purpose to its core.

How Big Data Will Modernize Your Crisis Communications Plan


For every enterprise, brand or organization, a crisis always looms as a persistent — yet inevitable — threat on the horizon. Consider the recent crisis that Volkswagen faced. Proactive enterprises have planned ahead by creating comprehensive crisis communications plans.

How Well Do You Know the New Rules of Crisis Management?


Corporate malfeasance. From a crisis management point of view, 2017 had it all! Why new rules are needed for crisis management. As creators of the award-winning digital crisis management platform, “In Case of Crisis,” we talk regularly to crisis management practitioners.

Rolex, Amazon and Sony top list of brands with outstanding reputations

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An organization’s reputation is crucial—and sometimes, it’s all brand managers have. You hope for more, but a strong reputation can help brand managers weather a minor PR crisis. Reputation Institute would know.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce speaking at the IATA Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age conference. (c) This morning I gave a keynote at the global ‘Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age’ conference in Istanbul. Corporate social responsibility isn’t philanthropy.

5 Steps to Becoming a Crisis Communication Pro

Melissa Agnes

Can any organization be a crisis communication pro? Being crisis-ready, crisis-intelligent, isn’t a mysterious quality that only a few people or organizations possess. So what would it take for your organization, your team, to be considered a crisis communication pro?

How brand managers should address COVID-19

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How can communicators help their organizations respond to the global health crisis? Review your crisis communications plan to be sure you have a scenario that applies to the COVID-19 virus, and check to make sure it is aligned with your business continuity plan.

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How to engage employees with empathy around COVID-19

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Every organization must be ready to demonstrate how it is taking care of its workers during this crisis. Here are some ways to ensure your reputation remains untarnished. Our counsel to companies during this crisis has been to focus first and foremost on employees.

NYSE reopens with 25% of staff, ‘Some Good News’ acquisition takes heat, and Pizza Hut celebrates grads

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Why it’s important: Many organizations are focusing on reopening efforts, and no matter where you are in the process, your communications are a crucial step in your crisis strategy. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

6 crisis lessons from Equifax’s data-breach response

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In a corporate crisis, the first challenge is the precipitating issue (in this case, the breach itself). For any corporate crisis, how an organization responds can hasten reputational recovery—or accelerate damage to it. How could this happen?

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PR problem? Hire a journalist… or rather don’t if you want to have successful PR

Stuart Bruce

I actually laughed out loud when I read this story about the BBC’s world affairs editor John Simpson setting up a corporate consultancy to advise on crisis communications and then even more rapidly closing it again because of the crisis it created.

Report: Consumers say tech companies can do better on privacy and more

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A recent FleishmanHillard report about reputation management and technology highlights the struggle to maintain consumers’ trust amid data breaches, privacy concerns on social media platforms, and increased hate speech online.

Canceling over coronavirus: Should your event go on?

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Either way, it’s not just a public health issue, but a reputational minefield as event planners from Dubai to San Francisco fold up their tents and postpone or cancel mass gatherings. FREE DOWNLOAD: Keep your cool in a crisis with these 13 tips ].

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When The CEO Should Be The PR Spokesperson

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It’s good news that corporate leaders are starting to appreciate the power of social media, but progress has been slow. Being the steward of a company’s image and reputation comes with the job. To show leadership during a serious crisis situation.

Are we missing the point of ‘purpose’?

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Corporate social responsibility is on the minds of consumers and employees alike, but co-opted (or feigned) values are more of a detriment than an attribute, the author posits. RELATED: Craft messaging that maintains trust and protects reputations ].