5 Proven Ways PR can Develop Client Media References in B2B Organizations

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Media references tend to take a back seat to the mad pace that is often B2B marketing. In addition, the account management model many B2B shops follow means marketing has to lobby an enterprise account manager (AM) who would really prefer not to spend a favor asking for something that doesn’t advance a specific deal. Marketing also has purse strings that can be creatively – and ethically – spent to appease a specific rep with the right reference.

Popcorn and a Movie: A Creative and Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign that Could Work in Any Vertical

Sword and the Script

Creativity and risky marketing efforts don’t always find receptive purse strings in B2B, but it could well be the only thing left in “a sea of sameness.”. That sea of sameness is how the Cindy Klein Roche , the CMO for Cybereason, describe the competitive landscape in cybersecurity during an interview with the Marketing Smarts podcast. From white papers to the trade press, the entire community is fixated on the next exploit, hack or breach.


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Influencer Relations For B2B Brands

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The association and advocacy of unbiased industry experts is a time-honored way to build brand trust through earned media, high-quality content, or special events. Before jumping in, the PR and marketing teams should develop a detailed strategy, complete with goals and KPIs. Media and influencers read analyst reports and white papers, so the reach can become exponential. Bylined content.

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How PR Supports “Thought Leaders”

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When we begin working with an executive team, we look for the member or members who are eager to demonstrate their authority and expertise through content development, speaking opportunities, and the like. Sometimes, that means simple tweaks to make a generalization more specific, like when our digital publisher client wanted to share expertise on storytelling in healthcare marketing. Social media – to show some leader personality and to leverage all of the other output.

3 Cases Studies of Augmented Reality in B2B Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

As the landscape stands today, I tend to be more bullish on augmented reality (AR) than virtual reality (VR) in B2B marketing. That fits more readily into the modern marketing and sales dynamic, which is still highly dependent on conversations and relationships. This week’s Unscripted Marketing links [UML] reviews three case studies of AR in B2B organizations. This is also an important point because marketing technology is only useful if people actually use it.

Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


The latest content marketing trend our PR agency is seeing is the move toward less content creation and more content promotion. Having counseled clients, such as GNP Company, The National Theatre for Children (NTC), PeopleNet and RBA, through content marketing campaigns, and developed a few of our own for the Maccabee agency, my team often hears that big sigh of relief after a piece of content is marked "final."

LiveIntent SVP of Marketing Kerel Cooper on How Brands Can Take a Stand and Back Up Their Words With Action

Contently - Strategy

Kerel Cooper is not your average SVP of Marketing. In 2018, he and his good friend Erik Requidan started The Minority Report Podcast to create a platform where people of color, women, and LGBTQ individuals in marketing could tell their stories and have candid conversations.

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B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

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The first measure came from a business with a marketing automation system implemented. The second measure was largely a manual effort: going back through the deals closed at the end of the year and identifying which ones had downloaded gated for content featured on the blog. I’m convinced marketing automation would have been enlightening. There are few tactics in B2B marketing that lead to such direct effects. Can people find your content? 4) Marketing impact.

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