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Content marketing and brand journalism best practices

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Want to boost your brand’s reputation and turn your organization into an authoritative industry voice? You need content marketing and brand journalism. Shift storytelling from being all about you to being all about your customers.

Employee emails worsen Boeing’s reputation, Taco Bell offers $100K salaries, and Carnival bans offensive clothing

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Communicators looking to hone their skills might enjoy the “resolution suites” aimed at expanding your network, building a business or cultivating photography skills that can boost your social media content. Boeing’s reputation dinged by internal emails.

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Airport’s brand journalism news service takes flight

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From a reputational viewpoint, it might seem risky for Pittsburgh International Airport’s Blue Sky brand journalism news service to newsjack other organizations’ crises. Those are happenings that affect our industry,” says Paul O’Rourke, vice president of marketing. “As

3 Rewards to Reap From Brand Journalism


The answer is brand journalism. Brand journalism combines journalistic storytelling tactics with brand strategy to engage audiences and increase brand reputation. So what will your brand get out of brand journalism?

How Data-Driven Storytelling Drives PR

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No one should underestimate the power of data for storytelling. Whatever the case, B2B and technology-based businesses are in an excellent position to use data-driven storytelling as part of a PR strategy. Data-driven journalism is the future.

Announcing PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists

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The finalists in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards know that compelling content can capture the attention of busy audiences. Content Marketing for the Purpose of: Brand Awareness. The Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers, Invoca. Reputation Management.

WeWork IPO debacle dings JP Morgan, Nike’s digital strategy pays dividends, and CEOs who speak out get a reputation boost

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Vaping has come under increased scrutiny in light of nine vaping-related deaths nationwide, and critics say Juul’s marketing wrongly depicts its products as a safe alternative to cigarettes. Related Reading: How brand journalism boosts U. of Alberta’s visibility—and reputation.

Storytelling Tips to Make Your Brand More Relatable

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Storytelling not only shares information, it makes that information relatable to the audience, humanizing complex ideas and offering fresh perspectives. Christopher Hammond, senior vice president of corporate communications for Wells Fargo, shares some tips here on how to enhance your brand’s message through storytelling. #1. By Richard Brownell | PR News Online 02/11/2014. The ability to tell a story is a fundamental skill that all good brand communicators should possess.

Once Upon a Time…3 Keys to Good PR Storytelling


In today’s digital age, there are two key ways to find success for both brands or individuals: remember to be human and solidify your storytelling skills. Many think that good storytelling stems from talent, but really, all it takes is time, trial and error, and basic writing know-how.

How to generate authentic brand advocacy from your employees

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They’ve learned that employees offer an authentic and cost-effective way to spread company PR and marketing messages. Consumers trust personal connections more than brand marketing or promotion. RELATED: Share the content that captivated audiences ].

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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What’s ahead for storytelling, the ‘trust gap’ and the vexing matter of ROI measurement? As we in communications and marketing look ahead to 2020, what can we expect? I think brands will need to become story makers as much as storytellers.

Wendy’s drags McDonald’s in breakfast rollout, key elements of public trust, and Barnes & Noble’s Black History Month misfire

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When it comes to building your reputation, is it more important to exhibit competence or ethics? Why you should care: If your PR or marketing team lacks diversity, include the opinons of other employees in your workforce who have different backgrounds.

Macy’s to lay off 2,000, Spotify podcast listening grows 200%, and Cathay Pacific furloughs 27,000

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Also: Olive Garden offers a bready bouquet, YouTube touts its $15B advertising haul, reputation measurement guidance, and more. In a time when your organization’s reputation can affect your bottom line more than ever, it’s crucial to measure where you are—and how far you must go to succeed.

Disney says older movies have ‘outdated cultural norms,’ Facebook axes 5.4B fake accounts, and Michigan workers sue McDonald’s over ‘toxic culture’

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Also: Marketers puzzle over which tactics yield peak ROI, Hostess debuts Twinkies cereal, and a solo PR practitioner shares a peek behind the curtain. RELATED: Discover how to craft content that earns—and keeps—audience attention ].

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Golden Globes goes vegan, Little Caesars partners with DoorDash, and Landry’s addresses a data breach

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The toilet paper’s social media team is having fun with the marketing moves: It’s 2020 – what better way to celebrate a double deuce decade than with a bathroom upgrade?? How are you using your leaders to create compelling content in 2020?

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Mattel’s gender-neutral dolls celebrate inclusivity, seniors stereotyped in ads, and eBay and WeWork execs depart

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Also: FTC sues over deceptive marketing, Norwegian Cruise Line ditches plastic bottles, Marshall’s (finally!) As PR and marketing pros fight to attract consumers’ attention, what tactics do you consider underhanded or ethically shady?

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Popeye’s chicken sandwich returns, Adobe breach hits 7.5M, and rushing to measure ROI won’t produce results

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What advice would you give Popeyes marketing team as it prepares for its viral menu item to come back? More than half (52%) of marketers know their sales cycles are at least three months long, so much of the ROI measured doesn’t include leads that converted into customers.

Google algorithms favor original news, Popeyes’ ‘BYOB’ invite lays an egg, Amazon crowdsourcing Alexa answers

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It also could cause backlash as both news media outlets and branded publications fight to get their content seen in consumers’ search results. Why you should care: When appropriate, approach unexpected PR and marketing moments with humor and creativity.

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Planters pauses Mr. Peanut’s death ads, Bakers Square and Villiage Inn file for bankruptcy, and hotel gets sassy for Valentine’s Day

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Also: McDonald’s enters the ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ executive reputation is crucial, how to stand out in a hectic year, and more. ” Other brand managers have held back marketing messages, too. According to a report from Weber Shandwick , CEO reputation matters more than ever.

Hotels 101

Epstein puff pieces put focus on PR and pay-to-play publishing

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How does a man who is convicted, albeit quietly, of sexual assault manage to get his praises sung by reputable outlets such as Forbes ? The incident has left the publications in question to defend their reputations and records on transparency.

Fans’ beef with Taco Bell’s tainted-meat response, Air Canada nixes gendered greetings, and Facebook Stories can boost social media campaigns

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The report suggests: Mobile-first storytelling in your stories ad creative is vital to driving even more campaign efficiency. The marketing stunt caused rumors to swirl, spiking conversation online and piquing users’ interest days before the reveal.

McDonald’s Portugal apologizes for Halloween gaffe, Chick-fil-A flubs National Sandwich Day promo, and AA flight attendants speak out

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CNN Travel reported : In a statement, McDonald’s Portugal said it had developed a “local market activation for a small number of its restaurants in Portugal” — attempting to celebrate Halloween, not “to upset or insult anyone in any way.”

Google co-founders step down, Riot Games pays $10M in harassment suit, and most consumers distrust organizations’ data use

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Brand journalism continues to rise with communicators looking to break through the noise of a crowded digital media landscape. That means PR pros, employee communications pros, corporate communicators and more must become skilled storytellers.

Bstroy’s bullet-riddled hoodies spark backlash, Gen Z stresses out over news and social media, and Tinder wraps original series

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The streaming wars are heating up as companies vie for attention and content, revealing that your organization’s most valuable asset is its ability to hold a consumer’s attention. Share your content plans with the hashtag #MorningScoop.

Walmart pushes back on gender bias claims, digital marketing is rising, and WeWork’s CEO apologizes for IPO debacle

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China’s contracting economy has had global impacts on markets that supply Chinese consumers, notably Europe. According to the 2019 CMO Survey , marketers expect budgets to continue to increase for messaging and content development.

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Insights into impulse purchases, Twitter’s new reply filters, and ‘Royal Sussex’ Instagram bombshell rattles the Palace

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For brand managers, the news can serve as another reminder to prepare for crises long before they hit, as an executive can abruptly depart or an employee can leak sensitive information, plunging your organization into a reputational disaster.

Google ordered to let employees speak out, how PR pros feel about the future of influencer marketing, and WeWork loses comms chief before IPO

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The National Labor Relations Board has ordered Google to reassure employees that they are allowed to share political opinions and speak out about workplace issues, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. FREE DOWNLOAD: How to create content that converts leads into sales ].

Instagram heads off privacy concerns, most employees report burnout, and Woodward’s book interview debacle

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Good morning PR pros: The unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest mark in 50 years, so why isn’t the market looking better? FREE DOWNLOAD: How to create content that converts leads into sales ].

Comcast uses E.T. to stoke nostalgia, Amazon gets backlash over concentration camp ornaments, and Starbucks apologizes to PD in Oklahoma

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The New York Times reported : Chris McCabe, a former Amazon employee and founder of ecommerceChris, a firm that consults with marketplace sellers, said repeat issues with offensive content partly reflected Amazon’s “reactive” approach to enforcing its policies. …

KFC ‘seasoned tickets’ sell out, Malibu Barbie as an Airbnb host, and the beer wars slosh on

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Good morning, PR pros: A partnership promising to deliver chicken wings also delivered PR and marketing success. Images are the top content type on both Facebook and Instagram, taking up nearly 70% and nearly 74%, respectively. market.

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


No marketing and public relations executive is immune from the educational curve of bringing their client up to speed on the latest in search, bridging the digital and SEO divide on an hourly basis. Which strategic positioning direction should clients pursue, what kind of media material should be featured and how important it is to create relevant and eye-catching messaging content are integral to each and every digital communications effort.

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The Pros Weigh In: The Best Books for the Marketer on Your List


For my money, there’s no better way to acknowledge the marketer in your life this holiday season than with a book. For help in deciding what books to put on my holiday list, I asked a dozen marketing pros to weigh in with their recommendations. Content Marketing

How Do I Become a PR Influencer

Critical Mention

A company can look at an influencer that has a large network, but it may not necessarily translate into the action they’re looking for, based on how closely the influencer is connected to their community and the type of content they share.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


But why is podcasting important to PR and marketing professionals? Welcome to The #AskGaryVee show, where I answer your questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Tools, tips and tactics on everything marketing and social media related. Marketing Over Coffee.

Barbie’s bid to close the ‘dream gap,’ the perils of commenting on Hong Kong, and viral whisky ‘Tide pod’ gets jeers

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However, brand managers increasingly are facing the tough decision to potentially lose the huge Chinese consumer market or face growing criticism from consumers in the United States and other countries.

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South Dakota meth PSA goes viral, Chick-fil-A drops donors after LGBTQ protests, and 72% of consumers switch to competitors after bad service

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campaign cost the state nearly $449,000 this year, with a contract with marketing and ad agency Broadhead Co. RELATED: Enter PR Daily's Video & Visual Awards to earn recognition for your captivating visual content ].

Juul chief apologizes, Amazon workers strike on Prime Day, and P&G support equal pay

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The PR and marketing takeaway comes from Starbucks’ statement to CNN Business : “We are always looking at what we offer our customers in our stores and making adjustments to our portfolio based on changing customer behavior.”.

Tasteless PR tactics after the Gilroy shooting, top PR tools, and Google honors ADA with giveaway

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RELATED: Share the content that captivated audiences ]. Related reading: How to protect your online reputation with PR tactics. Infographic: How to protect your online reputation. Doing so can give your content more coverage and help your organization appear more human.

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CVS and Walgreens join anti-gun trend, Forbes admits gender bias in innovators list, and why many employees criticize your brand

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— Wegmans Food Markets (@Wegmans) September 5, 2019. Related reading: Walmart walks back guns stance, content marketers stay loyal to text, and Forever 21 sued over Ariana Grande ‘lookalike’. 3 ways marketers can improve customer experience.

Designers apologize to Chinese consumers, ‘influencer fraud’ cost nearing $1.3 billion, and Universal pulls ‘The Hunt’ after mass shootings

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The Wall Street Journal reported : Tim Zallmann, a director of engineering at fully remote company GitLab, joined a video call from South Africa when one of his colleagues started pointing vigorously through his laptop screen. “I